Jon Talks Past Life Regression!

Ian and Jon Podcast – 240119

Jon Sharpe

During lunchtime, our conversation turned to the subject of Past Life Regression. Readers may know Jon loves all manner of hocus-pocus and alternative thinking. It is inevitable this aspect of spiritual ideas would be investigated.

Jon is a rarity: He is a respected historian and has worked in the city museum service. His formal knowledge of English history is without question. It seems strange to many people that his interest is so wide-ranging and obscure.

Well, it seems strange until you meet him: Enough written! Have a listen to this exciting interview.

See You Soon


  1. FASCINATING. This is how it works, if you have never experienced it.
    I have been regressed to some past lives and the ‘visions’ & scenario were amazingly clear.
    Worth having a go, if you are wondering… 🙂

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