Late Summer Thoughts

These are my thoughts on the way the C-19 nightmare is developing. Like many millions of people, I see the media coverage as focussed on darkness and headline-grabbing articles. I read and listen to those who are crazed about the dangers and this is understandable. My emotions are in sympathy for those who only see today.

For Tomorrow is Darker:

In the UK we have a national health system: which is about to be broken. Not because it is sold off to private enterprise (no one wants a bankrupt business). It is about to be decimated because there will be no funds to support it: the loss of jobs and ruination of business who pay taxes will mean there is no money in the pot.

Pensions could freeze and the pensionable age will heighten. Taxes will become more stringently imposed and the social charity will be hammered like nails in a coffin. And if you think there will be compassion for the measures forget it: the silent majority will accept the decades of ‘cure’ is acceptable. You are like a saved passenger from a sinking cruise ship: Yes! You are alive: the only issue is you are in the middle of a vast ocean in an overcrowded lifeboat. Governments will use this crisis for every cutback and reduction in fiscal spending for decades to come: there will be no concern for the shipwrecked and stranded. Rhetoric: Ah! Yes – Words aplenty: Actions – Few if any.

Cromer Beach: Ian Timothy
Cromer Beach – Late August 2020

These are my thoughts about how the silent majority are dealing with the crisis. They ignore the rules because they are not affected by the situation and millions are waking up to the reality that thousands are testing positive for C-19 and not dying.

My recorded thoughts:

I have thought long and hard about this present situation. It is of great consequence so many people have died during this situation. However, there is a greater responsibility of all mankind to the future survival of the race. You will correctly say that all lives matter: however, the future matters; children are being disadvantaged and they are the future. So few are brave enough to accept this reality.

Public enemy number one is death: and health is the focal point of most people. Fast death is frightening: slow death is accepted: Tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs, violence, obesity, diabetes, SDI’s are all accepted as ok methods of death. I know this; if booze, fags, dope and obesity killed within three weeks of diagnosis there would be a change in opinion. Goodness, there’d be permanent lockdown and fast food outlets would be ravaged by protesting mobs.

Pollution is killing you slowly: the sun is giving you skin cancer and the additives in your food are simply murderous. The outcome of life is death do not doubt it.

Cromer Playing: Ian Timothy
Live Life While You Can

The hours playing on a beach to the hours awaiting death will fly by. There is no way out of the certainty. And if you think you can evade this reality your are a fool ‘Live Life While You Can’.

Ian Timothy

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