Fear The Unknown?

Never Fear Waves
Never Fear Waves

We are surrounded by the unknown. So why be concerned with not knowing?

Someone says ‘It’s the not knowing which concerns me’. Why is this statement made? Awaiting the diagnosis is time for worry or time to be thankful for the health professionals. Fear or no depends upon the inner being, or maybe one’s constitution. Strength or weakness? Life is full of questions. There are many mysteries. How can, or why, should ‘not knowing’ be worrisome?

My thoughts are focussed on not knowing. Once, when I felt concerned or anxious, fear became manifest. Today, there is no fear of darkness, threat, or being near possible danger. Nothing occurs until, it, someone, or something instigates an action. A risk is nought, action is where fear begins, and there are ways to deal with the emotion.

I discovered when one’s eyes are cold and the heart is lead others sense the stillness and calm. It is within this stillness danger can have no effect on one’s thoughts. We can harden the mind with deliberate intention. Never think ‘I am frightened’ always accept ‘I have no fear’.

I remember talking to people who mention ‘It’s those I leave behind I worry about’. All have listened to this ‘sounds like a clever thing to say” smug statement. The feeling is, those left behind will rejoice in the departure of such self-importance. A friend says ‘There is a great deal of pleasure in the fact my family can live without me’. Now, this is the indication of real truth. We all know those who are in perpetual mourning for a loved one. Hey! How selfish is it to bring ones grief into the environment of other people?

I’d be ashamed as a parent if there were children who grieved my death. There is immense pleasure in the knowledge there will be few tears wasted when the incinerator disposes of my remains. How could a parent say they taught their child moral strength if the child cannot understand the blessing of death? Living life is the way to happiness, accepting the final sleep is the sign of understanding reality. When the child is guided to not fear of the last sleep, little else will cause concern.

The unknown is feared by many men. Truth to tell when one is in fear of the unknown, it is a sign of an inability to utilise critical thought. You see we are surrounded by the unknown. An unknown which holds more potential horror than disease or disaster. This unknown is near to you, it is an ever-present threat, awaiting to decimate.

Do you know who I use to fear? Those who say ‘I care too much’ or ‘I cannot help caring’. Could you guess why? Because they are weak, they fail as useful human beings. They have the same effect on those around them as a charity. Charity disempowers the weak, who become dependant on the fisherman’s net. You know the idea: ‘Give a man a fish and feed him for the day. Give him a net, and he’ll feed himself forever’. Will he? Most will sell the net or over fish the lake. I used to fear these people, the charity and carers. They ruin the prospects of millions. And now they have become workers or heads of businesses, and depend on poverty to pay their wages. I feared for the decimation of peoples character and purpose. When I learned to fight and fight and fight again, I no longer asked another man for a penny. When we learn to fight, there is no room for charity.

When a man’s character is weak, he will prefer to beg rather than work. Do not fall into the trap believing I write of work in the sense of labour in rewards for a wage. Or beg, as in beggar. A man who allows other to control their destiny begs for guidance. And then he becomes controlled by the thoughts of another man. I used to fear these people, the multitude controlled by the few. To be independent and free from indoctrination requires work. Never beg for the thoughts of others, work diligently to learn to think. Push the beliefs to the limit, never stop reasoning, reading, writing, thinking. Push the mind to an extreme and enter into the realms of thoughts opposed to one’s beliefs. I consider an aspect of charity.

Does charity perpetuate poverty? There is no hiding from the truth. The wretched starving people are seeds of every charity executive’s salary. I no longer fear them because I see through them, I see them for what they are the lies they live within. A time ago I feared them because they used propaganda and lies to corrupt the minds of the fools. How far would they take the confidence trick? Once the rhetoric concerned me, people believed they could make a difference in other people lives. I feared them because their influence takes pennies from the pockets of the poor. And their contribution to the charity tin excuses their whole existence of living on social charity. Is this a lie? How many truths become impossible to face?

Someone says ‘You live a lie’. No one lives a lie, they live in reality they create. A man cannot live in untruth. He is the truth of his existence. Even if the existence is the fraud or illusion of debt and deception, it is still the truth. I knew a fool who believed that silence is the way to affect a foe. They deceive themselves if they believe they are of a higher moral standard where the foe could give a damn. When a fool stays silent believing he effects another he is deceiving himself, for the foe could not care and if he does not care he controls the moron. And in time the fool falls silent and those who have experienced the idiot’s silent belief, laughs and spits on the pavement and says ‘Good riddance’. The survivor takes immense pleasure from the knowing. The knowing their foes can speak no more.

Life is all and death is nothing. And the inner being of those who know, really know, you have identified and overcome the fear of death, understands that when this fear is overcome; nothing is of any consequence. The inner being of humans senses each other better than dubious conversation. The word count is over 1000, and there are four minutes left.

I break the rule: What is the unknown, the unknown which holds the greatest potential danger. The unknown which surrounds every being. It is the unknown thoughts within the minds of everyone who surrounds us.

22 minutes – 1000+ words – Grammar Nazis have a Blitzkrieg



  1. thanks for the wisdom in writing this wonderful post… “The unknown is feared by many men. Truth to tell when one is in fear of the unknown, it is a sign of an inability to utilise critical thought.” Remember, fear is a torment and need to be watch…. thanks again and remain bless – Israel

    1. I am always humbled that you take the time to read my words, my friend. When I spend time with your essays and articles I know I have so much to learn – God Bless – Ian

  2. Profound and analytic… Typical ‘Ian’ ! 🙂 Your essays are always interesting to read, Ian. xx
    (Just a passing comment: I find the colour of the font is rather faint: looks grey, rather than black or dark blue which I find easier to read) Brigitte

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