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Wasp or Bee?

Wasp or Bee?

Sit with friends in any garden for a few hours and someone will encounter a wasp. The poor little flying demon who weighs less than a four inch strand of human hair (wasp 20mg – hair 60mg) brings fear to the bravest of people.

The yellow and black striped fighter-jet can sting multiple times.The strength of a wasp’s venom varies from common wasp stinging nettle sore to European hornet injected acid painful. However, the possibility of being stung is pretty low. If and only if it is left alone. They rarely settle on a humans skin, because wasps love small morsels! We are monsters. And why is the arm waving human stung? Most often because the light weigh wasp becomes trapped in the fine hairs on our arms and legs! When one stands still, moves slowly or ignores the wasp it will fly away.

Unexpected and painful encounters occur in the home during autumn. The so called sleepy wasp falls into clothing or behind an object and an unfortunate human is stung by the unseen insect. The dying wasp enters the home because it is searching for sweet food and our homes are sweet fragrance traps. You see, wasps die before winter of starvation: they are not sleepy they are dying. It is only the fertilised queen which hibernates and begins the life cycle the following year.

Each nest is used once. Good gardeners know it is best to leave the nest alone if the wasps are not causing problems. Of course, the nearer a human house, the greater probability the colony will be destroyed. The social wasp’s too-ing and fro-ing to the nest is because they are tasked with ferrying food supplies to the growing larvae. Knowledgable gardeners know the wasp has immense benefits within the garden. It feeds on grubs and parasites which damage vegetables, fruit and flowers. And yes: the wasp does damage fruit: but as in all of natures wonder, there is a balance. Most orchards suffer less damage from the feeding wasp than the potential of fruit parasite which are controlled by the wasp.

The wasp is a loner, its danger over estimated: the yellow and black stripes instil fear by reputation. Incidentally the so called social wasp has an average lifespan of 17 days. And once it leaves the nest it lives a solitary existence. If one understands the little insect you realise it is of immense benefit to humans. It is castigated for one reason – its ability to sting and cause pain. Most people believe it is a useless parasite and cannot even pollenate plants. Which in most instances (the pollination aspect) is true, there are of course exceptions to every rule and some species do have hair and feed on the nectar of flowers. The majority of the species feed on small insects. grubs and larvae.

The wasp is a hard worker making immense contributions to the health of our cultivated land, crops and orchards. You may not like their tough-guy attitude, but one has to respect their solitary dedication to their natural instinct. Few will love them for who they are and most will hate them for what they are not.

The Bee:

The bee is a difficult fellow to categorise. Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants, known for their role in pollination and, in the case of the best-known bee species, the western honey bee, for producing honey and beeswax. The honey bee has become an essential aspect of worldwide pollination of plants. Insecticides, certain fertilisers and changes in farming techniques have decimated the colonies. However, a lesser known and more concerning aspect of the decline in number is Global Warming. When combined, man’s interference with nature has decimated forty-percent of the worlds bee population.

The honey bee has become humankind’s saviour. If we lose the bee, the reality is unthinkable. Without the bee’s pollination of plants our crop, fruit and vegetable supplies will become threatened. The social aspect of honey bee’s life cycle and hive is a paradox. It makes the social beehive strong and industrious and also proves fatal to disease and some species of parasite. Although the bee inherits immense strength from its social integration. The close proximity of bees within the hive means a mite or virus can wipe it out in weeks. And there is another weak aspect: the reliance on the government of the beekeeper and the beekeeper’s practice. A poor beekeeper has unhappy bees and unruly bees rebel.

The honey bee is more fragile than one imagines. A poorly sited hive will often result in angry bees. Hives close to a pathway, in busy allotments or places where there is high frequency noise results in unhappy colonies. Derek Jarman wrote of his angry bees on many occasions. He realised they became agitated shortly after weekends when many guests visited him at Prospect Cottage. And their fragility results in anger: My friend Harold Palmer remembers a vet shooting a cow after being stung thousands of times. The unfortunate beast strayed into an orchard and knocking over a hive. The beautiful insects need calm and peace, when they are in agitated environments they are dangerous companions.

The naturally living bees (the one’s whose honey cannot be harvested) are to be encouraged and nurtured. Every opportunity mankind has to offer a place of safe refuge should be taken. Although this is interference with nature, it is one which has to be considered. Providing bee hotels is a great way to boost bee diversity in the garden, by attracting solitary species. Solitary bees lay their eggs in the hollow cavities, leaving a small supply of food for the larvae to eat. The larvae then hatch, pupate and emerge from the stems. Always position bee hotels in full sun. Good bee hotels have a wire mesh in front of tubes to prevent birds eating the larvae.

The inhuman race is in jeopardy from many channels of attack: Just like the pollinating bee. Virus, disease, war, anger and environmental agitation are some comparisons. One should remember the bee’s ability to pollinate plants is more important than harvesting of honey. But wait! Is this true? If there were no demand for the honey, there would be fewer bees: so the honey is an essential aspect of the equation.

Bee’s are fragile and to a degree rely on a symbiotic relationship between mankind and the honey factory workers. It is a relationship is essential for survival. We will do well to consider the lessons learned by considering of the bee colony. It survives through instinct and following an agreement with nature. Each bee knows its place and understands its part in the hive’s success. Should humankind learn to understand most live in a social beehive? And as it has grown beyond the mother Earth’s natural capacity to feed its population, the evolution inevitably means control and policing of the way the hive is allows to live?

Sometimes the bee is mistaken for wasp. Being at a distance or with poor eyesight the mistake is made. One is seen as danger the other as beneficial. And yet, the truth is both can strike a painful sting. And both are beneficial to humankind. One the solo predator, an unsung gardener’s hero. The other a provider, a slave of mankind, exploited by the governing beekeeper.

There is no defined message in this essay. It is one which is written as a cathartic exercise. One which helps to use natures messages to guide one’s thoughts. So many humans fight to live, and believe they should live forever. The thought is unless we all contribute and accept the fragility of our existence there is little hope of long term security. We know the truth of the bee’s plight and do nothing. And yet every garden has a place for a bee hotel. The wasp is seen as a threat so it is killed and falsely identified as a danger.

And yet the two insects are related: the same but different and live within their environment. They have no thought toward humankind or other species. They live with the threat of unforeseen danger without wavering from their daily tasks. As with all creatures they follow the path of life. Birth – existence and death. Nature demonstrates it is the living, giving and following of the individuals path which results in positive evolution. There is no interference with natures evolution all flows to the benefit of the ‘whole ecosystem’. One impatient species who lives opposed too: or who has forever lost its real nature. And these selfish and impatient and greedy beings live in fear of the inevitable outcome of their diseased, ravaged and failing social beehive.

You may comment: ‘I already know the sentiments within this essay: it is boring’ and the reply is ‘So what have you done to rectify the situation?’ ‘What have you taught your children?’ ‘Can you accept your fragility?’ ‘Is reality a stranger?’ ‘Do you think you can overwhelm the course of nature?’ ‘Are you immortal?’

Are You Wasp or Bee?

Ian Timothy

Nikkor 50mm f1.4

I wanted to explore the capabilities of this lens a little further. I wrote about the condition in another post it has light fungus on the front element. However the images are acceptable and sharp. All pictures are taken between f4.0 ~ f8.0 @ 1/250 of a second – Film FomaPan100 developed in Rodinal 1:50 ~ 20º for 9 minutes and 30 seconds.

Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Ian Timothy
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Ian Timothy
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Ian Timothy
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Ian Timothy
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Ian Timothy
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Ian Timothy
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Ian Timothy
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Ian Timothy
Nikkor 50mm f1.4 - Ian Timothy

The lens is indeed capable of producing excellent images. As usual the comment is ‘wet printing’ in the darkroom would reveal greater detail and resolving ability. When reviewing the images, remember the close focus means there is a focal point. Look for the resolution in the eye of the dragon. My choice has always been make my prints high contrast and fairly dark exposure. And I always print full frame and ‘straight’ (no dodging or burning).

Photographers will learn about composition better and faster when they learn to review the whole frame of the taken image. It is all too easy to crop the image on the enlarger baseboard and lose valuable negative area. When we review our ‘taken’ images we learn to crop in the viewfinder. And this makes for a better photo technique. And we’ll never get every frame right. I remember reading an article about contact sheets which suggested if eight frames per thirty-six are useable you are doing well.

Here are two interesting articles about contact sheets:

The Guardian


Many Thanks for Reading

Fear of Virus – Bet Your Fragility On It

I watch the morons wearing masks and living in fear of the mild flu. And I’d bet my few pennies of savings I’l not know one who dies of the disease. And nor will you” I see the masks as signs of insecurity, lack of intelligence and an overestimation of self-worth.

The millions are chomping on dog meat, monkey brains, sparrow feet and chicken innards without a thought for the possible inherent disease. Tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs. London smog quantities of dope inhaled daily. Dog crap on the pavement and cat paws covered in rat blood. All healthy, safe and without apparent danger. A thirteen-million to one chance of dying of a strain of flu. And the fear of a next-door neighbour who has just returned from a ride on the train. Half-wit thinking, press and media-induced bollocks

Listen to the Message

Eighteen-hundred people were killed in traffic accidents in the UK last year: Thirty-six people each week: five a day! I’ll take my chance with Corona and stop driving. And Hey! There were six-thousand deaths from ACCIDENTS in the Home last year: that’s fifteen people a day falling downstairs, plugging themselves into the mains or falling asleep in the bath. I’ll take Corona and move into a fucking tent.

One mention of the new flu and fear runs wild in the imagination of fools. They worry about their deaths and fragility. So they should, because they, like you and me, are fucked. Your life expectancy is no more than three months. You’ll stave and die without your prescription insulin, blood pressure inhibitors and angina relief. You’re walking dead for sure: and the morons proved without a doubt the fragility of your existence.

Some years ago there was a petrol tanker drivers strike. Ten days into the strike, the troops took over the full supplies. This country dried to a petrol and diesel supply standstill. No fuel boy and your Ferrari or Bentley is a heap of useless scrap. And in thirty years when the electric car has bankrupted the Arab, your collection of classics will be on the way to the steel recycler. Yes! Chum! The deal is all about supply and demand and need.

Streets will run with Blood

A bunch of greedy fuckers can clear out a supermarket of toilet rolls in two days. Supplies are soon gone. Now the shelves of baked bean tins are empty: the pigs at the troughs will take everything, and without supplies, you’ll starve.

So your life is about six weeks safe: this is the reality of your fragility. No food supplied to the shops because panic buying clears the shelves. Riots in the street and looting follow. Finally rotting corpses poison the water supplies and the death deal is complete.

I wouldn’t worry about Corona chum. I’d start thinking about your actual life expectancy and total and absolute reliance on supplies. No drugs? No need for doctors. No food? no need to work, no need for teachers. You are safe as the balance of society. Starvation and horrific death are literally weeks away. You can be as fit as a butchers dog or be living a cancer death sentence.

Without supplies, you are six weeks safe. And make no mistake: This truth will not go away or be forgotten like the Coronavirus.

See you soon: You are not as safe as you think.

Let’s Get Out of Here

Thousand Words – Or Thirty Minute Essay – No editing the article is written in free-flow – Grammar Nazis can jump the lemming cliff 👺

Let’s Get Out Of Here – Follow the Inner Being

One of my favourite writers is Samantha Crystalcats. She use’s words like knives to cut through a tough meat satire or spread Jersey double cream on a strawberry scone love story. I love talking to Sam about writing. She puts my thought’s into perspective, and this seems to open my mind to greater creative possibilities.

Samantha visited the shop with her son, the actor Alex Marlowe. While Liz and Alex were chatting about crystals, birthdays and university: I took the opportunity to mention I’d removed most of my titles from Kindle. I answered the question ‘why?’ with the truth: ‘Samantha they are crap’, and that ended the conversation on culling the Kindle library.

Keep Away From The Crowds

I asked her opinion:

“Sam, I’m writing a book about my thoughts on sixty years of life. It’s as nasty as mugger with a rusty cut-throat razor. Full of fucks and bastards and as caustic as a soda bath. But do you know? It is the best thing I’ve typed for years’.

Samantha observed: ‘You know when something is good, Ian. As we age, we discover the intuition is a good guide; it’s the advantage of accumulated years. I find accumulated wisdom helps us see the idiots and not care about their opinion or acts: I want to be left alone to do as I please. Write as you like, in the way you choose.’

‘Yes, but it contains ten’s of expletives. And I worry about the readers’.

‘You are not listening to my answer; you wouldn’t be writing in this style unless your creative self wanted to express something from the heart. How do you know you’ll not appeal to a new and more interesting audience? Why not write as you like and in the way you choose?’

Samantha reinforced the first rule of creating artistic work: we must follow the inner self, the output must be an interpretation of our thoughts. There is no doubt in her message: writing or creating from other people’s perspective produces stale work. My friend is right; one has to write from the true-self. Adapting one’s thoughts to please other people will not work.

My notebook is my thought net. One evening the jottings were focussed on success. So deep went the meditations and note-taking I was still awake at three. A realisation was every time I’d made decent money and enjoyed success; my attitude was mean and unforgiving. In fact, during prosperous times, I couldn’t give a fuck about anyone’s opinion. I followed my intuition, even if the conscious mind said ‘no’ I went with the creative idea.

I now see as time slipped by, I’d compromised my creative mind, personality and inner-being and attempted to fit in with social protocols. As a result, my inner-being became unhappy and discordant. Drink and anger became the mask. Those I knew lived with the hell of my weakness and frustrations. In the end, everything collapsed. Is the conclusion it’s better to follow gut feeling than the opinion of others? I’d say from my perspective; the answer is ‘Yes’.

Furthermore, I’m convinced if the inner-being is unhappy, it will sabotage everything we do. It will encourage failure and destruction of relationships, doing anything to free itself from living within situations it hates. Unhappy relationship? Do some people have an affair: Unhappy at work? Fuck it up. Are you dissatisfied with life? Drink and eat yourself to death. There is a memory of a psychiatrist friend telling me most addicts are committing acceptable suicide. And there could be truth in the idea.

Freedom’s an Empty Cage

It seems to me self discovery is an essential aspect to living a happy and successful life. Another point of happiness is by choosing carefully those chosen as friends and companions. Understanding relationships with people can only work if we understand or know ourselves. I work better with like-minded people

I’d be a poor friend to a drug dealer or addict. There would be no use in me attending a party given by religious sects. Dialogue with a spiritual guru or a disciple will come to nought. Talk to me about media, writing, organising special events, photography and video production, and my inner creative being comes alive. Talk about public events and shows and community-based organisations, and my being becomes a honey bee, gathering ideas to take to a hive of ideas.

I’m convinced individuals who understand their life purpose. And learn the methods needed to attain the goal will be happy. It may take years to fulfil the inner need but climbing the mountain is always more complicated than standing at the summit. And only when the mountain is conquered do we see how arduous the journey. I have always loved photography and creativity; today, these tools are ninety-nine per cent of my income.

When I am putting together a 13000-word show guide for an event we are organising, the skills involved are writing and collating the document. I will print one-thousand guides and take great satisfaction in seeing people reading it during the show. Before the shows, we have produced videos and tens of articles about our Well Being Shows. And I know visitors come through the doors because of my endeavour.

At the event, I will take hundreds of photographs, audio record and video tens of interviews. In the following weeks, this media will be used to promote our future shows. I like to think my creative mind has accomplished a great awareness of the business we have created. Most important is if my inner-being is asked ‘are you happy?’ The inner reply is a feeling of wellbeing and accomplishment.

Shameful BBC – Let Down

BBC – Ian Timothy

Like many people, I am dismayed by the decision of the BBC to take away the television licence fee concession for people who are over seventy-five. It is no surprise the turnaround is recognised as an act of greed and selfishness. The corporation’s viewpoint is they cannot afford to subsidise the aged population of this country.

However, two years ago, the BBC applied to the government for an increase in the television licence fee. In return for the price hike, the BBC agreed to cover the over seventy-five licence concession previously paid by the public purse. The reality of the BBC’s move is they have broken a contractual agreement with the British population. How so? Well, the government represents the population.

In this instance, we see other issues which have not been considered. For example, they ignore an essential aspect of the situation. It is that the population is increasing and many more families are buying the enforced television licence. And although age expectancy is rising, this is not in proportion to the increase in new television subscriptions.

Last week saw outrage due to the BBC’s selfish decision. We read people’s comments, and two points of concern prevail. One) the amount of money so-called celebrities earn from the British public’s contribution to the corporation’s finances. Two) the announcement of twenty-five thousand-pound salary jumps for many of the executives. 

We must hope the BBC bows to public pressure and reverses this act of contempt for the British people. From my perspective, I see this greed as an indication of wealth, ignoring the reality of having to watch every penny of our income. 

To some degree, we must blame ourselves for this sorry state of affairs. There is too much idolising of celebrity. And an excess of reliance on television for entertainment. In effect, the BBC has its customers over a barrel. One of their arguments this week was that people are prepared to pay for satellite viewing and the BBC licence represents excellent value for money.

Is this accurate? Not by my way of thinking. The difference is in the word choice. We have the opportunity to watch Sky Television and pay for as much or as little as desired. And although the BBC have competition from the other channels. The unfair advantage for the BBC is viewers are forced to pay for all of the services: they cannot cherry-pick their preference.

For fairness, let’s look at the BBC’s case: here is the contra-argument:

The estimated cost of subsidising the over seventy-fives is £745m, a fifth of the BBC’s budget by 2021/22. And continuing to fund free TV licences for all over-75s would have resulted in “unprecedented closures”. The broadcaster indicates that BBC Two, BBC Four, the BBC News Channel, the BBC Scotland channel, Radio 5live, and several local radio stations would all have been at risk if the subsidy had continued.

The question to consider is should the over seventy-fives enjoy a free licence or should the BBC close down these services? It is possible the answer lies in reviewing the viewing or listening figures for the whole of the corporation and removing the chaff from the wheat. The BBC has become an over-bloated slug: The BBC’s national coverage of the news is sufficient. The tens of BBC local radio stations are competing with similar numbers of commercial radio stations. Why not allow commercial enterprises to thrive? 

There is also an argument for closing The World Service a ‘hang-over’ from the so-called British Empire. The reasoning here is the BBC is now acknowledged as having a political bias. And the old days of London offering fair and balanced news is over. And who is really interested in a story from an outdated establishment? We can use the internet for British and World news when travelling abroad.

How can the excess of wages to celebrities be justified? Multi-Millionaire footballers being paid millions each year and similar overblown salaries to the likes of Evans, Ross and Ball. The justification is they attract viewers and listeners. But there is a problem with this argument and one which many seem to ignore.

The BBC is a corporation formed initially to provide entertainment and information for the British people. In the mandate, there is an enforced payment for a licence fee. It is this revenue which pays for the service. Indeed the collection of this revenue is so aggressive it is believed 12% of all small court claims are licence fee-related. Surely it is the corporation’s responsibility to work within the income? And this means providing a service. It does not encompass competing with other media broadcasting businesses. 

Another issue is the problem of the disclosure. The BBC resists full disclosure of wages and expenses: as an example, the cost of servicing the Glastonbury festival. An excuse of breach of human rights is used for non-disclosure of this information. The corporation is also careful not to include the tens of millions of income received from selling and syndicating productions. Some of the old television series continues to generate incredible revenue for the corporation. Another additional revenue is the syndication of coverage of sports events. However, this is not mentioned in defence of enforcing the over seventy-five licence payments. The corporation only focusses on the licence revenue NOT the whole of the corporation’s returns. Readers will do well to reflect on this aspect with care. For example, BBC Worldwide Ltd earned the BBC 250 million in 2018. As a separate business, this is not entered into BBC Ltd profit or revenue.

In conclusion: 

Readers should research the total revenue attained by the BBC various outside ventures. Adding the corporation’s profits from other branches changes the actual figures. This non-disclosure is a reflection of contempt the BBC executives have for the British public. The BBC has forgotten its mandate and considers itself as above the consensus of the people it serves. It is not a business, and it is a service with a mandate to serve the people. If the enforcement of its income advantages the BBC by law, its executives should realise this protection establishes they are bound to the people it serves.

The British people are continually let down by governments and public bodies which serve them. Mandates, pre-election manifestos, referendum outcome, are three examples of letdowns and turnaround without consultation. An obvious contempt of the people who pay for their wages is beyond doubt. 

A final thought:

One wonders if the government’s allowing the BBC to ignore the agreement when the licence fee was increased (That of the BBC covering the cost of the over seventy-five years old licence concession.) is a reward for the apparent bias of BBC’s coverage of the news?

Here I will leave you to test your ability to utilise open-minded thinking.

Ian Timothy

Protest Numbers!

On Sunday 24th of March, a group of protestors marched against the plan for the UK to leave Europe. The organisers stated one million people attended the march. I wonder if this is possible and toy with the numbers. 

Think about the logistics of moving a million people: 


Fifty people travel on a bus – 20 buses are needed to transport 1000 people. To move a million people, the requirement is 20,000 buses. 


Four people travelling in a vehicle 250,000 vehicles are required to transport one million people. 


One hundred people to a train carriage 10,000 train carriages!

Lets split the requirement three ways:

Seven thousand five hundred buses, 85,000 cars and 3000 train carriages used to transport a million people into the city of London for the Brexit Protest. 

What if all the people were from London? How did they travel, tube, bus, or on foot? 

Next, we will consider the size of a group of one million people:

One hundred people wide equal a train of people 10,000 people long. If the depth of a human one-third of a meter (very generous ) and the line is tummy to back, The path of one million people would be nine kilometres long!

Break this into four lines of people:

For a million people 100 across, walking tummy to back four 2.25 km lines are need to see the figures being claimed.

Nice having fun with numbers! 

Now! You may think I’m trying to knock protest! Far from it! 

I’m just looking at the logistics of the claim. If you divide the numbers by four (25000 people), you’ll still need 5000 buses or 6500 cars or 2500 train carriages. or 2000 buses + 2500 cars + 800 train carriages. No extra trains were running into London on the 24th. Furthermore, a question requires consideration: Is there sufficient parking in London for 2000 buses?

I will put the figure at 200 thousand:

Maybe 100K came from London and 100K from outside London – To move 100 thousand people 2000 buses or 25000 cars or a thousand train carriages are required:- Spread the burden three ways – 800 buses – 8000 vehicles and 300 train carriages.

Something is amiss!

I receive a reply questioning the figures:

“You sound very good with the old mathematics? Just one flaw in your logic Ian – you do recognise that there’s no-one who lives in London, don’t you? It’s a ghost town with zero residents. 

Using my words – “Maybe 100K came from London and 100K from outside London” – maybe 1000k came from even within the bounds of London and no-one travelled from outside? Maybe creates Mayhem if taken as fact.

However, consider the following population of London currently, and see why it’s not that difficult to get a million there” 

→ Evidence is provided that 8.9 million people live in the surrounding area of London.

A second reply is Received:

Sorry, you took the first sentence in the wrong manner in which it was said. I was trying to set up the argument which followed in that many of the people in London who wanted to demonstrate would have not had much of an issue in getting transport there. 

If London were not populated, then everyone would have had to come from outside. But, London is not populated, and therefore we can expect a vast majority of those who turned out to actually be able to travel without as problem. 

End of reply:

There were other replies to my post: One suggested critical thinking was the answer to finding a solution. And my words are inaccurate: Because my thinking was inaccurate.

Is my thinking wholly inaccurate? Review the figures, especially the size of the crowd.

Will critical thinking take the idea further?

Critical thinking is not the solution per se. Critical thinking is a process which teaches us how to think. It is not a solution it helps us discover answers. The simple premise of critical thinking is: a series of facts are offered, and a counter-argument is provided. The counter-argument is reviewed. A critical thinker learns to use the process in a fair and unbiased way. Not only this there must be no personal opinion of people involved. This is hard to learn and a hurdle for many to overcome.

To comment critical thinking will prove my words incorrect is questionable. An analogy is: learning to read music will enable an individual to play the piano. Critical thinking is a process not an answer. The implication is my generalisations are inaccurate: Is this true?

One aspect of shoddy thinking is called ‘Critical Bias”- This is a process where one element of an argument is used to support the whole of the debate. In the example of the protest. My first observation references the logistics of moving a million people. And the second observation attempts to form a visualisation of a group of one million people.

The reply to my post is summed up here:

“I was trying to set up the argument which followed in that many of the people in London who wanted to demonstrate would have not had much of an issue in getting transport there.”

The reply has merit – although it does not establish if the number of protestors was indeed one million people. It suggests that one million people could get to the protest area with ease. Therefore the reply implies the figure indicated by the organisers is sound.  This is an example of conformational bias. 

Observing images of the march and reviewing the area and roads used in the march suggests otherwise. The figure of 300-400 thousand offered by Professor Keith Hall seems feasible. You will have to draw your conclusions after looking at the comparisons.

How could this be achieved? 

There is a need to see if a visual idea of one million people can be conceived. The reply to my original post infers that if it can be proven the protestors can arrive at the march, the figure of one million is accurate.  An analogy would be “a bath can hold seventy-five litres of water – Therefore because it can hold this quantity, it is always filled”.

The hypnosis is flawed if the number is lower than claimed. In my original post, I concluded 200 thousand might be feasible. The assessment of Professor Keith Hill suggests between 300 – 400 thousand. Here is his assessment of the crowd figures:

Could the image of a million people be realised?

Of course, it is possible to use a known figure or crowd and compare it to the area of the march. Glastonbury festival is a good example: The area of the land is known, the number of fans is known, and there is an accurate figure for fans attending a performance in a specific area. 

Glastonbury is the largest greenfield festival in the world, requiring extensive infrastructure in terms of security, transport, water, and electricity supply.

Organised by: Glastonbury Festivals Ltd

Genre: Music festival

Attendance: 135,000 (2019);

These figures are accurate. Here we will review one specific area: The Pyramid Stage.

The capacity for this stage and the area on the map is 120 thousand people.

The parameter of the festival grounds is superimposed over a map of London. And a box representing the Pyramid stage and arena is also placed in the plan. I have made the area serving the Pyramid stage smaller than the actual size on the Glastonbury map.

The area where the march took place is given generous proportions. If the organiser’s figure is correct, the protestors would have to fill the marked out space to prove the claim. Eight Pyramid arena areas would contain one million people.

Actual ROAD Route of March – The protestors marched on the roads:

The graphic is presented – The reader of this article is tasked with deciding if there could be one million marchers in this area on Sunday 24th March 2019.

Review the images with care.

Should I Stay or Should I go?

Should I Stay or Should I go?

It is the defining moment. I am wondering where to take this weblog. Should I become dedicated to cameras or continue with the random thoughts format.

The certainty is the posts should return weekly or site should be allowed to become dormant. Another alternative would be to focus on a weekly podcast. I will make a firm decision over the weekend.

Why has my site become so neglected? The answer is simple: my work is writing. I am a freelance writer and editor of what is growing into a monster website. My fingers have tapped thousands of keys during the last nine hours. As I write this essay, my email has pinged three notifications. My audio files are stacked with interviews awaiting editing. Over twenty interviews the short ones take about an hour. The long speeches about two and a half hours.

There are tens of articles to edit and stack ready for publication. Plus Hundreds of photographs which need sorting and editing. Is it any wonder this weblog is neglected?

People talk about being a writer. I am a writer, and it provides me with a good income. Writing is a hard taskmaster: And if you write many words, you will make mistakes. And many of them.  Sometimes I’m sent submission I read the draft which is supposed to be a ‘finished’ article. Son of God! The piece is beyond useless or redemption. Send it back or reject it and most often the writer takes it persoanally.

If you are a writer and the desire is for ‘sharp’ writing which cuts into the imagination of the reader: You’ll understand honing the blade of influence is a skill which takes tens of years to perfect. The writing must flow. Readers must understand the information or story. It is a difficult enough task to achieve when the luxury of edit and re-editing is available. A professional scribe has no such luxury. We have to write the article, run it through Grammarly or trust to the spell and grammar checker in the software. Then move on to the next commission. Today I have written over ten thousand words in seven articles.

On top of this, I edited a sixty-thousand-word book during the last two weeks. And I am working on my book Philosophy of Selfness. It is a book which is already on Kindle! Even so, I keep reworking the chapters and replacing the file every month. Kindle is a great platform but do not think you’ll make much money by self-publishing. Unless you’re very lucky and the download goes viral. It does happen, but the chances are low. Your work can be a masterpiece, but truth to tell, there are many masterpieces on Kindle, Barnes & Noble and all the rest. The difficulty is there are thousands of masterpieces in the cyber publishing universe. Getting noticed and promotion is ninety percent of success. Write because you love mind expansion, deep thinking and meditation.

Some of the weblogs I follow are majestic examples of the writer’s art. And some which are not well written are brilliant exposes of the author’s creative minds. I’m not worried either way: to my mind the story, information or sentiment makes the essay. From my perspective, posts from my WordPress friends are equal to any Hemingway, Dickens or Rowling. There is writing magic on WordPress. One could argue a strong case that a fifty week a year weblog is a better writing education than an associated degree.

My time is up: Twenty minutes of free flow tapping. The question or purpose of the post is should I refocus my WordPress site or close it down? I have answered the question by typing the article.

I’ll stay with it for a few more years. That’s writing for you! It’ll answer most questions.

See You Soon

Twenty Minutes or one Thousand Words – Time won the race over word count today.


The Philosophy of Selfness

Selfness – “The understanding of the personal unconscious, the inner being and a person’s essential individuality”.

Ian Timothy

An open-minded individual understands why people live an illusion and worship accumulated wealth. “What a fool believes – He see’s”. Therefore he sees excessive possessions as indicators of wealth, intelligence and success. One second into “The Final Sleep” he becomes pauper: another owns his estate. What a fool he is to believe he owns anything…

The intelligent man knows living within one’s means is, an accurate interpretation of the words ‘successful’ and ‘wealthy’. He understands why many work for little money and accept debt as the way of life. This man knows why people accept a decade of retirement for fifty years of toil. And he sees the indoctrination of ‘Establishment, Media and Celebrity’ lead populations to give away money exchanged for their life hours.

‘The Philosophy of Selfness’ helps an open-minded thinker discover different ways of reviewing the life experience. The thinker will realise society is a vacuum which takes all. He will realise nothing is given in return for his contributions: apart from manipulative rhetoric.

Selfness is about responsibility and integrity. The philosophy guides one to ask simple questions: ‘If you lived by your efforts and become responsible for your environment. Would life be easier? ‘Is this information true?’ ‘What can I conclude from this conversation?’ ‘Does this matter?’

Can you accept another man’s right to their opinion even though they are wrong? I recognise every human has a right to their own opinion and belief. I also know life is unfair, confusing and painful. I argue with no one. Without disagreement, feuds cannot manifest. I enjoy a brilliant life working with people who have diverse lifestyles and beliefs. Accepting they have beliefs opposed to my own and still working with them in harmony is one of the reasons for my happiness and success. Building trust and demonstrating fairness is paramount to success, and worth more than any possession.

The idea to accept and respect the opinions of other people is a compelling premise. Providing there is no attempt to influence, all is well. At the instant of sensing someone is inferring ‘My way is the way’ people, who desire to live within freedom will turn away. Test the idea of not interacting with those who seek argument or conflict.; it is a life skill which makes life comfortable and secure. I look after my environment and demonstrate truth and integrity. I expect the same from those I interact and work with: if they fail to meet expectations: we will not connect again.

Distract Me

Thirty Minutes or One Thousand Word Challenge:

Liz and I always take a break early in January. We travel to the Cinque Ports in Kent to rest and walk the coast. The wind is relentless: biting sharp burning the face within an hour of exposure. Is there an explanation why wind burn and aching muscles after an hour’s of wandering give so much pleasure?

I suspect it is mental freedom. Conversations with my inner-being seem to be about peace. “Free me from thoughts, and the nonsense of my environment” demands my awakened unconscious. The burned face, pained muscles, remind of the day and smoke-screen conscious agitation. I’m tired of the past, wary of people’s problems. Scar my face with ice needles, tear my muscles, do anything to exorcise these crazy demons within my mind.

Wandering Thanet:

I read, listen and watch everything I can about ‘Critical Thinking’. A process which transforms the ability to reason, bringing wealths and peace into my life. Although there is a barrier to pass before the process becomes wholly acceptable. The barrier is focusing on prioritising my life, not other people’s. And ensuring my security before all else. Accepting thre are not acts of selfishness, and understanding they are mindsets of selfness, empowerment, happiness and freedom: is a testing adjustment.

Critical thinking advantage’s one’s life. The process demands we find all aspects of an issue: It is a difficult task, as sometimes information learned tests or changes long-held beliefs. In pursuit of understanding people’s statements they are tested.‘Help Me to understand what you are saying. Enlighten and persuade me to your way of thinking ’ is the exploratory question. People become uncomfortable, suspecting I am questioning the accuracy of their beliefs.

A man tells me politician Corbyn is a statesman. Another informs the only way is politician May. A third has faith in professors of economic’s. My mind considers they pursue a failed process. I suspect Corbin, May, Academic are no more capable than astrologers.

The three messenger’s belief systems are supported by their conformational bias. Cherry-picking information to ‘prove’ their claims and holds their idols in high esteem. All three correct in their minds. Each one controlled by a parental power. As many people are tied to childhood. Mother, father teacher, protect and nurture. And politician, law and system, become parental replacements. Anything is more acceptable, than taking responsibility for realities.

Examples of incompetence:

Brexit, referendum, social charity, human rights given by and later taken away by the establishment, Mexican walls built above tunnels and missions to Mars. What does it matter? How do these situations affect me? It is my life, my journey, my security which is the focal point. I must be free of the incompetent lawmakers who hypnotise the blind disciples?

In the last hours, we all stand alone; this is the conclusion, reality and reason to follow our desires. Fools worship multi-millionaire, sportsman, industrialist, celebrity, politician: seeing them as examples of success. Ignoring certainty this minority are most often self-focused. The majority can never be billionaire or millionaire, so why care?. Read the biographies, look up the myriad of information available about these unique and rare people and you’ll discover they are tough, hardened and centred.

One could consider the ‘celebrities’ success is chance, luck, situation. How many mistakes they make are not rectified? Who takes responsibility? They talk in riddles. Hide the truth. The worshippers ignore the losses, suffering, greed and manipulation involved in the prosecution of their idols ideas, the pursuit of excessive wealth.

No wonder my burning face and aching muscles are welcomed. Physical distractions from irrational acts impossible to change. Excepting one thing has changed which has made me similar to the ‘celebrity’. I can no longer give, there is nothing left. I’m not writing about money. People’s problems are too complicated, demand too much, all seems to be the child-like attitude. The need for parental-like care and failing to accept reality. How can someone be helped who is determined to push hot pokers in their eyes of truth?

A warning sign. While reading book’s (my real love). I’m finding it difficult to concentrate and hold my thoughts. Is this an indication of something more sinister? Is madness infiltrating the corridors of memories and reason? Is a phantom entering my mind, disguised as a million words, conversations, information, and the power of imagination constructs the demon. Now so overwhelming, it controls my fingers, typing these words.

In a dream, I see helpless, lost souls kneeling in a desert, hands over their smoking eye sockets. They cannot know truth, although, it stands square in front of them. They’ll sense it, even reach out and touch the peace of its reality. And because it cannot be seen, it does not exist. I’m reminded of blind reasoning: Not everything we see it factual, many mansions are illusions.

How many fools? The dreams and memories haunt the libraries of my mind: A know-all spiritual says: “Everything balances out”. What! Another wise sounding non-sense! Balance these thoughts: calm the anguish and pain, redress the balance of these scarred people, your words fail to heal their wounds: Do: the tears of grief and life long pain balance the memory of a drowned child. Are: Millions slaughtered in war, offset by a fragile peace? Is: Diagnosis terminal, restored with a neighbours cure? Is: The raped woman’s pain balanced by her sister’s life as respected wife? Is: a species wiped out by man, re-balanced by man’s over-population? A flawed spiritual theory traps her from reality. Nothing balances out; it is chaos and coincidence which forces creativity and change.

Peace is Truth

Ian Timothy

No editing – No Interest In Grammar Nazis

Still I Rise – Exhibition @ Nottingham Contemporary

I visited an exhibition. I give it 8/10. During my walkaround, a woman asked if I enjoyed the show. I replied ‘Yes, very much’ she replied ‘How could you? You’re a man’. I smiled and walked away.

Rows of Zines and Fear Fountain (30-second video)

Tap any Image to view the gallery:

The comments cards – Excellent idea:

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