I’m sure we all encounter situations where our intention is misunderstood. We see something one way, and a friend or someone you know sees a different side.

As I become older, my tolerance diminishes. No longer will I argue the point and unless there is a good reason for me to look at the other viewpoint: my perspective is: “Don’t like it? Let’s call it a day”.

It is interesting to find people of a similar age seem to ask the same attitude. I’m not going to see another sixty years and believe me, and I don’t like this idea one jot. In certainty, reflecting on my life experience, the conclusion is I wasted the first thirty years. This fact is a sobering reflection many of my friends also entertain in the early hours of the morning.

For those of you who are in the early to mid-thirties, the suggestion is in fifteen years you’ll be fifty and ten years later knocking on the door of retirement. Make sure you understand every day you waste will be one of regret in days to come.

The recording is twenty minutes long and unedited! I like the idea of ‘Raw Thought’s’ indeed I’ve almost changed the name of this weblog to that name. We live in a beautiful world and never has there been more opportunity to express intimate feelings.

One of my favourite places is the beach, Anderby Creek on the east coast. It is a vast expanse of sand and sea and wind. During the recording, you’ll hear the wind and drops of rain tapping on my umbrella. Enderby is a special place: Liz says the recording seems to capture the atmosphere.

See You Soon

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