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You Still Live in France
You Can Still Live in France

There Are Times

I read the press. One should not dismiss what the journalist writes. One should learn to interpret what they are writing. Because in truth the majority are NOT journalists they are political puppets selling their souls and principals for the devil publishers shilling.

Everyone asks what would happen if they won the jackpot. I know, I know for sure. I would have an online daily news page called ‘Pie In The Sky’ and I would publish information so bizarre it would become a national institution. The journalists would be chosen from any genre and they would have a percentage share in the profits.

Rather than explain the ethos of the ‘Pie In The Sky’ allow me, the editor to write an example article.

Now Is The Time

Today the financial markets have recovered as the markets adjust to the Brexit referendum. Global stocks are a sea of green and positivity. Stirling is growing and is more stable. The world bank has agreed that central banking policies will remain or even become more beneficial to the UK.

The British broadsheets are still commenting on doom and gloom, the writers finding spurious lawyers aiding them to cause more national mischief. The 250 thou per year pundits are still writing about possible exit options which have already been ruled out by the European Union. In truth these writers are traitors to their country. The bold paragraph is not fiction by the way, it is part of an article written in the Financial Times today ’30 June 2016’. And whilst the facts of the market and the realisation in the banking communities that there is incredible world wide support for the exit. The British pundits are portraying doom and gloom. They wish to stir civil unrest, riot and the countries moral collapse by interpreting the decision was based upon racism or the choice of uneducated idiots. The damage they are doing to their country is catastrophic and will leave legacies as deep as the ones left by Thatcher after the miner strike.

Allow me to remind you of some sobering facts. In 1983 the Conservative party were losing members – from 1.4 million in 1978 to 400 thou by 1987. Their revenues were falling and they were in deep trouble. On the other hand the old Labour party was as strong as an ox. Their revenues came from union contributions and support, many of their candidates came from the real world of hard fighting and negotiation. The unions had to be broken or the Conservative party would be in deep financial trouble. Thatcher needed a target, a radical union leader who she KNEW would not negotiate, she assessed Scargill correctly. Her economic advisors showed her the Welsh mines, not too profitable and by their nature politically radical. So 50 of the mines were targeted for closure, all hell broke out. The miners strike was on and the press, bbc, and the pundits went to town and helped Thatcher slaughter the miners union and along with it create the wedge of false public opinion to ruin the trade union movement. Old Labour with their funds supply stifled was finished, mission accomplished. New Labour, the phoenix from the ashes appeared and as the incredible politician Tony Benn commented ‘There is not a card width between the two parties’.

Today the Conservative Party is 147000 members strong. The Labour party 177000 members strong and that means 300000 people are the true force of politics. Because whilst you think you can influence your local MP in his surgery, you are living in the world of illusion. It is the local committees of paid up members who pander to Westminster, it is Westminster who gives the manifesto to the local branches, who in turn rubber stamp the ideals and protocols. When you vote at an election you really do not have any influence at all. The system will not change very much no matter what you believe. Up until now…

The country is in the best place it has been in for 40 years. The politician who is brave enough to listen to the electorate will become the power, the politician now realises if he does not fulfil his promise its game on and the party is over. Make no mistake. 147 thou member for the Conservatives and 177 thou for the labour party is the strength of their illusion. They and their pundit journalist allies are on very thin ice. The 1.7 million who tipped the scales are TEN time the size of the paid up members of the Labour party and if you cannot see the significance of this you need to do some deep thinking.

This country is one hell of a place to live. Even in my poverty it is simply fantastic. If desired to start a small business I can do so, I can do so for £115 pounds. Oh hang on a minute I have just done this with ‘The Copper Staple’ publishing business and in three months it has turned a profit. This country is a brilliant place with freedom of expression, for example  I can write this without fear of arrest. I am one of 58 million and proud to be British. I do not need Europe, the pundits doom and gloom to prevent me starting a new business and neither do you and if 750 thousand people who do not speak English can find work here why can’t you? Work, work to a common purpose, don’t fight the choice, rise above it, love life and love your country.

Yes, I know there are factions who hate what is happening at the moment and the only argument they can offer is the race card. Frankly most of us are tired with this red card of fear. I am British, we are intelligent, free and when unified, as good as any culture in the world. I have no fear of the future and I am 58 years old. The young people have an opportunity to become something very special, by giving themselves a unique identity which says ‘British educated, British artist, British scientist, British businessman, British doctor, British nurse’ The fact our standards are amongst the best in the world – Will open the doors to 80% of the rest of the world. The door has been closed on Europe, face it, stand up be a fighter for the common good.

As I see it, every man or woman who cries for the return to Europe is weak, in fear and without British purpose. Let us now trade with India, South America, New Zealand, Australia, China, South Korea India’s market alone is the size of Europe. There are 10’s of countries who will welcome us in to their families, you worry about immigration? Let me tell you, the British and their intelligence, determination, artistic creativity, genius and not forgetting our stunning good looks are coming to a country near you. Watch out world we are about to be in every corner of the globe some time soon!

Live Where You Wish
Live Where You Wish

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