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The Symbol of the Future
The Symbol of the Future

I love America, and most of the American’s I have met have been tip top people. Yes, there is good and bad, and there is a tendency for me to find the good in people these days. I steer clear of criminals and their likes; they have no interest for me anymore. What I find interesting is the way British politicians (and European statesmen as well) use the land of the free as a yardstick.

For example; Some States have adopted the Idaho law for cyclists where they are allowed to cross red traffic lights. It seems the scheme may be adopted in London. I’m a cyclist, and I find two difficulties with this; One, most car drivers will not know of the change and secondly, there is a need for the cyclist to be insured as a road user, because as sure as the sun shines behind the clouds, the idea will result in more accidents. However, if the Mayor of London decided to push the idea through, I hope he’ll not say ‘Well it works in America’ when the first cyclist dies in the London Bus and tarmac sandwich.

Anyway, this United States and European comparison is old hat, and you know the deal anyway. I write about this because we are chalk and cheese. We live in different ways, our culture is different, and this is fine. I love being different an individualist, a unique human. Anything which separates us enriches the world. Compare a garden with twenty or more different species of flowers; a raised bed, herb boxes, and small greenhouse to a perfectly mown lawn with a few shrubs in the borders. You’ll probably stay longer in the rainbow land, than the green symmetrical perfection. Mix your life with bright colours, bright thoughts and happiness and my goodness you’ll become as famous as a seaside sunrise.

Back to the American thread. The most powerful industrial nation on Earth (China may argue the point); the incredible country America, the land of a billion wonders is run by fools! It is, of course, true we all suffer in the hand of arrogant incompetents. Although I have a grudging suspicion Prime Minister May is about to bare her claws, to the unelected mandarins in Europe.

Who in their right mind would even consider Trump as a candidate? I listen to his rhetoric on YouTube. Holy Cow pick up the Bat phone, this man’s in league with, The Riddler, Joker, King Tut and Cat Woman. He’s a Gotham City councillor, not a number one World leader. I cannot get my head around the fact people follow him! Do they not see the connotations of putting him in charge of the nuke button? Jesus, North Korea you’re fucked! I’m cashing in my life insurance and putting the liver into overdrive.

Hilary is also a confusion. I attempt to work through the accusations on the internet. Pork Pies lies from the past, was she shot at by snipers? Not only this she’s was a mean advocate freeing rapists and demeaning the victims. She has a nice look face on. However, her profile is very weasel like! I like to use side profiles as guides to personality. Try it yourself and have some fun with friends.

I have serious concerns about lawyers and high office. We only need to look at the Blair family and see the effects of their influence upon our society to begin questioning their intent.

Yes, it seems; The Clintons are as wobbly as The Blairs. Although I wonder, Hilary’s a forgiving woman, or perhaps she was looking to high office when she turned a blind eye to Monica and Bill’s antics in the Oval Office. The past is a treacherous friend when it comes to politics; Hilary’s got a few skeletons in the wardrobes, and past histories ruin reputations, even in this so-called enlightened age.

What is the deal with politicians and the voters? If you have a critical brain, it is nearly impossible to overwhelm one’s conscience actually to vote. The politician is very much like the selectors of the English Cricket Team in the  70’s ~ 80’s and beyond. They were pipe smoking Empire veterans, stuck in their ways; they stifled the progress of younger and better players. The politician does not listen to fresh ideas and has no interest in the young whose future they are ruining. This is a problem the world over, young blood with new ideas, stifled by old men who will not relinquish their power and greed.

There is little movement in the attitude and beliefs of world leaders. When they talk about what is best for the country, they are not referring to the countries population. This is why we saw the EU exit vote go the way it did. And the result of the referendum is now being challenged. However, consider this, once politicians override a democratic vote. They strike a wedge which splits your country from democracy to dictatorship.

Forget the pundits and press opinion of the American Elections. Look what happened in the EU Referendum. The vote did not have anything to do with Europe for those who voted to leave. It had everything to do with social deprivation and feelings of social injustice. And for the politician who says it’s a close call and the referendum needs another vote. I feel it would be best for those who scrape into their parliamentary seats by a less than a thousand votes, to use the same protocol.

I would not be at all surprised if Trump wins. It’s his ineptitude, lies and borderline madness which will appeal to many millions of people. Because in the light of truth is the paradox, the majority of humans are to some degree, inept, illusionist and insane. Whether you accept this or not, the probability is the American red neck, the guy in the bar, the tired old truck driver, Dave looking after his cattle in Texas. They have had enough of world politics, smooth city slickers dissolving their American culture and taxing their thirty cents a gallon gas to a dollar. They are tired of young men coming home in body bags and multi-billion dollar empires stealing their land and poisoning the environment.

If Trump becomes President, consider from his antics during the election, he may well hit the button, close the borders, and persecute the minorities. And do you know, millions of Americans would be happy for this to happen? The problem for me is if this happens, the Europeans will follow suit. If we are generous and accept that Bush blackmailed Blair into Iraq, we should ask this question, what will Trump demand of Europe? And of more importance to the British tax payer, what will he blackmail our politicians into? I’ll remind you of the possibility Blair was blackmailed by Bush.

You see it’s very well having an America Trident Submarine to defend our country. However, consider this, Trident is only of use if guidance system is functioning. The Americans can turn off our most important atomic defence system! And this is why you should be afeared of what is happening at the moment. Because our alliance with America is less than skin deep. Your taxes have purchased a billion dollar defence system the British Navy have no control over.

Make no mistake. The politician needs to begin to think about population politics, not world politics. The commercial establishments are on the edge of a monumental financial crisis, the world banks have been bled dry and are bankrupt. The populations will pick up the bill for their inept methodology. They need a disaster to cover up their corruption and Trumps the man for that. Is this why so many financial institutions have backed a ten times bankrupt with overdrafts exceeding his property portfolio? Here again, Trump has an empathic appeal to the millions of American’s are mortgaged and in debt up to their necks, and many sinking fast into depths of financial despair.

People who think of America as a prosperous country should travel long distances within it. They will discover there is poverty aplenty. Trailer homes and parks everywhere and I’m not knocking this way of living. Make no mistake; we may well see a rebellious vote. The population is sick of leaders who are biased to the wealthy. If the old school loses to the man with the wig, hang onto your assets. The Pacific and Atlantic are wide oceans and in the centre is America. Believe me, the population is tired of world politics, terrorist threats and wars they do not understand. If Trump is inclined to press the button, at least half of his population will be behind him.

As North Korea continues to play wasp around the honey pots of industrial nations. Either China will draw North Korea’s teeth or a manic, property developer with hair like a wig may play the ultimate Trump card and vaporise them into oblivion. The ‘hit the button’ boy will be loved by the oppressed majority, for he will, in his madness become adored for making America great again.

Crazy New Skool
Crazy New Skool

Ian Timothy – Political Correspondent for ‘The News of the Insane.’

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