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Jon Talks Ikons

Click Jon's Picture to Download the Interview

The fast podcast today is extended from the usual three minutes. The original question was ‘John, talk about artwork containing images of The Master Christ’.
Our trusted historian spoke for his usual three minutes and then said ‘I need to expand on this one Ian. The listener needs to hear the full story’.

So we recorded Jon’s thoughts for the second time.

Enjoy ‘Jon Talks Ikons’

Jon Talks Witches

Witch Master Jon Sharp

Witch Master Jon Sharp

A put Jon on the spot three-minute podcast. Jon is talking to a customer at the Lizian Crystal Shop in Nottingham and seconds later I say: ‘Jon lets do a short podcast’ and here it is and it made a couple of customers smile.

Thanks For Listening


Jon Talks Tarot

Jon Sharpe

Jon Sharpe

My friend Jon Sharpe is put on the three minute spot. I put the trusty Sennheiser MD21 under his nose and the podcast is recorded.

The objective is to record the interview, rough edit and get the podcast publised in one hour. Objective achieved.

See You Soon

Jon Sharpe’s Sad Loss

Jon Sharpe’s Sad Loss

David Anthony Sharpe 1937 - 2017

Jon is going through a painful life experience. He is coming to terms with the loss of his father. Jon talks about his memories and feelings. We decided the listener would receive a ‘feeling’ for Jon’s emotions if the recording were not edited.

I feel it is an indication of Jon’s character and fortitude that he decided to record his feelings today. Possibly the interview is cathartic. It is probable Jon will find his words insightful in a few months time. When Jon feels able to make a follow-up recording, we will do so, and it will be interesting to discover how he is progressing.

Click Jon's Picture to Download the Interview

Click Jon’s Picture to Download the Interview

Many Thanks for listening and ‘Happy New Year.”

Ian and Jon


Guy Fawkes – Hero – Ian and Jon Podcast

Jon talks about Guy Fawkes after ‘Bonfire Night’. This tradition celebrates the overthrowing of a plot to bring down the monarchy and government.  While we think we know about the plot many of us do not know about the man. Jon offers the suggestion he was a hero, not a traitor. He proves the good-looking red-headed six-footer was a man of incredible bravery and true to his principals. He stayed silent under torture, in the hope his fellow conspirators, would continue with the cause.

Listen to the MP3 Here

Historian Jon Sharpe

See You Soon

States of America

Nottingham Contemporary Exhibition

During the audio recording made after reviewing the exhibition, I mention the sad fact we cannot photograph the images at the display. The staff were excellent and explained that for copyright reasons no one would be allowed to take a picture inside of the exhibition.

The copyright excuse is similar to police and other authorities who use terrorism for reason not to explain a truth.

I suspect greed is the motivation behind this restriction.

Add another reason…

The exhibition is as poor as it was lit. In fact, the lighting was so dim and the images poorly presented. Any snaps taken with iPhones and cameras will have the same quality as pirate videos taken in 1980 porno cinemas. It is evident to me, the curators are in fear of the public, realising the images are nothing brilliant. They are images taken of day to day life in the period between the 50 – 60 – 70’s in America. That’s it, folks, Bugs Bunny bites the carrot.


Listen to the review above and realise that without the images, you can only hear why I am not impressed with the images. If my narration accompanied the images, there would be a better understanding of my observations and opinions. The review is recorded minutes after leaving the exhibition. It is free flowing and made without notes, I felt it was important to record my immediate feelings before my memories became faded. As the narration continued, the realisation was, without the images, there is no way I could provide an adequate review of the images. Without a photograph of the interior, I am unable to show why, the density of a photograph is influenced by the reflective interior lighting of the gallery.

The exhibition is billed as recording three decades of a changing nation. If you believe this to be accurate, that fine. The cynic in me suggests the images were taken in the same way as many street or ‘nothing else to do with their time’ photographers. They took pictures because they could. Arbus let me down, Winogrand’s image betrays a spy like approach, many images look like covert photos. Ok, we see him working on YouTube, and he takes pictures, smiles and clicks another. However, the printed image betrays a machine gun technique. You can do this without a second thought. I cannot write further on the exhibitions content, the MP3 is sufficent.

Do you realise the problem for me is I cannot give a proper appraisal of the exhibition because I cannot provide a reference (a picture) to explain my opinion? Do you read the point? You have to trust my words only, with images, I could verify my observation.

Why not take photos of the images in the exhibition? Most people cannot afford the originals costing thousands of dollars. If you could afford one of these photos, to my mind, they could give little emotional gratitude. The printing is poor, the composition is ‘seaside snapshot’, end of story. The curator may argue, the images will fade in daylight. If this is the argument, it is lying and there is no understanding of the permanence of the correctly made silver image.

In her defence, the curator may argue, the images will fade in daylight. If this is the argument, it demonstrates a misunderstanding of photographic presentation or the permanence of a correctly printed silver image.

The Exhibition gets 4/10 – The curator of Nottingham’s Asset – 1/10 – a waste of the public purse which paid for the building (lotto, donation or Nottingham Council contribution). I comment in the recording we have to thank or appreciate ‘The Contempory’ for putting on the exhibition. I thank them for being brave enough to believe the public is artistically ignorant. Travel to see it if you are desperate to see poorly presented images in dull and boring galleries. Why not save yourself the time, if you like any of the photographers work, buy their expensive books from Amazon. At least you’ll be sure the copyright is not in doubt and the snappers or their estate will recieve their royalties.

More of my work here

Ian and Jon’s God Spot

Ian and Jon talk about Jung’s Symbolism, and then the interview charts the dangerous, perilous waters of religion. Although, hang on a second, not belief as you know it. No, religion according to St Jon of Wicca. Our learned saint offers the suggestion all religion derives from one cultural source of wisdom. He then takes us on a voyage across the oceans to Atlantis. I know, there is nothing more to say. Just listen to our intrepid saint who was canonised only last week, after being burned as a heretic.

listen to the interview from the soundbar

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Ian and Jon – The Lower Red Lion Ghost

The popularity of the Spooktacular means we have recorded another of Jon’s ghost stories. Today’s encounter happened when he stayed at The Lower Red Lion Pub in St Albans.

The Lower Red Lion – St Albans

The haunted room is above the arch in this image.

Thanks For listening

Ian and Jon Spooktacular PodCast

Ian & Jon

Ian & Jon

Today, Ian and Jon Sharpe (with an e) have recorded a spontaneous podcast with no editing. The subject matter is the potentiality of life after death (according to Jon). Jon puts forward his view of buildings being vibrational recorders. Ian talks about a ghostly encounter at Canning Circus. Jon reflects upon a spooky experience at Newstead Abbey. Twelve minutes to record and less than two hours to produce. Hurrah! We did it.



No Man's Land

No Man’s Land

This podcast was recorded at Nottingham’s Victoria Centre Market on 31 January 2017. I am in conversation with Jonathan Sharp, and we talk about Limbo. Both Limbo the dance and Limbo the spiritual dimension. The religious aspect of Limbo the no longer exists, it was dissolved by Papal decree in 2007. Traditionally Limbo Land was a place between Heaven and Hell created for children who died before baptism.

Play Podcast 13.30 minutes

The concept of purgatory is a process not a place, so Jonathan may well be correct in his assumption that hell is on Earth. Augustine’s opinion negates the idea of unbaptised children condemned to punishment in Limbo, he decreed children relegated to Limbo enjoyed a real happiness. So no problems if you were concerned about the unbaptised souls. There is still interesting comparisons to Limbo refugee souls, and the terrible plight of the millions of displaced humans surviving in refugee camps. It seems the world’s leaders are beginning close the gates of heaven and hells, and the millions who live in refugee limbo have no chance of a Papal decree to save them. In the meantime, they live in purgatory.

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