Menace? Malice? Ignorance?

Nottingham City Transport has introduced a new range of Scania gas-powered buses on many of their routes. The eco-friendly monsters represent another stage in the effort to clean up the city.

Watch it!
Watch it!

Buses evolve – passengers do not.

I travel the 36 route most days; listening to the odd sleazy conversation or just reading my book. Books are a good companion, I can peep over the top of the page to ‘spy’ on the bus-scape. If solitude is required, music isolates, plug in the ear-buds and listen to favourite tunes or podcasts.

Some feel they should entertain their fellow travellers.

Up goes the volume, the hip-hop intrusion is a selfish act, abusive and ignorant. The sound pollution triggers agitation, it is easy to see passengers are unhappy with the intrusion. I read my book, and watch the passengers shift in their seats: I have viewed this phenomenon many times, accompanying the music awareness, passengers become uneasy in their seats.

There is another consideration, high volume music is known to damage hearing. I’m sure the bus boy menace is aware of the risk. He has the attitude of a smoker, aware of lung cancer, or the drug taker, aware of addiction. A humans folly, a belief in immunity to the consequences of adverse action. 

The fate is worse than silence, bussing and crackles accompany damaged hearing. Persistent mental torture, which drives the victim near to insanity during the early hours of a still morning. Excessive and continuous sound results in tinnitus, this horror will agitate and frustrate, as inevitable as the sun is hidden behind clouds. The spiritual would comment ‘Karma’.

Should I take pleasure from and be content from the knowledge the self-abuser will be punished? Is this a ‘kind’ statement? No, it is cruel, vindictive, without compassion. Bad vibes man, bad Karma? Yes, it signifies pleasure in revenge, malicious intent, the police state, unjust law.

I am concerned the self-abuser is causing himself harm’. Yes, that reads with more compassion. Your opinion of me is now changed for the better, forget the sentiments of earlier paragraphs: revealing the free-flowing words arising from the personal unconscious mind which knows only one’s truth.

Bus D.J’s are pathetic, the statement is: ‘look at me, I’ll infiltrate your life, make my mark, I’m determined you’ll remember my impression’. My reply is: The emptiest vessels make the most sound. Ironically, the music which ruins the environment of the innocent is damaging the rioter. The unwelcome sound is destructive and at the same time self-destructive. 

Why? I sense the agitator is within an act of rebellion which rewards with a twisted smugness, a sick idea that disturbing the status quo is empowering. In truth, the action generates a contempt or even hatred, and the victim’s emotion has a vibe, and the vibe surrounds the agitators being. In time their aggressive nature becomes more vindictive, and rebelliousness contributes to ultimate ruination. Further, self-abuse compounds the situation, alcohol, drugs, violence, lessen the chance of being presented with opportunities which can advantage a life journey.

They are subject to control. Control? Of course, if a human is capable of self-destruction, he is weak. An individual without concern for wellness and health cannot have cared for any other aspect of their life. Weakness resides in their spirit and soul, their only claims to identity are vandalism, antisocial behaviour, no respect for fellow man. They are weak and take the accessible path, one without intelligence, wisdom and understanding.

They believe the rhetoric of the ignorant: Hip-hop singer celebrates the death of a police officer. Racism is acceptable. The establishment is the cause of poverty. Society owes the deprived a living. It’s ok to steal, lie and deceive.

Or maybe, the reality is, they are already deaf!

Written in twenty minutes – Sorry Grammar Nazi’s – it’s the nature of the style.


  1. The ones that annoy me even more are the girls telling their mates what they did the previous night, but although they are talking via mobile phone believe all the bus needs to hear too!

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