Work IS Work

Jump! If You're The Master!
Jump! If You’re The Master!

In 1964 a singer called Vince Taylor claimed he was Jesus – He scuttled his career. Are we surprised? Of cause not! David Icke, another entertainer claimed the title. Those who purport to be the superstar are not even eligible for a constellation prize. Many make the same mistake claiming to be something they are not, or can never be. John Lennon came close to the edge when on March 4th 1966 he claimed ‘The Beetles’ to be more famous than Jesus. Although, it is a fair observation he had learned a thing or two about illusion and acting during his ten thousand hour apprenticeship. He knew how to ‘work’ controversy to his advantage. Taylor and Icke jumped over the edge. No eraser can remove the legacy of the claim. Lennon made a comparison which was calculated to have a reaction. Upon reflection, Taylor and Icke were/are either nuts, idiots or both. Ask me about David Icke and I will reply “He’s the chap who thinks he’s Jesus.” If you ask me about John Lennon there is one answer , “Genius.”

WARNING – Do not read further until you understand the difference of the meaning of two words.

Delusion – A belief that is not true.

Illusion – An instance of wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience.

OK? – Lets Go!

Those who understand the difference can use the knowledge to their advantage. Produce an illusion so powerful that it is seen or believed to be real and the ‘game’ is on.  A man or woman who see’s or listens to and illusion and believes it. Will delude themselves into believing in the illusionist/magician/manipulator is capable of performing miracles.

Derek Jarman's Cottage - He Knew The 10000 Hour Rule
Derek Jarman’s Cottage – He Knew The 10000 Hour Rule

Important Fact – No one is a natural performer.

Ten thousand hours to perfect a skill. 417 – 24 hour periods. 1250 eight hour days. Or, eight hours each day, seven days a week, for three and one half  years, is the accepted time of the apprenticeship to success. I suspect Vince Taylor and David Icke wished to skip the ten thousand hours by playing the son of god card. Chance taken. The outcome becomes a disaster.

Paragraph Five – Will be referred to again – There will be a realisation, a shift in daily perspective. When the realisation the light of life is setting down upon the horizon of the inevitable. The question “Where has my life gone?” Is the sure fire indicator your on the last lap.  And, The truth and insignificance of mistakes, poor choices, influences of people and our own actions. This is the moment when the balance is weighted against us. The fortunate wake up and it dawns upon them that most of what is believed in, is based upon the words of masters and mistresses of illusion. And, the apathy of the majority allows the illusions to become the reality.

Paragraph Six – Will be referred to again – Initially there is a suspicion something is amiss. The mysterious feeling we are changing our attitudes towards old friend and situations. The realisation that one can speak the truth without fear of recrimination. Accepting that fewer friends indicate strength of character. Popularity is not an indication of excellence. The suspicions turn into evidence. We know the sun is setting, soon it will be night. There is more sand at the bottom the life glass than the top. The watch of existence is past six of the clock.  To late to chase the ace of success. All I see is a Joker. It does not matter which table is chosen, which gamble is taken, the house is going to take the stake. Odds are no longer fifty-fifty. It is one hundred to one against winning the race.

I’m wondering about a life time of work. Jotting notes about failures. I’m accepting the outcomes. Attempting to find a few who have succeeded. Realise the ten thousand hour rule is true. Know nothing can be bluffed. For example the actor claims his job is hard work. Illusionist perpetuating the illusion and there is no such thing as perpetual motion. And the fool says, “I admire him, he works so hard.”

What do I mean?

When actor claims his job is difficult he is speaking his truth. If he is not good at what he does. This is the same for everyone. When a craft is learned well, the skill is easy to perform. I do not get anything wrong, I’m still learning and whist I’m learning error will be the stepping stones to the summit. And, students have to write the assessments, the thesis and dissertation are yet to be written. Maybe they never will. But, to claim its hard work is saying they have not studied enough. Oscar winner Tilda Swinton comments, “Its all dressing up.” She knows and speaks the truth.

A Pirate is a Thief - NO Matter How He Is Dressed
A Pirate is a Thief – NO Matter How He Is Dressed

To my mind those who talk about hard work and are paid incredible amounts of money are insulting those who work harder and live in poverty. Does the oppressed sub-conscious mind of a poor hard working individual signify its plight of injustice with depression, anguish, mental illness because the of injustice of their life? I believe it does.  The truth is the oppressed work equally as hard, equally as conscientiously for what reward? One could only describe the wage as a pittance, a snare of debt. The sly justification “I’m rich, but my god I work hard for it.” Is an example of one manipulative illusion. Perhaps it is the only evidence of abject greed needed to expose the lie.

I am not suggesting a communistic equal sharing or division of wealth. I’m suggesting a family who works hard should earn sufficient to be have a surplus of income to be without debt and be able to own their home in ten years not thirty. Have a savings account not a credit account. Have a right to education and health care. Not a wrong to see their taxes squandered. For in truth, the delusion believed is that they are working toward their future. This is a lie within the performance acted out by the illusionists.

What is this play, this performance? I was reminded of it when I listened to the radio last week. “Terry was a man of independent means, he could do what he liked. He gave his time to charity because he could, not because he needed the money.”  No apology to disk jockey Simon  – Wogan was a man of independent means because he was paid millions of pounds from a tax known as ‘Television licensing’. A system which funds the BBC. I do not begrudge Terry Wogan his millions. I am of the opinion he was overpaid and I am not accepting the delusion offered by the illusionists in justification of their greed. Getting up early in the morning, talking non sense and playing music is easy ham on the bread, there are many who work as slaves and cannot even afford the loaf. Do not like the observation? I refer you to paragraphs five and six if the words cynic or envious have appeared through the mists of your mind.

What is the difference between Vince and David claiming to be ‘superstar’ and celebrities claiming they work harder than most? Non at all! Illusion – Delusion – and belief in the illusion become the delusion. The blind followers idolise the illusion. Lets not confuse idolatry with love, real love. I suspect the real meaning of love is becoming lost. Idolatry is the child of the words, songs, books, looks, spin produced by the conjurer. Buy it and believe it, lie with it. Sooner be within imagination than reality, that is the mystery so many follow. Worship, idols, magic, conjuring, riches, promise. Word spinning confusions, the readers decipher the code in their own way. That is magic, sleight of hand, hidden in plain sight.

The spurious claims of superiority are formulated to hypnotise. Adoring fans become synchronised to the tune, idea, story, belief. Soon they are uniformed by the hype, cloned and unified in their delusion, the belief in the illusion become the reality. The insipid poison infiltrates their personal subconscious. Uncertainty and insecurity lurks like an assailant in the shadows of the mind. “They work so hard, they deserve the success.”  That is the lie. Hard work is hard work. The management takes the profit, spins the deception, weaves the web which takes the money. Branson, Cameron, Obama, Bush, Blair, Gates, The wolf pack called celebrities they are the spiders. Their smiles and condescending conversations no more than refined lures to tax the pocket. They do not want your happiness they want your money, money, money. Cynic? I refer you to paragraphs five and six.

The Manipulator Will Peg The Fool Out To Dry
A Manipulator Will Peg The Fool Out To Dry – Spiders WeB..

Hard Work? Try These…

A nurse who cares for the terminal child.

A Fireman who enters the inferno.

Truck drivers hours with road rage lunatics.

A bricklayers inevitable twisted hands and bodies.

Shop girls crippled feet.

Typists carpal tunnelled wrists.

Cleaners mopping up the humans filth.

Sweatshop workers making threadbare fake designer clothing.

Care workers cleaning a grandmothers soiled bed.

Fill in the list reader. It has no end.

Hard work on the stage? No! It is acting.

Hard work in reality? The play is never finished.

There is little point in demanding anything! To demand seems to have a connotation of receiving without contribution. There is every point in receiving that which is right and fair. If a man or woman choses not to work then they will have accept the charity they are given. Those who use their life hours to provide their living have a RIGHT to be comfortable and to earn a surplus. It seems to this writer the key is in the understanding of supply and demand. For example when no one was prepared to pay the high prices demanded for property in Ireland the market collapsed. And the true values were seen. It the fear of loss which enslaves the masses. Once the mortgage is entered into slavery begins. And, I am not only writing of mortgages upon property. Debt takes many forms.

Are these thoughts true?

Excessive work for little reward is called OPPRESSION.

The idolisation of those whose greed causes oppression/poverty is madness.

A gauge of insanity is when the patient believes their delusions/illusions are reality.

Hard work is hard work.

Life hours have the same value for any human.

The less one desires – The easier it is to become wealthy.

When there is no demand for an object its value falls.

Truth is feared.

How scared are you?

Truth IS A LIghtHouSE
Truth IS A LIghtHouSE

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