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The Tarot is an instrument of creativity. Many see it is as a divination tool. The Church once called it ‘Devils Picture Book,’ and they were half right. It is a picture book, although we must cast doubt if the Devil has anything to do with its creation. I am confident if does Lucifer exists, he prefers: – Pistols, machine guns, cruelty, tyrants, and politicians to paint accurate images of his work. It seems to me, the seventy-eight symbols printed on cardboard are less dangerous than a daily Big Mac.

I purchased my first Tarot in 1972 from The Atlantis Book Shop (Link Here). My memory seems to point me toward a price of £1:50 for the Rider Waite Smith Deck (R.W.S). I do remember the lady in the shop had a beautiful smile and was surprised when I asked her for a particular deck. I know why…

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