I am a professional and successful writer:

Over the last three years, I have written and edited over five million words! My work includes a multitude of freelance commissions, eight ‘Ghost Books,’ and over seven-hundred articles published on the ‘LizianEvents News’ site. Writing articles and essays, taking images, recording audio and producing videos are the ways I earn my living.

Happiness is an emotion which overwhelms all of life’s problems and issues. If you are an artist and your work evokes happiness, then your wealth is beyond measure. A pencil and paper can reveal thoughts, draw and record images. You can write songs and poetry. Express love and break a heart. You can design a house, garden or spaceship. Everything can be created in the imagination’s mind-scape: Your mind, a sheet of paper and a pencil: magical tools in the purest form.

Every article, podcast and image are focussed on the ideas of creativity or personal philosophies. Nothing is set in stone and every stone can be carved into beautiful sculptures. There is no greater influence than your creative mind.

Five Million Words? Here is the Evidence

  ‘I think – Therefore I create’