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Why Not?
Why Not?

Everywhere I look there are inspirational quotes. Billionaire entrepreneurs claiming the determination gave them the loot. Focus on your desire, and it will be yours, just keep on keeping on. Nothing can stop you, believe in yourself and you will open the golden gate into the garden of achievement. A few weeks ago I listened to a guru’s rhetoric ‘Where you are defines where you’re going.’ Great I like this I’m in Nottingham today, and I’m going to Nottingham tomorrow. He is bang on the nail, and when I’m in America next year, I’ll be there because I’m in Nottingham today. Confused? If so the magic is working.

Another guy tells me to get a grip; the ‘institution’ forces me to buy on credit. Well, I have not needed credit for the last fourteen years chum. And I live in Nottingham which defines my future. So if you live in Nottingham, you can be like me and be debt free. The slick silver-haired Bob, he’s into universal law’s and secrets. Buy his books and realise you do not have to do anything to be rich. Just believe in one objective, and the universe will do the rest. Well, Bob, there are millions of dying kids who ate a plate of rice twenty days ago, they believe in food and life. Doesn’t the universe understand their pleas?

Entrepreneurs are everywhere selling courses on how to sell courses. It’s the latest craze, the new deal, the new gold ingot road to becoming an entrepreneur poor. The imperceptible notion is; the disciple follows the guru and the disciple gets the master to where the master wants to be (tricky word weaving there). The difficulty with the process is, it is an illusion: Thousands of people talking about how to snare the unwary. Their language is e-mail send outs, mail chump and internet logarithms. Merchants cannot make money out of merchants; they need a public to buy the goods to provide the profit. Four hour week, course’s on how to sell courses sound as sweet as liquorice and taste like raw liver. Get a grip chum; the only fools are on the entrepreneurial waggon. It is the same one used by pyramid sales gurus during the 1970’s.

A friend of mine told me the rent on his house is twelve thousand a year plus the cleaner. He’s already paid his landlord sixty grand in five years. I look at him, and he knows what I’m thinking. Give me a 75 thousand house on the cheap side of the city and 50 grand in the bank. I live in Nottingham, and it defines who I’m going to be tomorrow.

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