Nikkors 24mm f2.8 + 50mm f1.4

This short article demonstrates the ability of old and abused lenses to resolve decent images. The lenses are the Nikkor 24mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.4. I discovered the 24mm optic on eBay and paid £55:00 including postage. The 50mm cost £43:00 including postage. The filter ring of the 24mm is damaged and the rear element is scratched. A filter is now forced onto the thread and it is secured with insulation tape.

I own five Nikkormat cameras: Whenever I see one for around fifty pounds it is snapped up. The last one purchased is the lower one in the picture below and is fitted with a Nikkor 50mm f1.4 – A thirty pounds bargain ~ This lens is in poor condition with fungus:

Below is an example of the 50mm resolving ability:

Nikkor 50mm f1.4: Ian Timothy

Below is an image from the 24mm. 1/125 sec @ f5.6

Another an image from the 24mm. 1/125 sec @ f5.6

The images demonstrate one can risk the purchase of old and rough Nikkormats and Nikkors. If you are on a tight budget go for these underrated cameras and lenses. I have never purchased a Nikon which could not be returned to life. The light meters in the cheaper Nikkormats have a reputation for being troublesome. I have been lucky, only one of mine has resistor failure. The other four work faultlessly.

The film used is PanF developed in Rodinal 50:1 – 20 degrees for 11 minutes. I think the development time was too short! I’ll time it at 15 minutes next time. The negatives are very sharp and would ‘wet print’ very well indeed, providing far better images that the scans in this article.

Thanks for reading. Consider cheap and heavily used Nikons – Nikkors and Nikkormats. Most will reward you better than over priced ‘collectors pieces’.

See You Soon

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