Many feel that there should be a unified world where every one should be in harmony with all that there is. Those that control and rule, break this idea at the very moment they formulate another law which inwardly depress’s and imprisons the minds of the population. The right of free thought is being slowly and surly eroded away. There is a very good reason for politicians to remove the right of free speech. Even more of a good reason to remove free thought.

It is happening as surly as the sun rises.

In the country in which I live there is apathy in the “common man” to rise up against anything which is dissolving their rights, their identity, their purpose. In fact their purpose is to fulfill the greed of those who clearly believe they are superior to the majority.

There is a witch hunt on so called tax dodgers. The large companies who seemingly pay little corporation tax and in reality pay fortunes in employers tax contributions and give (agreed not well paid jobs) to those who want to work. Take these companies away and you would see a rise in unemployment.

Oddly the governments give millions away to people who do not want to work. And, persecute the few who cannot pay their taxes. Unpaid tax very often is due to Limited Liability Companies going bankrupt leaving the small trader penniless. If there is an insipid use of a law of the land, it is a deliberate insolvency, enabled by the aforementioned act. (Companies Act of Parliament 2006)

The unpaid taxes are peanuts compared to the social hand outs, money spent on waging war, compensation for BANKS who have squandered the shareholders (savers) money.

One can easily become tired of people who say they cannot get employment. When a foreigner can come into a country and without speaking the sovereign tongue of their host nation gets a job within days. This must indicate a desire for excuse rather than work.

When people talk of community surly there is a material responsibility to that community. There can be no unifying of community without a unified purpose. The result is the chaos we all are beginning to live in. People are slaves to the tax man and see their taxes being squandered by a ship of greedy pirates.

Do I feel that social payments should not be given to the poor? NO, I DO NOT. Give them more! Because no matter how much you give them, they will spend it all, all they get is given back to the hand that feeds it. Taxes on drink and tobacco are fundamental money recyclers!

Lets look at the reality of drug abuse. It is logical to legalize and TAX the drug supply. It is the cause of so much theft, depravity, prostitution and murder the drug dealer may as well pay for the social repair in the same way the smoker contributes to his cancer care (via tax).

We are coming into a new epoch. It is not one of angels, gurus, god and son of man reunion. It is one so frightening, so devastating it cannot be faced by the majority. It is the material collapse of society. Taxes upon taxes. War upon everything. These are the truths.

Blame the politician? You can if you want to. Better to blame yourself for allowing this degradation of society to happen. There is squandering everywhere. Food being thrown away. Unrealistic sell by dates on the products we buy. Disposal of usable cameras, phones and cars to name just four.

No. My Unknown Friend. There are as many parasites at the bottom as at the top of the social tree. Greed, selfish, demanding and tunnel visioned is the way of many people. There are many who offer a brighter outlook from prayer, hope and secrets. To them I say ” living in hope is wasted time, living in reality enforces change”

The now certain fact that children feel wealth and status is a right, not an achievement. What will happen when there are less people wanting to work than there are people who are working? The loot runs out and it will. You can have a world full of computer genius’s, newly trained lawyers, designers and where are the jobs for them? There is already a shortage of jobs in this sector and this will continue.

Depressing? You are in it, you are part of it. Look around you, there are fewer beggar’s on the street. Ilford police cleared the beggars in their town one night, by taking all their possessions away. (What the police stealing the possessions of tramps? You better believe it)  The “system” is starting at the bottom of the heap. It WILL clear out those who are weak and without voice.

Be sure you do not lose yours, in apathetic greed.

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