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I received an email asking me if I really worked as a ‘full time’ writer. Indeed I am, I look after media for LizianEvents Well Being Shows – You can read my daily posts here → LizianEvents News. I have over 350 articles on this popular news platform. I write articles on LinkedIn and FaceBook and the businesses website. I have copied an example of one of the daily articles below. I also record and produce the MP3’s which accompany many of the articles.

Yara Ghrewati – Talks About Woodland Conservation

At the Newark Well Being Show, I met Yara Ghrewati. During our conversations not only did I find her a captivating lady, the information she passed on, seems to be of national importance. Anyone with an interest in The U.K’s ecology should listen to Yara’s insightful words.

The importance of the messages in this article should be carefully thought through. Yara talks about our National Environmental Heritage. The healing properties of being within woodland and forests. And the Ted Talk video is an amazing insight into nature.

I would recommend you download the MP3 for future reference from the link at the end of the article. Yara talks about important environmental issues. The governmental legislation the Woodland Trust is working to change this year will save the two percent of remaining ancient woodlands.

During the interview, Yara mentions the Ted Talk ‘How Trees Talk To Each Other’ – Have a Look-see.

There are many reasons to join The Woodland Trust: Here are four ideas worthy of consideration. The health benefits of spending time in a woodland. The thousands of acres of forestry which you can access and enjoy. Finding inner peace by connecting to nature. Our children’s environmental inheritance.

Discover further information about the issues Yara talks about in this article on The Woodland Trust website. For the cost of a meal for two and a bottle of wine, you can join The Trust for a year. I offer the suggestion knowing you are contributing to decades of woodland and forestry development will last longer than the meal experience.


Yara Ghrewati – An adventurous and engaging storyteller:

Yara is a Survival & Bushcraft instructor; Expedition Leader; Radio Presenter; Campaigner; Photographer & Videographer. An adventurous and engaging storyteller, taking audiences on an exciting journey through the rainforests of South East Asia. She inspires listeners to step out of their comfort zone to discover their potential.

Yara’s memorable presentation takes audiences on a visual and thought-provoking journey through the jungles of South East Asia. Giving an insight into adventure travel; voluntary work abroad; conservation; environmental awareness; tropical rainforests; survival skills; living in the wild and discovering tribal cultures.

She has volunteered in a Wildlife Reserve in Borneo helping to build an Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, volunteered in developing a school on Cambodia which is now a registered charity organisation and has lived in the wilderness in both the UK and internationally.

Yara interviews on The Natural Healing Show


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