Johnny’s eight year old coupe was, up until sometime earlier this evening, as tidy as the day it was driven away from the dealership forecourt. Not one blemish in the interior, the key mark on the drivers door has ruined the evening. Johnny always leaves the car on the side road and takes a bus. This avoids the possibility of damage by jealous drunks if he parked the coupe in the City.

Ruth is sobbing, heart broken, life in shreds. She hates her dad and his chip shop, he vandalised the car. Why did he do it? It is her night off. That bastard brother calling in sick, hangover more likely.

‘Can you change yer plans duk? Yer brother’s poorly a’gin.’
‘No dad, Johnny is already on his way.’
He looks into her face and spits out the vengeful reply ‘It’ll cost ‘im more than an evening on the piss with you me duk.”

Doctor Khan has called the police. ‘The girl needs extensive micro surgery to repair the damage the craft knife has caused to her face.’

‘Why? She’s your girlfriend.’ Asks constable Vicki Oliver.
‘Her bastard father will think twice before he scratches Johnny Boy’s motor again.’

203 Word Flash Story


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