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Queen Victoria’s mourning of Prince Albert was life long.. Jet beads and black clothing became a trend followed by millions. During the same era, heavy loss of young life in Boer and First War made Britain a nation of habitual mourning. It seems a trait of the British is to embellish the loss of family, friends, unknown celebrities. And extend the mourning for years, and sometimes decades. Was Queen Victoria the seed of a nations love of mourning?

No matter what happens during life or how tied to the past: once one makes defined changes we move into the future. Memories are held within objects and even if the memories are good, remembering can cause pain.

Jon’s New Image

Recollection can play cruel tricks: A photograph rekindles a happy time enjoyed with a friend, the memory is dulled by the shadow of another less kind recollection. We return to a place of childhood memories a feeling of happiness is changed when a moment later we are within the sadness of the loss of people within the mind-scape.

I’m fortunate because my inner-being accepts the final sleep as natural. For many, there is no release from the grips of grief. Some people have extended mourning of parents. Understandable if they enjoyed childhood and upbringing. Overcoming the loss of wonderful parents is for many almost impossible. Although one must ask if excellent parenting includes teaching children independence from the fear of death, or the loss of a loved one.

Early in 2018, Jon’s father died and soon after recorded his thoughts about the loss. The words resonated with many people. He told me there would be a time for mourning, reflection and then future. He is now beginning the final stage: making the family home his own. Changing his looks and clearing out the old to make way for the future.

Listen to Jon’s Message

Jon says: “We must move on: life is for living: those who loved us would never wish for life to be suffocated by the final act of life.” Powerful words. Jon demonstrates we should mourn and then live. And there is a time to make a definitive turning point and mark the moment with change.

I wish my friend well: He is a most unusual and independent man: watch this space:

See You Soon


There Are Times – My Reality

You Still Live in France

You Can Still Live in France


There Are Times

I read the press. One should not dismiss what the journalist writes. One should learn to interpret what they are writing. Because in truth the majority are NOT journalists they are political puppets selling their souls and principals for the devil publishers shilling.

Everyone asks what would happen if they won the jackpot. I know, I know for sure. I would have an online daily news page called ‘Pie In The Sky’ and I would publish information so bizarre it would become a national institution. The journalists would be chosen from any genre and they would have a percentage share in the profits.

Rather than explain the ethos of the ‘Pie In The Sky’ allow me, the editor to write an example article.

Now Is The Time

Today the financial markets have recovered as the markets adjust to the Brexit referendum. Global stocks are a sea of green and positivity. Stirling is growing and is more stable. The world bank has agreed that central banking policies will remain or even become more beneficial to the UK.

The British broadsheets are still commenting on doom and gloom, the writers finding spurious lawyers aiding them to cause more national mischief. The 250 thou per year pundits are still writing about possible exit options which have already been ruled out by the European Union. In truth these writers are traitors to their country. The bold paragraph is not fiction by the way, it is part of an article written in the Financial Times today ’30 June 2016’. And whilst the facts of the market and the realisation in the banking communities that there is incredible world wide support for the exit. The British pundits are portraying doom and gloom. They wish to stir civil unrest, riot and the countries moral collapse by interpreting the decision was based upon racism or the choice of uneducated idiots. The damage they are doing to their country is catastrophic and will leave legacies as deep as the ones left by Thatcher after the miner strike.

Allow me to remind you of some sobering facts. In 1983 the Conservative party were losing members – from 1.4 million in 1978 to 400 thou by 1987. Their revenues were falling and they were in deep trouble. On the other hand the old Labour party was as strong as an ox. Their revenues came from union contributions and support, many of their candidates came from the real world of hard fighting and negotiation. The unions had to be broken or the Conservative party would be in deep financial trouble. Thatcher needed a target, a radical union leader who she KNEW would not negotiate, she assessed Scargill correctly. Her economic advisors showed her the Welsh mines, not too profitable and by their nature politically radical. So 50 of the mines were targeted for closure, all hell broke out. The miners strike was on and the press, bbc, and the pundits went to town and helped Thatcher slaughter the miners union and along with it create the wedge of false public opinion to ruin the trade union movement. Old Labour with their funds supply stifled was finished, mission accomplished. New Labour, the phoenix from the ashes appeared and as the incredible politician Tony Benn commented ‘There is not a card width between the two parties’.

Today the Conservative Party is 147000 members strong. The Labour party 177000 members strong and that means 300000 people are the true force of politics. Because whilst you think you can influence your local MP in his surgery, you are living in the world of illusion. It is the local committees of paid up members who pander to Westminster, it is Westminster who gives the manifesto to the local branches, who in turn rubber stamp the ideals and protocols. When you vote at an election you really do not have any influence at all. The system will not change very much no matter what you believe. Up until now…

The country is in the best place it has been in for 40 years. The politician who is brave enough to listen to the electorate will become the power, the politician now realises if he does not fulfil his promise its game on and the party is over. Make no mistake. 147 thou member for the Conservatives and 177 thou for the labour party is the strength of their illusion. They and their pundit journalist allies are on very thin ice. The 1.7 million who tipped the scales are TEN time the size of the paid up members of the Labour party and if you cannot see the significance of this you need to do some deep thinking.

This country is one hell of a place to live. Even in my poverty it is simply fantastic. If desired to start a small business I can do so, I can do so for £115 pounds. Oh hang on a minute I have just done this with ‘The Copper Staple’ publishing business and in three months it has turned a profit. This country is a brilliant place with freedom of expression, for example  I can write this without fear of arrest. I am one of 58 million and proud to be British. I do not need Europe, the pundits doom and gloom to prevent me starting a new business and neither do you and if 750 thousand people who do not speak English can find work here why can’t you? Work, work to a common purpose, don’t fight the choice, rise above it, love life and love your country.

Yes, I know there are factions who hate what is happening at the moment and the only argument they can offer is the race card. Frankly most of us are tired with this red card of fear. I am British, we are intelligent, free and when unified, as good as any culture in the world. I have no fear of the future and I am 58 years old. The young people have an opportunity to become something very special, by giving themselves a unique identity which says ‘British educated, British artist, British scientist, British businessman, British doctor, British nurse’ The fact our standards are amongst the best in the world – Will open the doors to 80% of the rest of the world. The door has been closed on Europe, face it, stand up be a fighter for the common good.

As I see it, every man or woman who cries for the return to Europe is weak, in fear and without British purpose. Let us now trade with India, South America, New Zealand, Australia, China, South Korea India’s market alone is the size of Europe. There are 10’s of countries who will welcome us in to their families, you worry about immigration? Let me tell you, the British and their intelligence, determination, artistic creativity, genius and not forgetting our stunning good looks are coming to a country near you. Watch out world we are about to be in every corner of the globe some time soon!

Live Where You Wish

Live Where You Wish

‘Building a Castle or Playing a Game?’

Building Castles ?

Building Castles ?

‘Building a castle or playing a game?’

On Sunday I had an interesting half hour with my friend Richard Abbot.  When in dialogue with him you can be certain of an intelligent, thought provoking and humorous conversation.  We covered some interesting ideas and I was reminded of two ideas worth careful reflection.

I agree with Richard. When younger we’re more resilient to emotional and intellectual conundrums, certainly the teenage years are tumultuous times.  A man can become renegade, addict or famous.  He may marry too early and stifle his future. Or he may become involved with a life long project of security.  Truth to tell most of us can overcome any teenage difficulty. I do not include terrible traumatic situations, rape, abuse or violence within this essay, these are difficulties many struggle with through their entire life.  My belief is in line with my friends opinion, when younger resilience is stronger and we’re more able to move on.

In the twenties it becomes a little more difficult.  The mind is building a circular wall, the draw bridge is open, the moat is not too deep.  We can become defensive and we know when to throw the invaders out of our castle, which incidentally is still visible, in this decade few need to hide anything.  So life is teaching us lessons and a fortress of confidence is being built. The castle is becoming or almost hidden behind the defences.

Into the third decade the moat is deeper and if all is going well family live in the castle, friends visit and if one is sensible the drawbridge is looked after and kept strong.  When the difficulties in life fire the catapult or attempt to batter down the door and if the ‘plan’ is working the fortress stays strong and defeat is never a word considered.

For some, the attack is too much, the drawbridge falls, portcullis breached, walls climbed and the family broken, confidence breaks.  A Cromwell style army of ‘professionals’ blow up the defences in order break down the threat. And now repair becomes more difficult.

The need is for a new beginning in a time when the fallen knight or maiden believes there is no more. Life is on the homeward journey. Four decades passed, years wasted.  Reflections of what was, could have been, and realisations which are difficult to face.  Who has not said or thought,  ‘I wish I knew then what I know now’.  And here many will stay, in the ruins, becoming bitter, blaming others and building a facade around their lives.

In my conversation with Richard I was reminded of an exception, a turnaround.

Sometimes when the darkest hour has dimmed the soul and the light of the spirit is so low its like a glowing candle wick.  We will meet a fountain of life, another human who will talk not with compassion or false hope.  They will talk of the realities.  Show the way to future and help us to walk away from the past, and walk away from the past looking forward.

Many walk backwards into their future.  The keep looking at past situations, people and what if’s.  As they walk backwards into their future they cannot see the opportunities or obstacles ahead in time.  If we meet an individual who can literally ‘turn us around’ the future becomes a reality. We collect the beneficial and walk around problems.  Yes, we all have met or know a navigator who’ll guide us back onto the right path. Truth to tell we often do not like them!

The Navigator understands ‘The Needs of Life’. And though the ascension of life attains the grade called ‘Adept’. He or she combines wisdom and understanding which becomes knowledge.  The Adept does not concern his or herself with the situations or difficulties which they see as they have a clear separation between external situations and their selves.  They continue to learn about the certainties of life, experience, skills, facts, information, which when combined with happiness, pleasure, freedom become the love of life.

There is nothing other than their right way.  And the Adept does not advise or show a ‘way’.  The Adept leads by example.  Believe me when I write, ‘If you follow a fool, a fool you will be’.  The Adept follows no man and knows he has created his world, no one to blame, no one to forgive, no one other than his or herself.  And the Adept has the wisdom to understand that he will effect other other lives in a beneficial and beautiful way.  No talk of magic, cures and riches.  For the Adept will cast his own spell for himself, hard work, sensible material choices, living within his limitations.  He will not be in fear of death and illness. He knows the difference between riches and wealth.

Far, far from being restricted by age, if we become Adept we can refocus our attention upon the right, good and accurate archives of knowledge and wisdom our memories hold in safekeeping.  Think about this mantra, ‘I know now, what I know now and this is more than enough’, if you wish to remove the oft repeated and negative mantra ‘What a fool I’ve been’.

Every human can be Adept! The majority are walking backwards.

Acting The Fool ?

Acting The Fool ?

If you’re a writer its worth considering that the understanding of the ways of your fellow man is as important as the building of a character.  Alan Sillitoe’s character Arthur Seaton is a lathe operator in the Raleigh Bike factory in Nottingham.  Now, if you read the masterpiece of human observation ‘Saturday Night, Sunday Morning’, you’ll discover Arthur is an Adept.  He knows the truth of his life, the reader may not like him, but during his narratives there is no mistaking his material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual beliefs and convictions.  As far as Arthur is concerned his lathe makes his fortune and the way he can achieve the best possible return on units of bearings produced on the lathe against the effort needed to ‘turn them out’  is central to his working life and he excels, making a great wage.  Intellectually he does not like the rich, as he understands their motivation of greed, although the astute reader will see he has fallen to the same trap! Outwardly he seems childish as he amuses himself with strange stories and practical jokes, truth to tell he knows the system and ridicules it. Emotionally he understands pain, cruelty and the ‘ways of love’. He preys upon married women in unhappy relationships, indeed he is badly beaten for his exploits and even here his philosophy is endearing as he accepts the ‘punishment’ and moves on.  The book is a wonder of accurate human observation which has a plausibility to it.  Because the story is being lived today, in every town and city the world over.  Money, adultery, revenge, uncertain outcome.  Nothing is new and its easy to reflect upon the fiction. However if this story becomes a reality and if the actors in the play are not too careful, when the game is over, they will find themselves to be walking backwards into their future.

The question is, ‘Building a castle or playing a game?’

Happy Birthday Richard.

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