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The Compass Guides Us The Compass Guides Us

Today, we have two major announcements which will affect all of our LizianEvents Community. I would ask you to read this LizianEvents News with care.

Before continuing, we will look at the history of the Mind Body and Spirit Scene. The Mind Body and Spirit Events evolved from the early 1960’s Spiritualist Church movement. The ‘old school’ hierarchy desired to hold onto outmoded ideas. At the time the publics thirst for mediums and psychics resulted in small groups coming together to demonstrate their ‘gifts’ outside of the spiritualist churches. At the same time, the few ‘esoteric’ shops offered services to those interested in the occult. The Mind Body and Spirit Shows were the results of blending mediums and psychics with esoteric retail businesses. There is one final addition, the new age hippy’s of the late 1960’s came back from India and America with alternative spiritual beliefs…

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