Better Know How To Play


You may think you have ALL..
You may think you have ALL..


I’ll write about gambling.  Poker is my game.  Its best to be taught by a player not a gambler!  And when you have learned the rules and the hierarchy of differing hands you need to PLAY to LEARN.

In the beginning we lose, to learn how to win there’s a need for money and no fear of losing it.  Skill and money, not bluff and wind is needed to play with the best.

A good player plays in his own league knowing there is no pleasure in taking a novices money.

Card sharks, thieves, cheats are nothings and nobodies who will never play at the top.  In truth they are on the floor of life living an illusion.  The reality is – they are have nothing – know alls.  Who, when they lose, criticise the winners and those who play fair and for high stakes.  These thieves have not a care for anyone and are unable to look into the mirror of their soul to realise real truth.

Sharks and thieves play below their skill and deliberately play with those with less ability, they think they are winning, although they are life’s true losers.  Its a little like the bull crap motivational speaker with no providence, sooner or later someones going to ask too many questions and the whole of his business is bust.

There are certain inevitable truths about the superior inferior, fake, betrayer, liar, ego bloated fool, cheat, slight of hand operator.

  1. The truthful and fair minded see him or her for who they really are.
  2. The people who cannot or choose not to see the truth about them, are those who think they can gain from being in the deceivers ‘Mitty’ presence.
  3. They are scotomic and delusionary and fail to accept their game is outmoded, slow and tiresome to watch.  Their thought patterns are –  The next game will be a winner.  I know my methods are the right ones.  I can bluff anyone  –   These are their losers self talk.

When I play I keep within my skill limitations and know how much I can afford to lose.  I believe my fellow players see me as a rock solid player.  My most important attribute is I am a good loser.  If I followed the methods of players who spend more time at the table, who prepare themselves to play long and exhausting games and keep themselves physically and mentally fit. I would be a better player and understand more about the ways of winning.  You have to play to know.  The player who does not learn, make sacrifices, prepare and strengthen their game, can be a good player, alas nothing more.  I repeat you have to play to know.  If you sit at a table with top players and wish to win you have to be at the top of your game.

I have watched and spoken to those who live, breath, sleep the game of poker.  Yes, they are the masters and although their game is still gambling, its on an almost spiritual level.  They play the same players many times, winning and losing and I see there is a system of live and let live.  When the game is over they stay good friends.

I once played in a game with high stakes.  I threw in my hand early preferring to watch the remaining five people at the table.  A bluffer set her purse on fire, losing a large roll of notes (in the event 7000) and a young novice lost everything.  The woman became malicious and spiteful, the young guy took the game in his stride.

Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power

After the game I watched in amazement when the winner gave the young guy a grand.  “Nice playing with you boy.  I don’t want to see you without a meal.”

I asked Ansel why he had been so generous.  He answered.

“The boys a good player – It’ll be good to have him back again, good games need new blood.”  Ansel knows the of way life, if you take everything there is nothing left for you to gain.   You cannot play a game with one player and when we play at the same table every time, the game gets tedious.

Is this a short story? Or a real life observation?

You decide.

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