Selling! Selling! ~ Gone

We are all tired of 2020. Good riddance to a hopefully sinking Titanic memory: although it is a surefire bet to gamble on more insecurity and misery for billions of people during 2021. Lost in a false society wilderness billions live in fear of death and/or losing accumulated wealth. Few accept the reality that life hours are exchanged for possessions which are never used. Worse of all they work or worry themselves to death to live the illusion. Well, you may know this: however you’ll do nothing to act on the wisdom.

Crazy Example:

Many rich people have garages full of cars they’ll never use and which, at some time over the next fifty years will become road obsolete. Scrap metal transformed into design icon art is the only way the old heaps will have a value. Living space is full of useless junk with high ‘collector’ values. As human nature shifts to reality: the value of antiquities will slump.

The Future:

The days of electric vehicles and motorcycles are the future. Fossil fuels are done: let’s celebrate the years ahead, where sun, wind and ecological responsibility combine to make this world a better place. Why not revel in the idea of owning goods which last for years and do not need replacing? Why not reset one’s thinking to an ecological mindset? Waste little and prosper.

So, you think this is a pipe dream?

On the 5th of December, half of Britain’s power supply was generated by wind power. Nuclear energy is becoming accepted as a primary source of energy. Yes, we still have the issues: lithium-ion / cobalt batteries are serious ecological and ethical problems: but technologists are working on sodium batteries as an alternative. Greenpeace activists draw attention to disposal of waste fuel rods and decommissioning power stations. So what do you want: billions of fossil fuel cars poisoning the atmosphere and your lungs or a few thousand acres of no go storage areas where wildlife thrives and the ecosystem is beautiful? The future of our ecology looks good. It will happen no doubt in any intelligent human’s mind.

Decreasing Population:

There is evidence suggesting families are becoming smaller. Social responsibility and diminishing government child subsidies are having an effect on child numbers. Contraception is infiltrating even the most anti-birth control societies: starving children and downtrodden women who have to live without hope of anything other than purgatory are beginning to demand respect and health care. A turnaround is happening, slow and certain. Three centuries will see completely different and diminished societies. And the reason for this change? Information: there is nothing more powerful than information: information breeds intelligence. And intelligence sees injustice and better lifestyles and demands change. Life matters: but the quality of life matters even more.

Industrial Might Does Not Respect:

The monster industrial powers are dependant on purchases and trade. And there will be plenty of historical reference points to evidence their greed was the reason for extraordinary change. In time truth and reality will change the buying dynamic of the majority. One can easily imagine future generations looking back at our gross stupidity. Future generations will not envy our lives: they will feel sorry or have contempt for the way we wasted excellent opportunities to live an extraordinary life on the most incredible planet.

No Respect for Life or Earth’s Gifts:

If you think life is poor, unfair or disastrous: consider the idea you have been fortunate enough to experience life. Accepted, millions of people endure a life of poverty, starvation and birth to death disease. For them, the whole life is a horror which we could have influenced for the better. Although, the greed of nations and industrial profit gains from their poverty. And this is the real sum of our achievements: a shame beyond forgiveness. The reference point of the wealthy civilization’s absolute failure.

Emotional Intelligence:

An intelligent mind: for example: your mind can work around any confrontation with its conscience. A smart mind can justify and work out a way to forgive wrongdoing. It is easy to enjoy the smoke-screen of lies and ignorance: Life is what you make it: you live, you die. And at this moment you can get to grips with the possibility of viral death. No doubt you have thought about ventilators and vaccines over the last year. The British politician Hancock spoke yesterday of focussing on a vaccine to get the population out of this ‘epidemic’. Let’s hope he’s is right. Let’s hope all politicians and scientists have the answers. In truth, whatever the outcome, the real lesson is we are prisoners to a system governed by supply, demand and fear: no matter the result: the lesson is one many cannot dare not contemplate. Emotions hope for the best: Intelligence questions the reality.

The Future Is Here

Personal Conclusion:

Over the last few weeks, I have considered my future and past. The last fifteen years of my life has been an attempted reconstruction of the first 45 wasted years. Years I cannot retrieve: I’m unhappy with this fact, not because there is a desire to put right the many wrongs or delve into the realms of forgiveness. The unhappiness is due to the waste, the waste of life hours, wealth and endeavour. I review the decades with caustic despair: and over the last months, I’ve drawn my final design.

Yesterday, I sent out emails to my freelance writing clients. I informed them I will not write another freelance piece again. Many people dream of earning money from tapping keys. I’ve made a substantial income from writing over the last five years. Some would say it is a foolish move. My point of view is I want to live a life where I’m not writing for ten hours a day looking at computer screens. At 63 years of age: there is more to do. My future is with our (Liz and I) businesses: working life will promoting the events and a small retail shop. (The link takes you the main business web page: There are over 1500 articles on the site dedicated to the promotion of our Community driven business).

A second choice is made: I am selling every possession not used daily. In effect, everything bar my MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, Fuji cameras, lenses and a few items needed for video production. My choice is to sell my all but a few books, everything else: records, film cameras, darkroom equipment, and hundreds of other items accumulated over the last decade and a half is to be sold. Is an easy choice, Apple has made this possible! My music collection is in the cloud. All the books I need on the Kindle app. My work is done using MacBook, cameras, lenses and the internet. Nothing more needed.

I considered closing this WordPress site. My choice is to keep it for a year and write about living without useless possessions. Yes! There are plenty of people living and writing about the minimalist lifestyle: and I’m not adding to the catalogue. I’ll be putting together a public record to share with anyone interested in making the same commitment to freedom.

A world without consumerism appeals to my inner-being. Possessions are no longer critical: my remaining life hours can benefit from understanding decades of waste and idiocy. No doubt I should have made the decision some years ago. But one certainty is, now the commitment is made: I feel I hold the keys to freedom. With nothing to lose, I can make choices without fear. You see when we have nothing: there is everything to gain.

Happy New Year.

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