I’ve Read It All Before…

I've read it all before - Have you?
I’ve Read It All Before – Have You?  – (Scrivener screen shot)


“I’ve Read It All Before” – A review of my book Twenty Thoughts – Have you?  Where did you read any of the twenty chapters you see on the binder list of the screen shot above? Have I stolen the ‘Express Train’ – ‘The Wind is Always There’ – ‘Photoshop Lesson’ from Mr A.N. Other?

Before I write I remind myself of my two commandments

  1. I write as I talk/speak.
  2. I write for my own pleasure.

The book is finished and sometimes I put it onto the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. I charge 77 pence or 99 cents and the small profits I make, covers all of my writing expenses. Pilot V5 pens – Notes books – The occasional Flash card and extra battery for my camera – For the next year or so I am saving my payments and when I have enough I will buy a used MacBook so I can write when I am travelling overseas.

I could buy the MacBook from other savings – I will not do so, because when I use anything which was purchased from my ‘writing fund’ the spirit of those who were kind enough to read my words is within the item.  Their hard earned money has become my pen, camera, notebook.  I thank them for spending a life hour or two of their time to read my work.  Be assured, like the hunter who thanks the spirit of the food he eats, I thank the kindness and generosity of those who buy each download.

And some review the work…

Along with a few five star there are some one stars reviews – I do not mind the ‘oner’ .  It reminds me of Pete Mayes, my english teacher’s ‘You could do a lot better than this boy’.  He was right and no doubt the critics are right to have their own opinions, as I am sure they are correct in their assessment of my work.  If you receive a ‘oner’ for your work, do as I do.  Thank them for their time or leave an answer to their comment!  It’s great fun to show ‘em you will continue to write and their review has spurred you on to write more of the same.

This made me think about the mediocre reviews and one fellow who likes to comment with a three star ‘I heard it all before’.

Million of people listen to the same record during their lifetime – All Genesis songs sound the same to me – The Television detective is stumped without the DNA or mobile phone location of the villain – The child magician overcomes the evil demon – Right over comes wrong –  Hundreds of stories have the same plot – The Vampire bites the throat of the innocent – God will watch over you – The politician lies – The Queen is a member of an out of space reptilian family – Over and over the same stories, song lines, ideas, are rewritten. Heard it all before?  I should co-co…

And sometimes, just sometimes… A masterpiece comes from the thoughts of the writer.  If I do not continue to jot a few words and write a chapter or two each day, then where else will I find time to meditate and think about the world around me and the worlds created within my imaginations?  Who has the right to break my confidence, indeed who is able to?  I assure you no one can break my confidence.  No the critic is my friend. I control him with my words.  Control him?  Yes, if he has taken time to warn others of my failings then he has become judge and jury.  It was my writing which has spurred him on to comment.  I’m guilty! It was me who has fuelled his quest to save other’s their 77 pence.

The writer should feel free to continue to write in his own style, and never be influenced by the reviewer who (rightfully) does not like your work.  Goodness, I read many books and blogs and the writers of all of them leave me in the dark ages of creativity, writing skills, ability to describe a scene – I would never come close the abilities of the writer of the blog –  ‘love-of-wisdom’ – (number 9 on the list of blogs I follow below) . This master of words has no problem with allowing the reader to read the words of other masters of spiritual thought on his blog and the way he has blended his life experience – teaching and what is clearly a profound understanding of mankind makes for an inspiring read.

The message is, when the critic writes his opinion, thank him, and you have to keep it on the review page, remember its like a battle scar, a sign of bravery to write as you like.  Its a reminder to keep to your own methods, stay on your path, because who knows?  If you wrote in another style – the one which is not your own – You may well have NOT received the 10 five star reviews which reward you more than money.

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