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All Seeing Eye
All Seeing Eye

20 Minutes – 1000 Words

Bribe them with money and love, not war and bullets. I have considered this idea for ten years or so and wondered about the feasibility of the idea. My father was a corrupt businessman, and one of his favourite sayings was ‘No man cannot be corrupted’. Before you rush to climb pedestals with indigent opposing views, I do not believe he was correct. I would adjust it to ‘When money becomes a man’s God – He is easily corrupted’. Paul William made most of his fortune by filling the pockets of poor men with bribes. Maybe I’ll write about him another time.

There is a line of thought in his idea ‘There is no man who cannot be corrupted’ and the idea that poor men can easily be bribed. If you have nothing, the concept of money in return for little effort must appeal. Regardless of the situation, the criteria for corruption must be a high return for little effort. Examples will be The council official who turns a blind eye to planning regulations. A buyer for a large company giving a contract to an unsuitable contractor. Or the weighbridge clerk adding five tonnes of material to the weigh note for a week’s wages.  Yes, the action or act has to be simple and the return worth the danger.

How much is the cost of a nuclear submarine? Who knows? How much the Trident atomic system? 31 Billion and the airborne nuclear system? 8 billion a year. Cost of a city hospital? 400 million. So why don’t we build hospitals and school for our enemies? Bribe them with love?

Ok, it’s a far-fetched idea. However, it may appeal to the natives who are sick and dying. It may appeal to the humanitarian who prefer life to murder. It seems to be a better alternative than the death and making of young men who wear uniforms. Imaging the news headlines ‘Sixty thousand Afghanistan citizens saved this year.’ ‘Celebration in the streets of Iran as child mortality falls to one percent’ ‘President Kindness awarded Nobel Peace Prize after his world hospital policy annihilates terrorism’.

Next thing we know, the world leaders follow the lead. Millions of tonnes of food are shipped to feed the starving. The previously starving and sick people now love and adore, the Western World and its policies. Prime Minister Joe Happy decides to spend three billion on land reclamation in African deserts. Ten years later the land is producing millions of tonnes of grain each year. The price of food is falling, and his one act has lowered the cost of living in the U.K by ten percent.

Fifty emanate scientists gather together and decide to use the internet as a science link up with a free exchange of ideas. Within five years, the cure for cancer is found, and most disease is eradicated. The same group formulate an internet educational system. Within fifteen years, the network of intelligence is so great, few problems are unsolvable. Professor, I Ma Genius says ‘Let us focus our minds and recourses on the World, not The Universe’. As a result of the ‘World not Space’ policy ninety percent of cars and trucks are powered by electricity produced by a development of Tesla’s designs.

The World population is increasing, however, because education is so widespread, people live into their nineties, food is plentiful and cheap, the choice for most people is to have one child and enjoy life. Ironically the population lowers, and because of the strength of the solo genes, the community becomes healthier. Wealth is controlled by the majority, and because the population is balanced, no-one works any more than twenty hours each week.

With copious quantities of crops, fruit and vegetables available, the population eat a balanced diet. With many societies no longer dependant on fishing for the staple diet, the ocean’s stock of fish returns to heath. The immense amount of soil reclamation and growing of crops clear the air. Forests are replanted, the atmosphere is now entirely pure. Which now means, everything planted grows, and lung disease is now almost none existent.

Me Cray Ze a North Career dictator attempts to break the system. The World Council freezes all internet connections and shuts down the country’s power stations. During the 48hr blackout, 50 thousand World Army Troops cross the borders. When the power stations are turned back on, and the internet returns. Me Cray Ze, his close supporters and family have vanished from the face of the Earth. If you attempt to find any reference to him, his regime, family or supporters today, the search is in vain. Only a fool tries to break World Stability; the World Army Troops are here to keep the Peace. No coup has lasted more than three days. Civilians ask for help via the internet once the pleas climb above one-third of the population, the W.A.T are motivated. The World Army’s motto is ‘No Prisoners’ and two cremation ships standoff near the countries coast when they are at work. It is rumoured the ships issued smoke for a week after Me Cray Ze was deposed.

There are three Prisons all sited in the South China Seas. Murderers, ‘three strikes and you’re out’ prisoners receive life sentences, with no remission. Drug dealers and sex offenders are executed immediately after their trails. The D.N.A and tracking systems are so highly tuned, the possibility of getting away with a crime is now reckoned to be 27000 to one. Mistakes of injustice have occurred. However, the consensus is this is at an acceptable level.

We attended John’s retirement party last week I must say he does not look anywhere near thirty-five. The company gave him a five bedroomed log cabin on the coast. I have worked for the refuse department for fourteen years, I retire next year, and my cabin is already being built near my friend’s new home. I chose to work in the utilities and specifically refuse, we earn far more than the intellectuals. What statistics now show is, on average a labourer is paid eight times more than the thinker. Although it’s personal choice, my degree in math is as good as anyone else’s.

Time is up – 20 minutes and 1000 words. See You Soon

Grammar Nazis forget it – A thousand words in twenty minutes is a tough call.


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