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The Philosophy of The Beach

Free flowing thoughts:

On the beach I sense the futility of life. Nothing helps me understand my inner-being better than being here. It is where the safety of the land meets the hidden depths of the sea. Oceans of exploration, taking risks and finding new beginnings.

Blue sky or massive storm represent calm or anger. The wind and its hidden abrasive sand are harsh sentiments within conversations. The sun blinds or enlightens. A sea of hidden dangers: Sky, water, sand, wind and sun symbolise humanity’s attitudes and personalities. Why are so many addicted to water? Water and emotions: tears of happiness or joy. Does a diver’s inner-being return to the safety of the womb? Does a sailors yacht represent freedom? What words are hidden in the rumbling waves? ‘We will bring you home and take you away’.

I think how little we know of life’s mysteries. Nothing is needed to be happy. As we age, we know less than children, the magic of imagination is easily lost.

My mind wanders: I make a recording it also freeflows: the choise is to limit the editing:
A title is evasive – I’ll settle on “Beach Philosophy”

Alice and Bella played all day:

I watch Bella and Alice play: they do not need money or property. Their happiness is within imagination and stories about sea serpants and mermaids.


The construction of sandcastles and mermaid palaces is evidence of the girl’s creative minds. Kids should be guided to know that peace, happiness and working together opens the gates to a fulfilling life. And of course, I realise, they already know this truth, it is illusion of adulthood, which destroys reality.

Tools of The Happiness Trade

See You Soon


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  1. A lovely soothing 7 plus minutes, I feel relaxed and refreshed just listening to the gentle lilt of your voice, thanks for posting Ian, lovely.

    August 28, 2019
    • Ah! Thank you, my friend, looking forward to seeing you over the weekend (31/8 – 1/9 – 19) – Ian

      August 30, 2019
  2. Thanks Ian Timothy . .. I appreciate your relentless effort.. From the month of September I shall not post on word press any longer.. You can get in touch with me on facebook @wizzymedpower or Twitter @wizzymedpower1 thanks

    August 20, 2019
    • So sad to see you leave WP Isreal – God Bless you my friend. May your message be listened to the World over – Ian

      August 20, 2019
  3. Brigitte Rix #

    And SOooooo TRUE!
    My feelings , exactly.
    Thank you Ian xxxx

    August 12, 2019

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