Love It or Lose It


Some call your home Mother Earth. The majority ignores its splendour, rape its harvest and contribute to the murder of its inhabitants. Those who pay taxes contribute to the killing of the inhabitants, their taxes purchase the ordinance and pay soldiers wages. The fuel you buy, the food you eat, the air you breath is the planets harvest. When was the last time you looked at nature which surrounds you? I guide you to do so, with care and diligence. Those who are aware of the truth see the plight of the Planet, and in truth, there is nothing an individual can do to help the destruction.

The fool believes he owns the land, home and wealth. The moment he enters his final sleep all he has acquired will become as nought, in five generations he will be to all intent be forgotten. You own title to nothing bar your name. A fool believes the planet is his; he is part of the infrastructure, what a fool believes, he sees. The Earth no more care’s about you than it did about the millions killed in world wars, or died from disease or starvation. The planet has made no separation between a dead ant or a hundred sailors drowning in a cold sea on a stormy night. Some believe there is a symbiotic relationship between the planet and man-cruel. How can this be so? Who would encourage a parasite onto their body?

Ignore the photosynthesis of the forest, the breath of the atmosphere polluted by the exhaust of cars and industry. A planet is dying because of the unstoppable exploitation and breeding of the predator, the killer, the intelligence, the destroyer, the inhuman race. The undeniable truth is, the scientist does not have the answers, the politicians lie, millions starve, and the population grows and continues to live in a nightmare they call progress.

We are encouraged to think we are part of the planet, and we can do something to ‘make a difference’. The onus is on pollution; we are the polluters. There is no reciprocal agreement with the planet. Abused fish stocks, ice caps melting, resources squandered, how long the list? It has no gauge for it is steadily growing.

Your relationship with Earth is either to be taker or giver. We all make choices; you receive everything from it and rarely will you give anything back. Most people are duped into thinking; science has the answers. The scientist is a supposed genius who will give time, find answers to everything. Many believe answers will be discovered in the Universe. Billions of dollars are spent attempting to find the unknown answer. While this continues to be the methodology of science, the seas become polluted with micro-particles of plastic. The atmosphere contaminated with microparticles of metal produced by car exhaust. The forests decimated, and the human worships a theory (E=MC2) very few can understand or explain. The science of war can kill and wipe out families with consummate ease. The shame is most humans believe this is progress.

Your mind is controlled by institutions who sow seeds of inaccurate information. Accept the probability you are not as intelligent as you think. (How can anyone be wise by contributing to the decimation of their grandchildren’s future?) Reflect on the way you will be remembered in the future. Many believe their legacy will be as a member of a generation of innovation and progress. Ten generations ahead in time today’s majority will be known as selfish squanders.

Ok, worship Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Movie Stars, B class celebrities, sports heroes and second rate politicians. It is your choice. Show compassion to the starving and those maimed in a pointless war. Remember, though; you have contributed to the billionaire’s wealth, the arrogance of celebrities, the madness of legal murder. Gates and Jobs’s companies provide the new computer to play your games on, tap your life away on FarceBook, a new phone purchased for more than you have in savings, so what? The technology enables you to send pictures across the world of a holiday, which will be over in two weeks, and the bills are piling up. It will allow you to read this essay, which may affect the way you think for a moment (or not). It will brighten your day, download your favourite song on YouTube, watch a chemical execution in Texas or learn why people become terrorists.

And for all of the technology and information, the planet still dies. What is this telling you? It is guiding you to understand that knowledge and technology are not the holy grail. Technology will not feed you or guarantee a job or security. Nor can it prevent illness and death. You are as fragile as a test tube falling onto a laboratory floor. You are as intelligent as the information you reason within your mixed up mind. You are a part of an inhuman race which takes and gives nothing in return. The charity bowl may ease your conscience; it has never prevented the starving child from dying.

Many believe all will be well in the ‘end’. They are correct in one way; there will be an end and the planet will repair itself when we are gone. The choice you have to make today is: Do I want to be human or inhuman? Few will notice, very few will care. However, YOU will know, you will be certain, that you cared for your insignificant life. If you look after the land or home, you have title to for the duration of your life. Attempt to be fair and honest with the few people you chose to share your life with. Continue to work each day diligently to look after your personal domain. You will set an example, to someone, who knows who? A child, a friend and work colleague. Unnoticed by all but a few, you will have made your contribution, show the way and become an example of human-kind.


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