2 Feb Canon EOS30006

Here is a picture, of a tribute, to a unique man.

Idolized, despised, respected, loved, admired, followed, castigated.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, he publicly declared his deep love of his, mother, father, brothers and sisters and his intense love for his wife and family. Nothing could break his faith in the power of family.

A sportsman.
Manager of men.


A socialist who loved money.

Disliked because of his outspokenness.

He never avoided the truth by telling lies, although he could out maneuver a difficult question as easily as he could out maneuver his opposition.

Not adverse to bend some rules to travel the journey from council house to mansion.

15000 at his funeral.
5000 when this tribute was unveiled.

Flawed ~ Adored ~ A real individual.

He was and is Brian Clough ~ 1935 – 2004.

“You do not have to conform to be successful or famous….”


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