Am I a writer?

During 2017 I wrote over 300 thousand words on the “LizianEvents News site.  Along with a multitude of freelance commissions and two ‘Ghost Books,’ I can call myself a professional writer.

My feeling is there is is no mystery to writing. Tap the keys often enough and your work will become interesting. A scribe should hone the ability to observe the surrounding environment. I possess an inquisitive mind, which is the writers greatest asset.

It seems to me writing and recording thoughts is a cathartic exercise. When an old essay or article is reviewed we revisit another era and it is interesting how perspectives of past events can change. In fictitious essays, there is an element of personal observations or actual episodes of one’s life, revisiting an article reveals either stagnation or progression of one’s mindset.

Writing articles and essays, taking images, recording audio and producing videos occupy twelve hours of each day of my life. I enjoy every second.

Yes: I am a writer