See The Real Issue
See The Real Issue


This twelve minute podcast contains Ian and Jonathan’s ideas about charity. The whole recording was an hour long and this short exert was chosen as the content is 1) thought provoking 2) somewhat contentious 3) a good subject for the student of critical thinking to reason through.

The listener can work through the implications of political intervention which set fire-storms of war, deliberately started to enable the theft of property owned by innocent people. This horrific crime has been used for decades to gain title to the resources which are used by you and me every day.

Open-minded thinking can only work to our advantage if we learn to be able to listen to all aspects of an issue. Large establishments use manipulated emotional sentiment to carry the weigh of their opinion. Charities rely on emotional influence and many have become business’s, hidden behind a sanctimonious cloak.

The podcast lasts for thirteen minutes and was recorded in the Victoria Market Nottingham. Many thanks to Liz Clark for allowing us to use her stall for the temporary studio.

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