Do Nothing

Do Nothing

There are times in life when doing nothing is a real and positive action.

When you do nothing, you may drive those around you crazy, you may cause tension in relationships or friendships. People may get the wrong idea of what is happening in your mind and I feel this is a really powerful placed to be.

When you are doing nothing you are not spending money, you are not attempting to find pleasure where there is non. You are not wasting time (although many think that doing nothing IS wasting time) when you do nothing you are resting, relaxing allowing the mind to find its own calm.

Just let it happen, put your feet up, open a book, listen to some music. I do not think watching television is doing nothing, because you are interacting with fiction, reading a book or listening to music is easy, read a few words and spin them around.

Spin a few words around! Listen to some music! Let the mind wander in your nothingness. Why should you have to be a fulcrum, a pivotal person? Pivotal means ~ of crucial importance to the development or success of someone or something else.

Why should you be central to the pleasure, success, motivation of anyone?

Why don’t you do nothing today, tomorrow, on Sunday, one day next week, one day next month, for a whole week, a whole month, a whole year!

Why don’t you just let everyone get on with their lives and you do, whatever you want to, in and with your life? You may just sit down with a cup of coffee and think about the power of doing nothing.

“Where are my shoes?”
“Find them for your self”

“I have failed in my exams”
“Your problem”

“I haven’t got any money”
“Get a job”

Whilst you are doing nothing for yourself and doing everything for other people, you are wasting your life hours and maybe, just maybe when you do nothing for anyone, you are helping them to stand on their own two feet.

The moments you do nothing can be the most productive of all.

How long should you do nothing for? I have already indicated a day, a week, a month, even a year, should not be ruled out. Slide yourself into the do nothing mind set. Do nothing for 10 minutes each day. More than likely, you will enjoy the experience. Be very careful, 10 minutes can seem like a very long time. Some may have the opinion that these moments are meditations, yes, this is true. The nothing moments are like meditations, we know that people who meditate have longer and healthier lives. They become calmer, more relaxed, more in tune with their bodies. Just by doing nothing, you are prolonging your life.

This is amazing!

When you decide to do something after you have done nothing, you may find that YOU know, where YOU are going or what YOU want to be.

Tomorrow, I am doing nothing of any importance, I may even do nothing at all.

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