Auction House

Auction House – Once the decision is made to sell years of accumulated objects, there is a need to reflect on the best selling method carefully. An obvious choice is to sell on eBay or other such sales platforms. I’m not selling because I need the money. The clear-out is because I no longer wish to be burdened with hundreds of items no longer used. After a week of thinking about how: I have decided to use eBay.

One must remember simplified living does not mean living without anything of use. I continue to use a digital camera, lenses, iPad, iPhone. iMac and MacBook. As tools of my trade, I cannot be without these items. With this in mind, I’ll convert some of the money made into a new MacBook Air and iPad. Taking this opportunity to upgrade my computers to more modern specs makes sense. The iMac I’m using to write this article is recent and can use the Big Sur iOs which I like very much indeed. My MacBook and iPad are over eight years old and cannot use the latest upgrade, it makes sense to invest in the future.

This exercise is not financially driven. The longterm objective is to see how being free of physical clutter affects my inner-being. I will not reveal how much will be released from the sales. However, it will exceed five-figures. After buying the MacBook Air and iPad the residue will be saved.

One difference already felt is when I see items that will go for sale: there is no sense of attachment. Where once there was a pride of ownership: now the feeling is I’m looking at something which is anchor-like. As soon as it is lifted, the mind-vessel will be free to venture and explore the future. Already I acknowledge this exercise should have taken place years ago.

A friend sent an email writing: he’d thought of clearing out possessions last year. He wrote if he’d had more conviction: the clear out would have happened: and he wished me luck in my endeavour. I replied: luck not needed: the mind is set. Anyone who knows me understands once a choice is made: nothing prevents meeting the objective: even if the outcome could have dire consequences. An attitude with nothing to do with stubbornness. And everything to do with confidence and will power.

My feeling is, each time we let ourselves down, we add extra weight or burden to the lifeforce. To me llifeforce is the spirit, which is a flame which light’s one’s soul. Now, a reader should not think I’m writing of the spiritual spirit or soul: or anything religious. I feel the words spirt and soul can help interpret certain aspects or forces which influence the way we think and live.

Further explanation:

The flame of spirit I write of is symbolic. My imagination places the spirit flame at the centre of the soul and the core of my body. Creative imagination is used to visualise the symbolism. And to complicate the idea even more: I feel my spiritual being is a creative one, writing and recording pictures being the conduit. In other words, my enlightenment is one of symbiotic creativity.

Reviewing history with creative imagination is cathartic. During dark years the flame of spirit was all but extinguished. Dark thoughts, violence, anger and hatred stifled the flame and because my soul was without light: my whole life was without illumination. And the darkness of depression existed within my inner-being.

I feel people are capable of sensing fellow humans valid values. Now, this does not mean that we can be drawn to all that is right or good. A man who desires wealth can be drawn to another who is a thief or corrupt. It is the ability to deceive in the pursuit of money which appeals. For example, many choose to work in areas where dubious financial schemes are sold: The people who sell the products know the plan’s limitations: but see their commission as more critical than the instability of the product being sold. And they will be drawn to those who have the same essence.

Selfishness can work against an individual who is ‘greed centred’ for no matter how he attempts to ‘smoke-screen’ the truth of his ‘inner-being’: his plans will most often come to nought. How many times have we listened to the so-called entrepreneur’s false claims? The deception comes with images of success: 100K car: a mansion in Malibu: jet-set lifestyle. They sell a course which teaches people to sell the lie. Ultimately, all fail in the illusion.

Thinking about this brings one to the idea that being without possessions or only keeping useful items can affect people within one’s environment. Almost as if, people without material demands or needs are more transparent. By transparent, the suggestion is being truthful and living by exceptional moral and ethical standards. Without having needs or greed, there can be no ulterior motive to one’s actions. And therefore people feel more comfortable in the minimalist’s presence.

Of course, these thoughts require extensive reflection. By no means could one consider them as a defining way to live life. For the moment I’m writing up the lists and photographing the items for sale. I think all will be in place by the early part of February. In the meantime, I continue to finish the final freelance assignments. No sadness here: I’m sure the right choice is made.

See You Soon

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