Fear of Virus – Bet Your Fragility On It

I watch people wearing masks and living in fear of the flu. The disease and ways of combatting the outbreak will be seen a catastrophic mistake in five years time: The World Health Organisation is saying we do not have immunity to the C-19 Virus and this is why it is so dangerous. If this is the case why are thousands testing positive and not dying?

The millions are chomping on dog meat, monkey brains, sparrow feet and chicken innards without a thought for the possible inherent disease. Tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs. London smog quantities of dope inhaled daily. Dog crap on the pavement and cat paws covered in rat blood. All healthy, safe and without apparent danger. A 0.008% chance of dying of a strain of flu. And the fear of a next-door neighbour who has just returned from a ride on the train. Half-wit thinking, press and media-induced bollocks

Listen to the Message

Eighteen-hundred people were killed in traffic accidents in the UK last year: Thirty-six people each week: five a day! I’ll take my chance with Corona and stop driving. And Hey! There were six-thousand deaths from ACCIDENTS in the Home last year: that’s fifteen people a day falling downstairs, plugging themselves into the mains or falling asleep in the bath. I’ll take Corona and move into a tent. I’ve no doubt the death figures will rise in the UK to 50000 – Yes! 50000 the way they are recorded with ‘dying with’ and not ‘dying from’ C-19 will heighten the numbers and get the government of the hook for the horrendous effects of a lockdown and quarantine measures. The economy is about to collapse…

One mention of the new flu and fear runs wild in the imagination. They worry about their deaths and fragility. So they should, because they, like you and me, are stuffed. If you are ill from certain diseases life expectancy is no more than three months. You’ll die without your prescription insulin, blood pressure inhibitors and angina relief. You’re walking dead for sure: and don’t doubt the fragility of your existence.

I’m looking at Sweden: they have no fear: a lighthouse in the mist. And they’ll go through immense criticism for their no restrictions stance. But I’ll bet a few quid, in the long term, they’ll have herd immunity from a disease which the World Health Authority claims there is no immunity. By which time the World will be in crisis and governments will be enforcing marshal law to restrict the anger of the populations…

Some years ago there was a petrol tanker drivers strike. Ten days into the strike, the troops took over the full supplies. This country dried to a petrol and diesel supply standstill. No fuel boy and your Ferrari or Bentley is a heap of useless scrap. And in thirty years when the electric car has bankrupted the Arab, your collection of classics will be on the way to the steel recycler. Yes! Chum! The deal is all about supply and demand and need. No fuel no car: no fuel: car worthless.

Streets will run with Blood

A bunch of greedy sods clear out a supermarket of toilet rolls in two days. Supplies are soon gone. Now the shelves of baked bean tins are empty: the pigs at the troughs will take everything, and without supplies, you’ll starve.

So your life is about six weeks safe: this is the reality of your fragility. No food supplied to the shops because panic buying clears the shelves. Riots in the street and looting follow. Finally rotting corpses poison the water supplies and the death deal is complete.

I wouldn’t worry about Corona chum. I’d start thinking about your actual life expectancy and total and absolute reliance on supplies. No drugs? No need for doctors. No food? no need to work, no need for teachers. You are safe as the balance of society. Starvation and horrific death are literally weeks away. You can be as fit as a butchers dog or be living a cancer death sentence.

Without supplies, you are six weeks safe. And make no mistake: This truth will not go away or be forgotten like the Coronavirus. And make no mistake by July the whole World will be losing its freedom and human rights for a disease which is no different from any other: every disease has a risk: life is a risk. Later we’ll discover tens of thousands of cancer patients will die because the hospitals are dedicated to C-19 and neglecting cancer diagnosis. The horror if the cancerous pain will cause tens of thousands of deaths which could have been cured.

Businesses will go bankrupt and suicides will be climb to astronomical numbers. Taxpayers money will be squandered and pensions and health care will suffer. Mark my words the outcomes of the disease will mount up to become far worse than the 5-10 million deaths predicted by The World Health Organisation, WHO will lose all credibility in future years.

Worse of all will be the resistance of governments to ask the right questions: For fear of being proven wrong. I’m certain at this early stage of the epidemic we’re only touching on the rules and laws to be implemented. And like all law and decrees they will be compounded into a state of unbelievable and non-understandable confusion. Divided by fear and controlled by insane regulations: you are about to enter a ruinous epoch of history. Be warned.

I write this article as testimony to my thoughts: From the bottom of my heart I hope I’m wrong: But I’m overwhelmed with the insanity of the situation. I watched the majority of people with despair: they cannot see the outcome of how this situation is being handled.

You are not as safe as you think.

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