See Truth
See Truth

Fulfilling Faults

A No One in a World of Billions.


A cigarette. An excess of alcohol. A mind fogged. Why am I here.  What is this fool talking about?  The world would say ?  Nothing.  Because there is nothing to say.  What do you care?  About your next door neighbour. Or a so named best friend.

Someone, ruining me on their night of revenge.  A stranger, liar, deceiver.

No thing? What will remain? If this liar’s sword takes me.  Yes – Questions.  No – Questions.  Questions without answers. Lie’s – Questions. Police – Questions?

They asked…Why would you keep the ticket? Why would you take the photograph?  Why would you write down what is said?  And I say to the social protector called law enforcer… ‘Because I do’  And his lies, his need to be a social proclaimer, need to be a social adjuster, need to be..the law. Not an upholder of the law says.. ‘I don’t believe you’

Anger swells in my being.

‘What? You thief of dignity?  I AM talking to you in Truth. Truth. Truth. Truth.  You have failed to solve the crime and now blame the innocent.  Win at all costs. One failure has degraded all of your victories.  And I ask myself if you have ever been fair to anyone.  Malicious man of hate.

This is my now compromised reality.  Those who who uphold the law, find all in their world guilty.  They force the innocent into crime. Turn the truthful into liars.

This is the madness of situation. Circumstance. Wrong place – Wrong time – Why was I born? And no friends now.

Everyone who wants to succeed feeds upon the success of those already in success.  The majority believe success is an island worth living on.  And, take the risk ignore the danger and enter the maelstrom. Soon they believe they are winners with the illusional trophy named ‘Success’ –  In truth they raise the garland of a fool.  There is a possibility of real integrity, somewhere, and this liar, this officer of law has placed my view of truth beyond the horizon, there is only storms and darkness ahead.  How many stories of innocents languishing in prisons are fact?

A liar accuses – Ruins all and blames the victim.

All for what?  Nothing!  Life now becomes a series of lies.

An essay of the madness I felt when being accused by a police officer of a crime I could not have committed.

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