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Jon Talks Newark

Jon Talks Newark Show

Jon Sharpe Listens to Podcast

Jon Sharpe Listens to Podcast

Liz and I organise Well Being Events, and Jon is the kingpin of the promotional regime. Over the weekend of 15 and 16 September, we opened the doors to our Newark Well Being Show. How each show ‘works’ is a reflection of the accumulated energy or potential of the pre-event endeavours.

Newark Well Being Show - One

Newark Well Being Show – One

Not only do we enjoy organising and promoting the shows. We love working with the members of the Community who join together to make these events so fantastic. The reputation of The Well Being Shows grows with every event. And this podcast is a reflection on our work and the ideas for the future. Jon and I enjoy random thoughts and conversations. If you have an interest in our Well Being it is worth a listen.

Newark Well Being Show - Two

Newark Well Being Show – Two

Jon is one of the most intelligent people I have encountered in my six decades of existence. Not only is he a brilliant historian, with a 50 terabyte memory: he balances this formal intelligence with a desire for secret wisdom. He is an esoteric junkie: Do not run shy from listening to or reading Jon’s work, he believes the juxtaposition of belief, social and moral ideas are very much part of our historical evolution. This quest for knowledge is why he enjoys experiencing every aspect of The Well Being Shows.

Listen Here:

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  1. Thanks Ian for the audio recording broadcast.. I enjoyed every bit and pieces of the messages.. Thanks again – Israel

    September 25, 2018
    • Kind word my friend, kind words indeed – Ian

      September 30, 2018

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