It will be a 'Social Sellout'
It will be a ‘Social Sellout’

An Exert from ‘The Philosophy of Selfness’

What would happen if taxes did not go to central government and the revenues were looked after by local government? What would happen if the duty within the price of a gallon of fuel was used to build and repair the roads on which the car travelled? What would happen if a flat rate health tax was made to provide hospital treatment? What would happen if we could opt out of paying for armed forces and war?

It is probable the community you live within would have an infrastructure of affordable community homes. It is almost certain you would have an excellent and well maintained road system. It is probable you would have a superb health service with a surplus of well paid and highly qualified staff. It is certain the majority would opt out of paying for the military and keep the tax for their own use.

We are controlled by a corrupt system, not financially corrupt, but intellectually corrupt.  The leaders are so intent upon proving the effectiveness of their system, they dare not think of radical change which would stop its inherent wastefulness. We live within a greedy economy where industry and finance control the government.  Like it or not, this is the way of the ‘establishment’. I could write of the arrogance of the politicians who ignore the needs of the people and worship the industrialists who own them, what is the point? You should already sense the truth within these opening statements, some of you will understand the madness of it far better than myself.  There is more than sufficient information and writers who will guide you to the inherent corruption within the infrastructure of government and world politics. I will not add any more to what is already written.

‘The country is in debt’  ‘The country is in trouble’  ‘The country will be at war with’  ‘The changes will take decades’  ‘Your house is at risk’  ‘Save for the future’  ‘Poverty is on the increase’.  I could write a whole page full of these statements. Truth to tell every one is a statement of control using seeds of fear. The ‘establishment’ sees you as a commodity, a source of income. The answer to any of these statements is this ‘I entrust you with my contribution to the social system, I am not in debt, in trouble, at war, at risk. However I am concerned for the future of those who believe your lies and the poverty you have allowed.’

The ‘establishment’ encourages the idea that you have a moral responsibility to help those who are poor, within sickness, in debt. Do you? Surely every human has a obligation to be responsible for their own lives. The ‘establishment’ needs poverty, lack of work opportunities, low interest rates on savings, social poverty, broken communities, poorly maintained social housing or no social housing at all. You will discover why later in the chapter. Even worse is the ‘establishment’ needs the threat of a failing of the health system, sickness and death being of course the most powerful of leverages of control and fear.

When I spoke of these ideas four or five years ago (it is now 2016) there was considerable resistance to my philosophy. In 2012 my ideas were put forward in the book ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’. Many readers were uncomfortable with the philosophies within some of the chapters. Interestingly, one of the negative reviews came from a man who had failed to read the sentiment within one chapter correctly. He is the absolute evidence that emotion will overwhelm reason. His review literally took the sales from sixty or more downloads per week to twenty or so for two years after it first appeared (the downturn of sales were immediately seen after the review). In the review he claimed to be a religious man of deep belief, he has proven himself to be a bigoted man who failed to interpret 1000 words correctly and made an incorrect assessment of my words. I could have the review removed, it will say where it is, as it is the perfect example of why religious beliefs cause war and hatred.

There is a real change in attitude of the many people who are tired of having to look after those who have become reliant upon social charity.  The idea that we should give to the needy is being questioned.  This is an inevitable result of what millions of people are beginning to see as the squandering of taxable revenues. The responsible hard working individual sees the lazy as benefitting from his toil.  No matter what is the opinion of the moralist, the charity worker, or social reformist. Many millions of people are beginning to feel a personal sense of injustice, there is a significant rebellion against the needy who many feel are unwilling to make any contribution to their recovery. Unless we face the hard fact that the poor will become poorer because of their apathy, there will be hard times ahead. Already the word racist is used as slight upon those who wish to keep their cultural identity within their own countries. There are dark days ahead for those who will not accept the realities caused by indiscriminate breeding, a reliance upon social charity and hiding behind laws which have become diffused from the original intent.

This change of attitude is not in any ‘government/establishments’ interest with their present way of control. The poor, needy and sick are part of the camouflage which hides the inept way governments squander money taken in taxes. As people become aware that many others are beginning to harden to the plight of the poor, it is inevitable they will follow the hard line. If the hardening of the populations attitudes to the weak and the poor continues, then it will become a vote winner and will result in a major change in governmental policy. The majority are becoming subject to incredible financial pressure and are driving the problem themselves! ‘My house is going up in value’ they feel great, problem is it takes twenty-five years, tens of thousands of pound of interest and maintenance to own it. Pensions have become threatened, savings are taxed, the future is seen and felt to be uncertain. Something or someone will have to be the scapegoat, it will not be the politicians and financiers who caused the problem will it?  The poor and needy will be seen as the cause and once the frenzy of blame infiltrates the majority of the publics psyche, the connotations become terrifying.

Enough of how the system possibly works and controls. Ignore the debts, squandering of taxes, the social charities, wars, illness and the possibility of a social revolution which makes selfishness acceptable. Forget it all, put it where it belongs in the ‘non-sense’ trash bin of your mind. The weight of a populations thought and the way the ‘establishment’ believes the majorities will vote will control the long term outcome of our social and cultural environments. Regardless of what the ‘conspiracy theorist’ will tell you, the weight of the voters discord will push the financier and fake statesman into making concessions to the population, they will have to give more freedom, have to allow the population to take responsibility for their own lives or some form of social revolution must surely be the result.

An exert from the chapter two of the book ‘The Philosophy of Selfness’

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