To Be Genuinely…

To Be Genuinely Nice!
Brian Whelan

A Genuinely Nice Person!

Have you ever noticed what happens, when you buy a car, a new mobile phone,a new item of clothing? You begin to see many other cars, phones and clothing that are exactly the same as the item you have just purchased!

Being genuinely nice is exactly the same, when you make the effort to be nice, you will discover, that after a very short time, there will be many nice people around you!

The skill of learning to be genuinely nice, is not too difficult. Believe me, it is well worth your while, to acquire a nice personality. A little effort and understanding goes a long way.

Do you ever wonder (I hope you wonder about your life daily) why there are some people who seem to succeed more than others? If you watch those who are successful they are usually genuinely nice! And you can learn to be the same just by watching them.

You CANNOT fake it, there has been lots of research done on the effect of the motion of smiling, and you can be certain, a fake smile is as transparent as glass, many salesmen do not know this, they go into a sales meeting smiling away, being Mr Cheerful, thinking they are fooling their prospective client, as they drive away from the meeting commission-less, they do not realise they have broken the clients trust by being false, smile if you are genuinely happy, do not if you are not.

A genuine smile is reciprocated by the person who sees it. A kind word or a few words of thanks can make a persons day. In certain fact those who have genuine kindness in their hearts, cultivate seeds of happiness for themselves and for those that they meet.

I ask you to try to be genuinely nice for one day. Form no opinions about others, refuse to gossip, offer your seat to an old person, open a door for a lady, say sorry, say thank you. And, endeavour to do the very best at everything you begin.

Try your very best not to take offence from the actions and words of others, I accept this is difficult, however its a powerful mindset to learn, you will enhance your personality as you learn to say “No, this will not worry me”.

This wonderful world is changing. Transparency and truth are becoming the primary requirements of success, there are those who will fail to realise this and they will continue to follow the ‘old ways’.

Many of us do not wish to step onto the fickle ladder of social climbing, we know that a successful person understands that, success is holistic, which means a successful person is made from many success’s, there will be intellectual, emotional, spiritual and material successes in every ‘wholesome’ person.

And even if sometimes the day does not turn out to be the best. Those of us who continually work toward being genuinely nice, know that tomorrow is another day.

Please do leave comment’s, good or bad I do not mind and leave ideas about how we can and why we should be genuinely nice to other people.


  1. Agreed. Good piece! I do generally try to be that way, as standard and have always found ti to be true that people know intuitively whether those aruond them are genuine or not. Food for thoguht).

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