Canon eos1n and 40mm STM

I loaded the EOS 1n with a roll or Fomapan 100 and took a few snaps. Rob was taking a break from building work and I asked if I could take his picture. As I’d made the tea for most of the week he couldn’t really refuse.

As many photographers will know the Canon 40mm Pancake is a knockout performer, as I’m sure these two images will support the claims. I usually set the EOS 1n to aperture priority at f4.0 and let the camera make the exposure. I cannot think of one frame taken with the camera which was not a ‘straight print’ on the enlarger easel.

The two scans are of medium quality. Be assured the negatives are razor-sharp and if wet printed would produce brilliant images. The film was processed in Rodinal diluted 50+1 for nine minutes (5 seconds agitation every minute) at 20°C.

Do not bust your head worrying about expensive lenses and cameras. I paid 60 pounds for the lens and 76 pounds for the camera. Get your technique and composition right and the camera, film and process will always reward with a presentable image. I notice my Plustek scanner is now five years old: these are an excellent investment for the 35mm camera user who is without a darkroom.

There is much to be said for tight cropping with any subject. Keep on snapping and enjoy the creativity.

See You Soon

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