Ten Minute Imagination

Children's Book Appeal
Children’s Book Appeal

When deciding to write a blog, we must not ignore the time involved in producing each essay. We begin with the greatest of intentions, and six months later there is an inkling our imagination has come to a standstill. The imagination cannot freeze, it is always active. Be careful though; the imagination is child-like it thrives on encouragement. In a world where it is supposed being ‘trick’ is grown up, our creativity stagnates.

Is this why the big people enjoy going out to play so much? Cost-a-fortune coffee, drinks at the weekend, social gathering aplenty? Theatre and film, music and food, are examples of grown-up playtime. Adult games are unfulfilling, routine, monotonous and boring. A child turns a cardboard box into a Ferrari; the big boy imagines his Mini a racing car and gains speeding fines. Children dress up within their minds to become anything from a doctor to zombie in a flash. Adults spend fortunes to dress like a celebrity. Alice puts on mummy’s lipstick and nail polish and enjoys the acting. Joe tattoo’s his entire body and claims he’ll never regret it.

I wonder about cloning, especially when it comes to celebrity. Consider top class stars: For examples: Helen Mirren, Francis Sinatra, Johnny Depp and Robert de Nero. There is a uniqueness in their personality; I see more clones than individuals in the contemporary entertainment world. Slim well-honed bodies, veneered and super white teeth, dyed hair and emperor clothes.

The imagination is quickly stifled and dulled, our world and its influences are superficial, repetitive and stagnant. And this is why the thinker likes the Blog. Because he reads and interacts with real people, who have unique and mind-expanding thoughts to share with like-minded people. Our world is a child’s world, where a cardboard box becomes a mansion, a walk on a beach is heaven, and we discover happiness in an imperfect social environment.

I would like to write another 600 words and tidy the essay; it is 05:12 and two minutes over my allotted time of ten minutes.


  1. Imagination can be a blessing or a curse…depending on how you use it..great post 😺

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