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2 Paragraphs from – ‘Guru Ten – Disciple Zero’

Corridors of The Mind

Corridors of The Mind

Taken from the chapter titled ~ ‘Happiness’

If a man takes the time to consider his personal environment is he selfish? He becomes selfish if he reviews his environment for what he can take from it. He is not selfish if he is reviewing it for positive changes. Indeed what is a personal environment? Think about this. Imagine you are sitting in your favourite place in your home. Now think about the centre of your body and then outward into the world you interact with. Think about the few people you really love and care for and, accept they are your power.  Spend a few hours over the next few weeks reasoning with this idea. Discover what you learn from it. Encourage careful and sensible thought about the right and the good things in your environment. Think about the ‘ways’ that need microscopic adjustments. Do not instigate the ‘adjustments’, only think about them. If a name which carries a bad vibe entered into the thought, accept it as a name, dissolve it, it is of no importance. The spiritual calls this forgiveness, change the word to acceptance, feel what happens. If you were to allow yourself to liken your mind to a separate entity controlling your life how does the perspective change? This paragraph contains the basic principals of most spiritual protocols. Read it again, reason with it carefully, one sentence at a time.

Do not go too far, only work with those who enter your mind with ease. There are many who believe having a 100 friends in some way proves the integrity of their persona. Allow them to believe this. For a few this may be the case, for the majority it is not. Claiming popularity is not evidence of integrity. If we learn to see and love those who are within our environment magic happens. When someone new comes into our life and, they see our persona as truthful, we both feel love and happiness. This is magic, what is the magic? The magic of accepting oneself a being a human being, prospering in, surviving in, living within and loving a simplistic life of selfness. Before you read further it is important to think carefully about the connotations of the words you have just read.

‘Guru Ten ~ Disciple Zero’ will be published in June

COPYRIGHT ~ Ian Timothy 2016

Why Short Stories Podcast ONE

This Podcast investigates the spirit of a short story – or the REASON for writing the essay.

The Foundry Of the Mind

The Foundry Of the Mind

The Writing’s On The Wall


The WRiTinG iS THerE FoR alL 2 SeE

Short Stories

When a writer reveals his imaginations, is he exposing his inner being to his and his readers conscious thoughts and imaginations? Yes I think so. Each second of the day we take in the information and experiences of lives journey, and these ‘moments’ of life enter the mental recorder called memory. You know this already and I am no neurological expert so I will leave the workings of the brain to the genius’s of the world.

What I feel is important is the Short Story demands that when a description is written it should be carefully constructed, the writer does not have 5000 words available to describe a character’s every detail. Being a Campbell’s Soup writer is being a Short Story writer. Did you read the point of the last sentence? The description should be condensed enough for the reader to open and expand upon the words written in the description.

The Short Story is therapeutic to the writer.

I write about myself in my journals, indeed someone once read my journals and divorced me (true) – I guide you to write with this type of honesty, if you do not you will have no weight to your creation. The Short Story is the best way to hone your skill, it will have more chance of being read from beginning to end and if you are clear and precise with the use of your words, you may sell some books. I caution you here, do not think you will sell any at all! Write because you love to hear yourself think.

My work is from my heart, I do not attempt to be anything other than the individual I am. If I write within the parameters of my truths (be they right or wrong – it does not matter) Then I know I WILL upset some who read my work, there will be those who find fault in my ‘gurr-ham-ah’ and there will be those who will look down upon the humble style with it’s limited vocabulary. You must know I do not care for the weakness of others, for their griping, fault finding and superior arrogance. I write because I enjoy the solitude, early mornings, note books, random thoughts, photographs, conversations, recordings which enter my imagination to become a Short Story.

Writing is a meditation and one can easily become lost in the process’s, thoughts, imaginations, fantasies. Is the internet poker player, the si-fi gamer or the ‘YouShotIt’ competition photographer not within a meditation of recreation? Are any of us different? Do we all want to escape to a dream world? You are your own thoughts, madness’s, genius and the writer has to be prepared to take chances, not conform, be prepared to lose…Many a writer is a gambler who is fighting fictitious fears and demons, writing tens of thousands of words, never one published.

I finish with this truth – Each year over 180,000 books are published on the internet, there is no point attempting to be a 1/180000 chance of success, There is every point in being a 1/1 odds on favourite winner. If one reader likes your work you have past the finishing post. You may never be certain each book you write is finished, there will always be a word to change, a paragraph to remove, some changes needed. Write without a care for anyone.

The Campbell’s Soup description of me….

Ian was told by his English teacher Shakespeare is the greatest writer of the English language – He did not care for a word of the ‘Bards’ work and wouldn’t pay a penny to watch one of the plays again.

I could write a story from the words in the above paragraph.

No Competition

The Writer Waits

The Writer Waits


I’m waiting for the next train – A man walks to the end of the of the platform and climbs into the rear carriage, as far away from me a possible, what did he think as he left the ticket office? Did he see me and decide I looked dangerous? Why would he think this? There is nothing to hurt him here, the 1966 train is new this year, there is no danger in time travel nothing can be altered, nothing can be changed, to do so will change the whole of history or so we are lead to believe. Its a Saturday and most of the country is watching a football match – Two countries fighting a ‘war’ again (no one can tell me this is not the case) I have returned because I know the outcome – I came to this ‘yesterday’ because my ‘today’ is Wednesday 10 September 2014 – There was no difficulty getting to this exact ‘yesterday’s’ day and time. I had to make an investment, finding the old notes were easy – I purchased £1000 pounds worth of old blue £5 notes from E-bay for £100 – These are the legal tender and the bookie had no problem with taking my bet £50 England to win 4 – 2 . I received good betting odds and I will receive £200 pounds for my investment  – I only have another fifty pounds worth of bets to place and thats at the station down at the end of the line.  I need to stay for two extra days to collect over 4000 pounds in winnings, then, I can return to Sunday morning 14th September 2014 – I will not bring the old notes back with me – I am going to buy gold sovereigns and bury them in a ‘special’ place where I can recover them on my return.

Its a simple plan, taken from an old story line, it has been thought about, written and recorded, indeed television plays and films are made from the idea, and still, a slight change can be made, to bring the plot into another life.

Although, you, Dear Reader are reading a ‘How to Become Rich’ article –  The idea is to formulate an idea within the mind which represents you making money within your life time – Think about a story about yourself, a situation you have lived in and go back in time – learn about the people and the way they lived – practice the ways of the time in your mind – And when you are ready, set the seeds of the idea in writing, just as I have in the last few minutes.  And, if you have done your research, thought about the storyline, written a Short Story about your idea, you may then go on to publish it and when you do you will realise, writing is about going back in time taking the information you discover and remoulding it into another story, if the story is good enough it will turn into your pot of gold. This and the last two paragraphs are the writer’s formula to success. The magic will only work if the words are from your heart and written for your own enjoyment, without these two integrities success can be evasive.

The successful artists spirit and soul has a combined name.. Uniqueness – There is no competition in an artistic talent, unless, it is within the artists own mind, I compete with myself, no other. It seems to this writer the competitive world has many loser’s and very few winners and the winners follow their own dreams every time. I feel if  I attempt to emulate another’s style, I am not honing my own. You are unique, you cannot be another, if you cannot fly solo, be independent and follow your creativity without fear of being yourself, then you’ve fallen at the first hurdle. Which is why I prefer NOT to enter the race.

Let me explain… If you enter a writing or photographic competition there will be literally thousands of entry’s – Many will be brilliant, and worthy of the winning post – They come nowhere because the judges do not like the style, the story ‘abrades’ or relights a difficult memory of their past – And these are only examples of why you will not win! – It’s a  million probabilities of failure one chance of success. Many artists are fickle, they look at the winning picture or read the gold medal story and think (correctly) their creation was better, and their confidence take a knock – EVEN WORSE – they have PAID for the insult! I would never to enter any comptetion where I would have to pay anymore than $5.00 for the entry, many are now asking for $23-30+ they have no interest other than earning money – In fact they are an illegal lottery – There are many well know ‘teachers’ now jumping on this ‘should be banned’ wagon – watch ’em and dump ’em.

Short Stories are enlightening, because, you can discover if the plot will work, without the massive investment of time tapping a 100,000 word monster, maybe you’ll see some merit in the short story you have written and turn it into a masterpiece. That’s the way of many successful people in many avenues of life… Experiment with models of their idea, and when its ready they build the Monument to their Success.

I have set my pot of gold for this coming Sunday – See you then.

Generosity Pays

Why Free?

I decided to put all of my MP3 downloads on the net without cost! Someone told me it was devaluing my work and could not see the point.

At the same time I put my Kindle book downloads to 77 pence or just over a dollar.

Within 12 hours I had sold quite a few books and many people had taken the free download offer, I was very pleased with the result.

I then looked at my website and used a free website testing tool to see how I could improve the site.

I awaited the results of the test like a patient in a hospital. The results were not good I had a very sick web site and it needed some repairs.

What I learned was that the site took an average of 9 seconds to navigate through the pages and the page site speed had to be less than 3 seconds for the visitor to stay on it. Speed counts in the world of the web and I had spent many hours building and adapting it, only to find out it was not fast enough.

The excellent software that tested the site also guided me to where the problem was, one hour later my site was as fast as a very fast thing.

Every page on my web site has a FaceBook like and before I made the changes there were 89 likes to the home page as I type this only two hours later it is at 103! Nothing really incredible in the great scheme. Although to me it was wonderful.

Back to the statistics on the MP3 downloads and again plenty of downloads now they are free. I am very happy about this. Interestingly, the purchases of the paper version of the books have been better sellers than the kindle versions.

I investigated the reason for this.

The answer is very simple it is the PRICE!

If you want to sell on Kindle and sell in numbers then the price must be low. I check the statistics for the Kindle downloads and what do you know? Five sales in a morning, again I am very pleased with this.

What is this blog all about? It says you cannot charge top prices when you are not well known, and giving products away is cheaper than advertising.

Generosity still rewards and money should not be the first gauge of success.

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