Do Nothing

Do Nothing Today

There is nothing wrong with taking a break: Staying in bed all day: Or just doing nothing. Millions of people will enter into the guilt mindset today because they failed to meet a goal or fulfil an obligation. And the goal or obligation was probably set while already under a stack of older obligations: all unfulfilled.

Why does this happen?

Because we do not fell or listen to our self-talk and bodies, people who do not accept life-saving messages will eventually suffer all manner of maladies. Anything from physical and mental illness to loss of friendships and relationships: result from freefall fatigue. Freefall fatigue is when we slip down so fast there is no hope of pulling the ripcord of the safety chute. At some time, we will hit ground zero of collapse.

Are you someone who fights against sleep during the day? And at night, there is a feeling that you slip too fast into sleep, so you sit up with a start, thinking something is wrong? Do you enter into conversations and, halfway through, forget the thread of the dialogue? Do you meet someone known for years and for a few moments, forget their name?

Over a few weeks, you seem to notice memory loss or sleep issues more often: and worry about the situation. Although you suspect fatigue is central to the issue, there is a concern there may be other unseen problems. The sensations of discord and unrest will compound inevitably, and if not addressed, the situation will become worse.

Take Steps Now:

If you experience these sensations or thoughts, begin to listen to your thoughts and sense the body’s feedback. Begin to eat light meals, limit alcohol and sugar intake. And above all, relearn how to rest. Take a warm shower before climbing into bed. Read calming books before sleep and if you watch tv in bed, watch a comedy or interesting non-violent programmes. Keep away from social networks and mind-numbing opinion. Set at least an hour before sleep for settling downtime.

Become Number One

Sometimes the essential way of life is to do a little as possible. One should not think this means becoming lazy. Laziness Results in more feelings of failure or non-fulfilment. Laziness is putting off the necessary life chores. One has to keep on top of the daily tasks; keeping a tidy home and looking after laundry are basic requirements. An hour a day spent on the essential aspects of daily life: means there will be no feelings of tiredness arising from daily chores stacking up (a seed of fatigue). Concentrated effort tiding the home and completing daily chores for an hour or so: leaves time for rest. Make food preparation simple, and do not become reliant on take-aways or prepared foods. Keeping life easy: demonstrates to the unconscious mind that you care for your whole being.

Making the aspects of life that matter important to you seems an easy statement. As we know, self priority is a tough goal to meet daily. Even taking time to prepare a simple meal and eating the dish slowly, enjoying the experience is an impossible dream for many people. Why should this be so?

Inner Time Tables

We set routines, and the routines are programmed to make use of our day. Unfortunately, the routines are too many and too close together:

Wake up
Shower + breakfast
Journey to work
A set routine at work (sometimes)
Return home
Prepare food

And this is a basic daily routine. Your own will be different in many ways. Family, friends and works situations influence you. I haven’t mentioned aspects of shopping and routine maintenance. There only has to be one mishap and the whole sequence of events is a setback.

The suggestion here is when feeling out of sorts or under pressure: it is essential to accept situations out of our control. We often take on board other people’s issues, problems, or worries and when we do so, our routine is either upset or stalled. And this is when we begin to think I’ll never catch up today’ and frustration turns to anxiety and anxiety to worry. 

The Great Reset?

Forget the idea of a worldwide reset. Think about your time reset. Why allow yourself a reset day? You’ll comment, well, I cannot do that: I have a family to feed, house to clean: a week of household chores to catch up. Truth to tell, you know no matter how hard your effort in the free day, you’ll be back to square one next week. This is, of course, only one example of how the overfull routine or weekly time table can impact life. Of course, the idea is not an easy one to consider. However, it is worthy of review. Why not consider ‘resetting’ your routine?

We are told how wonderful life is: every time-saving gadget: super reliable cars, answers to every problem. We are told the future life is unimaginable: impossible to comprehend. As true as this may be: the fact is our lives are compounded with too much information, too much science, too many arguments, too many conflicts. So how will technology sort this mess out? We are losing our identity: following the patterns of other people and corporate ideas for the future.

Four decades ago, the mobile phone, internet, self-driving cars, smart motorways and ecology were unheard of and unnecessary. Most people were fairly healthy, debt wasn’t great, and it was rare to see an obese person. I’m not suggesting progress is not a wonderful asset to many peoples lives. The premise here is: life may not be as brilliant as we would like to believe. Although, with only the slightest of adjustments. By resetting our priorities and refocussing attention onto enjoying life. Life gets better and infinitely more pleasurable.

Do Nothing Today? Why Not?

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