Blocks of Strength

The Lion Built in Blocks of Strength
The Lion Built in Blocks of Strength


NO Blocks

Some call it writers block others know it to be lack of focus – most often the writer hits the wall when attempting to edit whist creating – When I write I remove any temptation of distractions which could hamper my work flow. In my world I write for about three hours each day and I am happy with a 1000 word count after the session, the average words per session is 2100.

If the word count of a short story is 20 thousand words, it becomes clear that I can write the first draft in 20 days – then the re editing begins, I rewrite the short three of four times, taking a week for each re-work – the finished story takes six to seven weeks. This is enough for my easily bored mind! With thousands of books published each year one has to be realistic. Spending 2-3 years on a novel represents too much of a percentage of what remains of my life (I’m 56) NO this writer would sooner write 3-4 shorts each year, and most of them are for my own pleasure and will never be read by any other.

During the day I think about the story, the characters and the setbacks they will encounter, and then the most satisfying facet of the process,  I have to formulate solutions their conundrums.

The process is holistic, as my ideas may be suitable for another book, and I will take notes of ideas I do not wish to lose. I may see something or hear a conversation and the note book is filled with another 3-400 words which I need to record.

If there is a halt to the flow of thought then I think about something else or do something other than write (take photographs or read a book) – when I am away from the keypad a note book is always within reach. And the notes, pictures, observations recorded are part of my process of writing.

I seem to become ‘within’ each story. Each one a reflection of my life, its pleasure, happiness, sorrow, wealth, poverty and all of my life’s encounters become part of the stories I write. If you are an astute reader of this blog you will have realised the blog is about a humans quest for happiness and the parallel  between writing stories and the self reflection of the episodes within our lives, the medium of observation is writing.

Years ago when I was :- ‘BLOCKED’ – ‘STAGNATING’ or ‘RESTRICTED’ there were two options..

  1. Stay forever in limbo.
  2. Do something else.

In the second option ‘something’ is active – reading – walking – cycling – cook a favourite dish – bath – shower  – cleaning ones environment are simple examples.    Inactive examples are distractions away from the situations of life – excessive drinking – addictive habits – television watching.

I use the correct word ‘within’ as there is a deep involvement with the story and the characters. My present book ‘Mr Bruntingthorpe’ needs links from the original ideas written in the first chapters to the conclusion I feel is being created. To some degree I have become Mr Bruntingthorpe. Why not? The actor often becomes the character being played, why should the writer not become the principal character in the book?

Those who are successful become ‘within’ the process of their life in a wholesome, not fragmented way. Each book and the process of writing it, helps me within my existence. And I know if I had written more when I was younger, I would be a better man.

This blog is formed in the same way I write my short stories, writing is an evolving process. The blog has 50-60 visitors per week and sometimes there is a kind comment. This is enough interaction for me to spend a few hours each week writing the 5-600 words. I now have a note book dedicated to the blog and I will be interested to see if this improves the content (another evolution).

The title at the beginning of the page is BLOCK and it is time for me to spend three hours with Mr Bruntingthorpe.

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