There Are Rules To Be Broken
There Are Rules To Be Broken

Any thing you write, do it your own way, care not a fig for those who do not like your work. Any one is able comment about THEIR thoughts of your work and it is their opinion FULL STOP. I once had an author write a critical one star ‘soon bored’ was the comment and that’s it for me, as its a boring review – recently the same book received another one star review – ‘easier said than done’ – another boring comment, when I looked at the reviewers other comments about other books, they were mostly one star reviews – I wondered if he had written a book? His comment was right though, the book is called ‘Never Lets Anything Worry You’ and this IS difficult to do, and, the book is not well written, although there’s a message within it, its not Dickens, Elliot or Kerouac only they could have been them, that’s the point, you assemble words in YOUR unique way, not everyone will like ’em.

The words of a critic can be a poison to the artists creativity, stifling, restricting, instilling self doubt, in the same way parents ruin children their children by saying to them “you’re not good enough” the child believes the sentence to be true and gives up. You’re not a child your an artist and artist’s rebel, fight against, are antagonistic, taking pleasure within their uniqueness. We have all read the coaxing power of these next few words……

Never give up. The only mind you have to please is your own, if you are happy with your efforts, then you will be near to or within a ‘certain’ peace of mind.

If you sell books on the net as downloads 99 pence is the threshold, go higher and the download does not sell, this is reality not fiction and the deal gets worse for the writer, who possibly recieves 30% of the sale price. Which is why I have decided to sell all of my work for 50 cents, its not the loot, its the doing. There is no under valuing of my work, if I have a 1000 downloads for a dollar I’ll see 33 cents per click, I would have to sell 60 thousand a year for a living wage, the effort of promotion would be greater than the writing. No, I write for pleasure in a way which is my own.

Say a big thank you to every one of the people who buys your book those who like it and those who do not, if the book is on KDP they can get a refund – so you’re taking nothing from the reader. Write for your own pleasure, your own happiness in your own way.

Who is to say that the many who will not comment have NOT enjoyed your book or have not taken something from it? When someone makes a negative comment it does not mean they are right, they have the right to say whatever they like and it ends there for me. Remember this, when your heart goes bang, stops a beat, and you feel of pain the critic has desired to cause, you have taken time in your life to actually do something which you love, you have nurtured it in the best way you can and this means something to your inner self. Sammy Davis Jnr was a ugly man who’s voice captivates millions, he also was loved by many women, a true Casanova, I have no doubt there were many who disked his singing and did not like to look at him, its the ones who did who made him millions of dollars.

The critics? Who are they? What are they? fXXk off perfect? No, no one is.

Keep writing until your tendons ache, thinking about the next chapter until your head swims in a maelstrom of why’s – how’s – will this work’s – Writing a book is like life, you will get it wrong, many times, if you take any notice of the superiors you will be number ninety – two on the list above ~ (Parked causing an obstruction) So, get a move on keep tapping the keys.

Enjoy your failings, mistakes, non-sense, personal setbacks – Remember my friend for all of these hurdles you are a writer – Tell the world your stories, ideas, thoughts, expose yourself to those who hate you, despise your work, nothing matters only you and your endeavour’s – Be clear, there will be many who do like your writing, its the majority who count, the minority leave them where they belong – within their own place, their own thoughts, their own opinions, who cares for the critic? Not me, the reality is, very few do.

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