OutDated ~ Fuji Reversal

I’ve always loved Fujichrome films. It does not matter if it’s Velvia or Provia they have a well deserved reputation for saturated colours and fine grain.

My deepfreeze has a stock of 120 films which really need using. So I decided to take a few rolls of Velvia and Provia out of cold storage and snap a few images. The Mamiya C330 and 135mm lens were chosen to record the portraits. There was no intention of formal compositions: my sitters were just asked to pose in their own way.

Incident light meter readings were taken with my Minolta IV meter and no compensation for the age of the film stock was made. All of the films were dated 2004. I developed them using Tetenal three-bath E6 chemicals. The Tetenal Colourtec kits are very easy to use and economical. There is no point in writing about the process as there are many videos and reviews on the internet.

All images are scanned using an Epson V500 and VueScan software. Scan settings are low at 1400 dpi. Are the transparencies sharp? Yes! They are superb and would project very well indeed. My opinion (for what it is worth) is 6X6 medium format transparencies work best when projected. To make good prints out of the slides can be done: however, a scanner better than a basic V500 would be needed to get the finest definition.

Of course, there are colour shifts in the 16 years old emulsion. I make only the very basic of colour correction in Apple Preview. It seems to me pointless to correct something which gives the images a uniqueness. And yes! For those in the ‘know’, the films do have a slight magenta cast and the colour correction was to add cyan to balance the slide.

Please remember, the pictures were taken in a ten minute session. A light reading and composition in the camera, click the image is recorded.

The last image comes from another moment and camera: I purchased an Agfa Isolette III coupled rangefinder from a charity shop. A 60 pound bargain. Before selling it for a handsome profit, a roll of Provia was run through the camera to see if its reputation was justified. I have to say it is a brilliant instrument, although, I would not care to own one: a Bronica SQ provides a better image for the same price. Of course it is all personal choice!

Agfa Isolette III - Ian Timothy

The ‘hazy’ image is due to poor storage of the exposed film, not the lens of the Agfa

Thanks for reading and looking at the images – Ian

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