Overwhelming The Critic – Interview with Mr Darren Stanton

This interview will be of benefit to any one who becomes or is subject to the effects of the critic.

Darren is a busy man and I had to entice him to take a break for a busy schedule – I know if he’d been asked to record an interview he may not have agreed to it. He’d expressed a need to see the exhibition after reading my ironically poor review I wrote two weeks ago!

Another Booking During The Interview
Another Booking During The Interview

The photo above was taken during the interview. Darren takes a booking for a Radio interview in London with Radio Six.  Believe me when I write his phone never stopped flashing during the interview – Darren IS most certainly in demand.

Listening To The Interview
Listening To The Interview

Mr Stanton insisted on listening to the interview “Censorship Darren?”  “Bet you life Ian! I’m in the medias eye and I am careful what is released. The mistake of those working to find success is that they are shoddy in the execution of their work. Execution is the right work by the way. Once ones work is out on the net, it cannot be taken back.”  Sound advise for anyone climbing the ladder of success in T.V and Radio.

Darren's Determination
Darren’s Determination

You can see Darren’s determined attitude in this image. Make no mistake its ‘Game On’ and this man only plays to win.

Darren’s web site is http://www.darrenstanton.co.uk all pictures in the podcast are linked to his site.


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