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Be Wise and Observant
Be Wise and Observant

It does not take too much working out that we cannot read minds. If we accept this as fact, it follows it ‘s hard to be sure of a person’s actual intention, until we have built an agreement of mutual trust. Trust something which is not instantaneous; integrity does not come ready made, it has to be established. Forget what you think you know ~ about those you do not know. Whatever you believe is likely to be inaccurate at best, completely wrong at worse. Every time we misjudge a situation or each time we fail to listen to our inner Being, the little demons named frustration and self-recrimination set another seed of wariness in the garden of the mind. These seeds are not bright flowers of happiness; they become twisted brambles of doubt and mistrust. Clearing a mind of negative thoughts and attitudes is a thorny problem.

A friend of mine supported an individual for some years. Not only did she corroborate his abilities, but she also promoted his business activities. She became ill, and there was a concern the sickness would be life threatening. Fortunately, the experience turned out for the better, and after two months she was back on her feet. ‘I was surprised you didn’t send me a get well card’ these few words were about to break a heart ‘Why would I do that?’ she looks at the man who she had once had had so much faith ‘I’m not your friend, if I had to send cards to everyone I knew who became ill, I would not be able to live my life.’ I watched this individual for some time to see if he would be able to succeed in spite of his spite.

The illusionist rehearses his routine and soon becomes an elite performer. Like all magicians, his modus operandi is to take the audiences attention away from the reality of his purpose. The one in this essay became successful and fairly well known. He transformed from a performer into a teacher, the description ‘guru’ would suit him. Surrounded by disciples who believed in him, in the same way, my friend once believed in him. He would fail to fulfill the promises, and the students would name him a charlatan. I wondered how long it would be before the bubble would burst and the ‘school’ went the same way as the many which preceded it? The answer is longer than most, the ‘establishment’ traded for just over five years. This failure was followed by the inevitable loss of reputation.

Why loss of reputation? Look at the numbers involved in anything which is 1) specialized 2) unusual 3) promises an income. One teacher professes to be able to enhance the pupil’s psychic skills. Another teaches someone to become hypnotist or faith healer. Not forgetting sales gurus and those who claim to work four hours a week to become millionaires. They will fail to fulfill the promise made to their clients. And each and every time the pupil/client spends large sums of money and fails to make the expected dividend, the guru’s reputation is destroyed.

Do not be fooled by appearances, the smart dressed immaculately presented illusion means nothing. Be careful of those who imply “look at what I have, you can have more if you follow my plan.” The guru I write of honed this image, the showman understands the power of presentation. So how do we assess the ‘school’ the ‘guru’ the ‘proposition’? It is as easy as one question ‘Give me the way to contact twenty of your success’s’ and if the answer is ‘I have to respect the privacy of my students’ then walk away. If you agree with the guru’s answer, you will be easily duped. I would know this much if I were to enjoy and benefit from a course or learning an excellent testimony would never be refused.

We should consider, only when the pupils use their learned skills to help themselves can the lessons be regarded as worthwhile and fruitful. I hope you have correctly questioned this last sentence ‘What do you mean Ian? There are thousands of people who do nothing with their educational qualifications. How can you make that statement?’ In this instance, because the teaching offered was of an ‘occult’ nature and the lessons very expensive. We spend our money as we like, this is our choice. To spend money based upon false promise is a different matter. I guide anyone who is considering spending money on vocational courses to question the ‘school’ or ‘guru’s’ success rate. Do not accept cloudy answers; spring water clear truth is only to be accepted. Not one reputable academy will dispute a word of this essay. In certainty, they would encourage the potential pupil to ask such questions and would be happy to verify their achievements.

Should the student question the teacher’s ability? Without a doubt, he should. It is possible the guru has poor qualifications or the qualification is meaningless, the need to discover what is their actual ability is critical. The internet is a powerful asset use it to acquire as much information as possible. Forget the guru’s web site; it has to be biased and full of praises. Search for the truth, find comments and search the history from independent sources.

And then look at the reality of what is being offered; The trainee hypnotist used to think he would stop the habit of five smokers a week for 250 a time. Trouble was there were ten hypnotists on his course and ten courses a year. Do the sums 250 smokers per hypnotist per year, times ten, times ten = 25000 clients needed to fill this promise and that was just one ‘school.’ The equation can be used for every training course which uses this type of hype. There are certainly many who follow very ethical guidelines and provide mountains of evidence to support their claims. Today’s essay is helping the unwary to keep their money. While on the subject of money, if there is a need to borrow money to pay for the lessons, remember debt collectors have a job to do.

This post has taken twenty minutes to compose and needed to be tapped out while the thoughts were within my mind. A customer left the stall in tears this morning, her hopes dashed, pride damaged and finances severely depleted. ‘Everything I was told was a lie, all I was taught inaccurate. Worse of all I believed in the person’ I looked into her eyes and saw the pain and despair. There is no way to change her experience; the only certainty is the guru’s reputation is now in jeopardy. It is the way of this world; greed takes advantage of desire. The keys of access to the mind are Thought – Feeling – Desire. They are interdependent the guru knows this; “Think about how you would feel if your dreams are fulfilled” is his promise.

There are no shortcuts in life; there is no learning from a failure. When you think about spending money on alternatives to material security ~ Think about how you will feel if your desire is unfulfilled ~ This is why asking the right questions and taking the time to do extensive research is essential before money exchanges hands.

“Let your eyes be your judge and the money to be the last item to leave your pocket.”


  1. Trust is such an important part of human-to-human communication and life, yet it is abused..taken for granted and de-valued. A sad, but thought-provoking post, thank you 🙂

  2. Good post – yes it’s frightening when one does the sums following ‘claims’ of success to be had … Wise & observant owl – an image to keep in ones mind

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