Memory Box


Early twentieth-century occultists used ‘correspondencies’ in their rituals. These are items, fragrances and symbols which represented different facets of their spells. For example, a rusty nail signifies a curse, a diamond, the attraction of great wealth.

I tried the idea once: the subject of the nail prospered, and the beneficiary of the diamond is ruined. Some years ago I contributed to the MedTarot Group. A member suggested I should join an occult school and try their rituals claiming the results were astounding. The last statement I read was ‘They work for me every time’. Click, delete, no more correspondence on the MedTarot group for me. It is a pity; the group was centred on “‘Unknown Author’s’ book Meditations on the Tarot”. An excellent book of meditations based on the twenty-two mysteries.

That was sixteen or so years ago when the internet was less sophisticated. Now, we perform magic every day. I talk to a friend in America while sitting on a train, Liz FaceTime’s her grandchildren a few times each week. Antibiotics cure millions. Surgeons perform miracles. Electricity, gas and water service our homes, we live in modern heaven. Real magicians work in research and development facilities. Keep Crowley and Agrippa, give me technology and security.

Mysteries? Nothing is more mysterious than the phone or computer you are using this moment. Do you know how it works, could you make the battery, screen, microprocessor? Goodness, most of us don’t see the hidden mysteries within the communicator. Voice recorder, weather guide, wallet, compass, pedometer and scrabble. Camera, typewriter, watch, directory, business, social club and shop, all available in your pocket, bag, by your bed, in your hand. Occult magic? It’s over, or did it ever begin?

Prefer Prints
Prefer Prints

Photographs are voodoo magic, capturing the spirit and soul of moments in time. Printed images seem to reproduce more of a feeling of reality. They are Dorian Grey’s of yesterdays faces, some portraits of horror; other’s imprison the mind. Tear stained with sorry, torn with anger, scenes of happiness and ‘wish you were here messages’. The print converts the image into a message.

I have a correspondence box. The items you see are not lifetime possessions they are symbols of memories: Although most have been acquired during the last decade. The symbols follow a guideline to the past. Like the cave explorers rope or paper chase signs hanging from a tree: the symbols return my mind to today after exploring yesterday.

Top and Two Draws
Top and Two Draws

Written reflections are composed of building blocks of thought, conversation, fact and fiction. The essays and articles become cures too, or sources of, discord. Some leave impression others not. Although, my feeling is the inner-being knows the truth, the reality. It understands wisdom few will dare accept as truth and this is why so many live in fear. The inner-self knows there is only silence in “The Final Sleep”. It directs the conscious mind to record its life, archive the achievements and failures. And, if another human needs help and happens to find your recorded or written words they may find an answer. Consider the potential of this knowledge. The ability to write four letter on the communicator ‘HELP’ followed by the problem. ‘HELP – LONELY’. An hour later the message is “Thank- you; I have a friend’.

Close Up
Close Up

Look into my memory box. The Ronson lighter reminding of the masks of human character. The Drager diver of underwater happiness. Three crystals of wellness. Two bullet cases of death. Surgeon, Swiss and shepherd’s knifes cut away the illusions. Dices with death and business mistakes. A box full of ideas, memories, graves stones of failures. Why did my inner-being choose these symbols of the past? 

The answer is:

They are: “Like the cave explorers rope or paper chase signs hanging from a tree: the symbols return my mind to today after exploring yesterday”.

See You Soon


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