No Competition

The Writer Waits
The Writer Waits


I’m waiting for the next train – A man walks to the end of the of the platform and climbs into the rear carriage, as far away from me a possible, what did he think as he left the ticket office? Did he see me and decide I looked dangerous? Why would he think this? There is nothing to hurt him here, the 1966 train is new this year, there is no danger in time travel nothing can be altered, nothing can be changed, to do so will change the whole of history or so we are lead to believe. Its a Saturday and most of the country is watching a football match – Two countries fighting a ‘war’ again (no one can tell me this is not the case) I have returned because I know the outcome – I came to this ‘yesterday’ because my ‘today’ is Wednesday 10 September 2014 – There was no difficulty getting to this exact ‘yesterday’s’ day and time. I had to make an investment, finding the old notes were easy – I purchased £1000 pounds worth of old blue £5 notes from E-bay for £100 – These are the legal tender and the bookie had no problem with taking my bet £50 England to win 4 – 2 . I received good betting odds and I will receive £200 pounds for my investment  – I only have another fifty pounds worth of bets to place and thats at the station down at the end of the line.  I need to stay for two extra days to collect over 4000 pounds in winnings, then, I can return to Sunday morning 14th September 2014 – I will not bring the old notes back with me – I am going to buy gold sovereigns and bury them in a ‘special’ place where I can recover them on my return.

Its a simple plan, taken from an old story line, it has been thought about, written and recorded, indeed television plays and films are made from the idea, and still, a slight change can be made, to bring the plot into another life.

Although, you, Dear Reader are reading a ‘How to Become Rich’ article –  The idea is to formulate an idea within the mind which represents you making money within your life time – Think about a story about yourself, a situation you have lived in and go back in time – learn about the people and the way they lived – practice the ways of the time in your mind – And when you are ready, set the seeds of the idea in writing, just as I have in the last few minutes.  And, if you have done your research, thought about the storyline, written a Short Story about your idea, you may then go on to publish it and when you do you will realise, writing is about going back in time taking the information you discover and remoulding it into another story, if the story is good enough it will turn into your pot of gold. This and the last two paragraphs are the writer’s formula to success. The magic will only work if the words are from your heart and written for your own enjoyment, without these two integrities success can be evasive.

The successful artists spirit and soul has a combined name.. Uniqueness – There is no competition in an artistic talent, unless, it is within the artists own mind, I compete with myself, no other. It seems to this writer the competitive world has many loser’s and very few winners and the winners follow their own dreams every time. I feel if  I attempt to emulate another’s style, I am not honing my own. You are unique, you cannot be another, if you cannot fly solo, be independent and follow your creativity without fear of being yourself, then you’ve fallen at the first hurdle. Which is why I prefer NOT to enter the race.

Let me explain… If you enter a writing or photographic competition there will be literally thousands of entry’s – Many will be brilliant, and worthy of the winning post – They come nowhere because the judges do not like the style, the story ‘abrades’ or relights a difficult memory of their past – And these are only examples of why you will not win! – It’s a  million probabilities of failure one chance of success. Many artists are fickle, they look at the winning picture or read the gold medal story and think (correctly) their creation was better, and their confidence take a knock – EVEN WORSE – they have PAID for the insult! I would never to enter any comptetion where I would have to pay anymore than $5.00 for the entry, many are now asking for $23-30+ they have no interest other than earning money – In fact they are an illegal lottery – There are many well know ‘teachers’ now jumping on this ‘should be banned’ wagon – watch ’em and dump ’em.

Short Stories are enlightening, because, you can discover if the plot will work, without the massive investment of time tapping a 100,000 word monster, maybe you’ll see some merit in the short story you have written and turn it into a masterpiece. That’s the way of many successful people in many avenues of life… Experiment with models of their idea, and when its ready they build the Monument to their Success.

I have set my pot of gold for this coming Sunday – See you then.

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