Time’s Running Out

I do not write about cameras much these days. In fact, truth to tell I am a little bored with the technology. The ‘This cameras better than that one syndrome’ is tiresome. The illness of betterment is more than dull or boring, it is a character death warrant. Why must we have the latest Canon – Leica – Sony? Everything is getting better, so what. There are reasons to use technology; there are reasons to ignore it. Cameras have the same appeal to me as cars. They are tools and nothing more. I drive an Isuzu pickup truck, and like my eight-year-old Canon 5d with its 28-70mm f3.5-4.5 lens, it is a tool.

My pick-up just works. It’s not fast or luxury class.
My Canon and the fifty-pound lens takes pictures for my promotional work.
My occupation is about writing, recording, photos, and videos. I have no care about the tools – I have every care about the knowledge to use them to their best advantage.

Some time ago I reflected on the Abe Lincoln statement: ’If you are going to cut down a tree – Spend some time sharpening the axe’ I like the idea and the sentiment. Although if I were to cut down a tree today, I would hire a chainsaw. I’m hoping you grasp the view; it is not a thorny rose or stinging nettle. The idea is to use the right tool for the job, and the correct tool does not have to be the most expensive.

My body is becoming tired. Age is indeed the restriction no human can escape. I listen to a man talk about his wealth, looking at his body I feel it’s fair to say ‘Chum, you haven’t spent your money wisely. Your money has made you look like your evolved persona, which is, mean, ugly, selfish and boastful. He’s a fool, and his loot is not evidence of his intelligence: it is evidence he can earn a few quid, nothing more. I know a woman with little money, she has more wealth than he could accumulate.

This is the point – no matter what you have – if you cannot find a way to understand or enjoy the life experience – it is worthless. If you can benefit from the pleasure of using and, get the most out of what you have – you have everything. Possession, relationships and most of all life, make the most of every opportunity.

I listen to those who crave retirement. I read and listen to those who profess to possess all the answers. As I enter my sixtieth year, I feel retirement is the death warrant of human progress, and I know nothing is of value apart from life itself. During my life, only one person has truly impressed me with real intelligence, my friend Francis. And yes, he was materially wealthy. His intelligence was not an encyclopedia of information or catalogue of names, facts, and figures. He was at the highest rung of academia and well respected by his peers. Francis taught men and women how to think and reason. ‘Learn to use words and speak only truth, Ian. And you will become wealthy beyond your expectations’ He is of course, correct, the master or mistress of words is in total control of their thoughts and therefore their life.
Francis taught invaluable lessons ‘No man is equal – all find their level.’ ‘Those who struggle to discover success are simply not learning how to be successful.’ I’m not going to qualify the word ‘success’ in this essay. If you are going to play word games, then the objective will be evasive.

I see the word count is 540 and my ten-minute time limit is 60 seconds away.

Final notes:-
1) All pictures are taken with my old Canon and a fifty quid lens.
2) Greedy readers may not be able to work out the sentiment of the essay.
3) Grammar Nazi’s have a Blitzkrieg – I’ve no time to edit the article.


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  1. Experience and intelligence I feel, has to be an organic evolving experience. Know what you like and like what you know, but always be open minded…another thought provoking post, I like the Mother and Child carving 😺

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