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1984 = 2018

Spy On The Phone

Spy On The Phone

Horrors : ‘The Big Twins’ Twitter and FaceBook now heavily censor posts and I fear this is the thin end of a wide wedge. Without a doubt, their information vacuum collects every post, text, image taken on phones and computers attached to the accounts and now their robots view all posts and censor without review or appeal.

In the previous article ‘The House of Fame’ I included twelve images from an exhibition. Some were slightly risqué. Although, one’s imagination rules how the content is appraised. When my WordPress posts are published they are linked to ‘The Big Twins’ and within ten minutes the post was taken down without appeal. ‘The Big Twins’ deemed them obscene. The connotation is horrific: Now social media dictates whatever people see, they will eventually control how the world is viewed and accepted by those who frequent the sites.

Should we consider the software being used to review the posts as the culprit? No, it is the programmers and those who set the protocols who are cause for concern. Whoever is setting the parameters must have a very closed and distorted mindset. The images were deemed safe by The Nottingham Contemporary Gallery and the curator considers the exhibition safe for children. As a precaution: a small notice in the reception explains there are images of an ‘adult’ nature in the exhibition. The few parents attending did not seem concerned that their children were in close proximity to the montages which were referenced on the warning sign. As already mentioned ‘ones imagination rules how the content is appraised’.

A reader could not find pornographic imagery or essays on my WordPress pages or articles. In fact, in the (now banned) article I chose to embed the images in a gallery, so as the pictures would be difficult to review unless the gallery is activated. The reality is the article is a celebration of a superb exhibition of art and surely it is fine to show a few examples of the displays? And we should also consider the small number of readers who view my writing? It would not be unreasonable to suggest few if any, children read my articles and this includes those who are ‘friends’ connected to me by ‘The Big Twins’, so why is there the need for censorship? Surely my readership is so small the danger of corruption is next to impossible.

It is fair enough to ‘clean up’ the internet from dangerous or obscene material. However to censor an artistic review without appeal is the most dangerous of activities. Those who feel this is an excessive statement should look back to Germany in the 1930’s – Russia from 1946 – 1989 – And Pol Pot’s Cambodia. In every instance, the creator of art and media was censored without appeal.

It is interesting that on the same day my article about The Nottingham Contemporary’s current exhibition was censored by the ‘The Big Twins’. I watched another video of several policemen beating an innocent man with sticks. He’d suffered a pepper spraying before his arrest and then suffered a constant barrage of blows to his legs by a police officer wielding a heavy baton. Later in the day, I watched an obviously fake film of cancerous meat being sold as fresh, and I also found two articles with graphic images of animal cruelty.

The police attack, so named cancerous meat and the animal cruelty had a far greater impact than the montages which contained an innuendo of gay sexual activity. Now, we should take this aspect further. And, this is where the real problem occurs, because the reader would have to click on the ‘link’ from the ‘Big Twins’ to read the article. Therefore the software used to censor my link on Facebook and Twitter must have infiltrated the WordPress article. This must be considered as sinister and worrying, to anyone who can realise the implications of this information.

There is little an individual can do to change the situation. Yes, people will rally around and talk of conspiracy theories. They will have no effect upon these internet monsters who have become so powerful and dictatorial. The real and present danger is they are now taking over what we see and read. This is censorship of the most dangerous kind, because, there is no democratic order or civil agreement to their actions. They have now gone beyond government and this to my mind is a threat to every human’s personal freedom.

House of Fame – LINDER


The House of Fame
Convened by Linder
24 Mar 2018 – 24 Jun 2018

The House of Fame curated by the artist Linder is the best exhibition I have attended at Nottingham’s Contemporary Gallery.

Who is Linder: Here is the Wiki Info:

Linder is an British Artist. A radical feminist and a well-known figure of the Manchester punk and post-punk scene, Linder is known for her montages, which often combined images taken from pornographic magazines with images from women’s fashion and domestic magazines, particularly those of domestic appliances, making a point about the cultural expectations of women and the treatment of female body as a commodity. Many of her works were published in the punk collage fanzine Secret Public, which she co-founded with Jon Savage.

The House of Fame

The House of Fame

And What is the exhibition about? The Contemporary’s Explanation:

The House of Fame is an ambitious exhibition conceived by Linder. At the heart of the presentation is a retrospective of the influential British artist and musician’s work, spanning more than 40 years of photomontage, graphics, costume and performance. Emerging from the Manchester punk and post-punk scenes in the 1970s, Linder focuses on questions of gender, commodity and display.

This diverse practice is presented alongside almost 200 works by some 30 artists selected by Linder. Stretching from the 1600s to today – and gathering together the worlds of art and architecture, fashion and theatre, music and design – the exhibition includes works by Inigo Jones, Mike Kelley, Alison and Peter Smithson, Moki Cherry, Ithell Colquhoun and Heidi Bucher, among many others. The House of Fame draws upon Linder’s many sources of influence and wide-ranging collaborations.

Tap Any Image To View The Gallery

I loved the exhibition and everything Linder has put together. Is this a review? No: It is impossible for me to find fault with this powerful and mind-expanding collection of imagery.

Tap Any Image To View The Gallery

From My Perspective, The Collection is a Work Of Art

View it at Nottingham Contemporary

Jon Talks Wedgewood

The Jasperware

The Jasperware

Jon is commissioned to complete a full history of and catalogue the contents of Witcham Hall in Oxfordshire.

He has a particular interest in the furniture and pottery in the house. During the listings, Jon made an incredible discovery. A pair of green and white Wedgewood Jasperware vases, dated around 1870. The podcast reveals the story behind the design of the artwork which depicts ‘The Dance of the Hours.’

The Makepeace family owns Witcham Hall: they have possessed it since 1927. As already mentioned Jon is commissioned to complete a full history, and catalogue the contents of this most substantial property. Although the building will never be open to the public: they feel those who have an interest in the magnificent building should have an opportunity to read a catalogue and book which will be the result of Jon’s work.

The podcast was recorded at a busy Victoria Market in Nottingham: My apologies for the quality of the recording.

See You Soon

Who are We?

Who are We?

Who are We?

I published an article sent in by a regular contributor on LizianEvents News. It was about anonymity. The author has had a few submissions posted over the previous weeks. They were well received with good comments and a few shares around the internet. I think sharing an article is a good indication quality and content appreciation.

LizianEvents News is a growing platform for a Events business in which I am involved. And one of the most significant problems I encounter is obtaining submissions or articles about how to become a ‘Well Being’. In fact, this work has become a remarkable insight into why people fail or succeed in business.

The platform is viewed by a combined total of 6000 people each month (Vimeo, WordPress, and social media streams) and it provides a real opportunity for people who take part in the show we organise to promote their businesses or services.

The insight is this: I talk to many people at the shows. I ask them for a brief appraisal of their work and receive many promises of submissions. Less than three percent honour the commitment. However: If we were to be judged by failing to fulfil an obligation, we would all be seen in a poor light.

Who are We?

So, the regular contributor chooses to be anonymous. And there is no comment about the word at the bottom of each article until she (yes I can give her a gender) writes about why she chooses to be unknown. I receive an email questioning if I should publish an anonymous article. A Community Member comments that he does not trust the integrity of someone whose identity remains hidden. Although I feel the fact, I have received a promised essay, is good evidence of integrity. Also, I would not publish anything which I believed to be dishonest or without integrity.

If the article is read with care, she informs the reader that choosing to be anonymous is a powerful ‘discipline’ and can be a sign of inner strength. I must point out that this is my interpretation and this is open to differing opinion. There is nothing within the essay which is unbelievable or not sensible. Her previous compositions are compelling insights into a woman who apparently values solitude and discovering peace.

We are surrounded by the unknown and never to be known. The names of the people in the cars which pass us on the motorway. The names of the builders who built your home. Does the confessor in the confessional words hold less truth (priests do not always know the confessor)? Has the patient the right to the doctors Hippocratic oath?

And what about the need for silence from the thoughts within our minds? The secrets which would genuinely validate our true character hidden behind the persona? Is there a power in being without a signature?

In truth none of us is known – Time dissolves all memories, and as the teachings of history and religion and philosophies changes so will future generations perspectives of life. In a connected world: it is possible being unknown will become an personal achievement.

We are all trees in a forest awaiting the creator’s axe.

The Article

Running is Fine

Speed Writing – 20 minutes or 1000 words and the essays over. No returning to correct the flow of thought. Try it – it is an excellent way of discovering one’s ‘Being’.

Running is Fine

Lion Heart

Lion Heart

Someone called me a coward. A comment made through ignorance and hope. The expectation was the inference would cause hurt.

What is cowardice? It is not: A soldier in his 99th battle; finally broken. Refusing to enter the burning house before the flames extinguish life. Hiding from a mob and witnessing an innocent’s murder.

The majority of Westerners, encounter real danger only a few times during a lifetime (if at all?). Most fears are constructed in imagination. The politician has the electorate believe they are in constant danger from the terror bomb. Conspiracy theorists guide the unwary to vapour trail cyanide. Misguided attacks on nuclear power are associated with nuclear weapons.

Everyone is brave, there is a marker somewhere in the mind which overwhelms acknowledgement of danger, maybe it is adrenaline or a brain released a hyper drug. I don’t know, however, there is a certainty, once someone flips the psycho switch, a six stone woman, annihilates the twenty stone lulu.

In some situations, the inner-being warns the conscious mind to stay away. Other times the inner-self demands non-involvement. These are often worthless and pointless conflicts. And if the intuition is trusted and we turn our back, it is for the right reasons. I reflect on the woman’s words in this twenty-minute essay. Because, the realisation is, turning one’s back and walking away is not a cowards way, it is the way of the brave. White feather wives had amputee spouse’s to welcome home. Only the brave can judge the truth; the observer just guesses the criteria.

Turning away from a problematic individual is not cowardice. The woman who deemed me a coward is of no consequence. Her perception of our relationship distorted. We were years apart, with no common purpose. Instead of nurturing respect, she desired to own or control the relationship.

The episode was closed until a request for help. No reply, I turned away from the plight. Am I without compassion? No, there is an understanding of why the hell of compulsion consumes life. And again Devil’s trident is active due to past actions and choices. With few ways out, and it is assumed, few friends left, it is easy to imagine the outcome. Little doubt, the situation a tragedy. So much time, knowledge, wisdom and waste. A lens of intelligence focussed with malicious intention controlled others for lifetimes, not mine. Understand this story as a warning. It is not written to deceive, nor justification for lack of action or choosing not to help. The essay is composed of observation.

The idea of living truth and conviction appeals to me; it instils thoughts of mind becoming matter. Thoughts manifesting as examples of power. The idea of only thinking with right, moral and honest action. A determination to explore the possibilities of scalpel truth and integrity. Imagine the possibilities, the pleasure in saying ‘Do you know, I’m no good for you’ or ‘As a manager of people you’re zero on a scale of one hundred’. Thinking about the truth as the future encompasses sublime expectations.

I have a friend as brave as tungsten. He told me of concern for those involved in a situation. Although, he is resolved to live his truth and conviction. A stranger would call him, fool, stubborn or ‘taking the point too far’. He is in a filthy war: a family feud. He will not yield. Initially, he desired to negotiate, reason, compromise, to be generous.

They saw this sensible, truthful and generous course as weakness or compromise. They believed he was attempting to deceive them. Due for nothing, he offered them a gift. He knew, the reality, all was his, and he wanted to share fairly. Lawyers fuelled the families self-deception, and he refused to enter into dialogue. A letter a month for over two years, threats and inaccurate legal rhetoric. He replied with one letter; the gist of the reply is: ‘I prefer for a judge to determine my position, and you will pay for his judgement’. Although the situation is commonplace, it is of course madness. My friend’s brother claims he is a coward. How so? He believes my friend is frightened to employ a lawyer. It is clear who is scared, what a fool believes, he sees.

Those who believe their perfections: beauty, intellect and their strengths: emotional and creative are without fault, discover their beliefs easily become downfalls. Beauty turns to the walnut skin; intellect becomes confusions, emotions run in tears and creations become outdated.

While in a flow of success one should keep a careful eye on reality. The realities of our actions and the way we care and share our lives will become the way we are perceived by all who know us. My friend will be known as strong, and true and honest as time passes. Naming a human a coward is dangerous: very often the words are spoken by those in fear.

I remember a man, a bully. He believed everyone a coward. I was told he ran away from a fighter, a real fighter. And the moment the bully turned his heels, he revealed his lie. Many spoke of the time he ran away, he is still a bully, trouble for him he’s getting old and age levels all.

There is no need to explain anything to anyone. Walking away is fine. Face the foe and spit in their eye. Sometime in the future, you’ll meet with a friend named vindication. It is a sweet word for those of us who have patience and understand that truth and restraint are bound with time.

20 minutes

Jon Talks Ikons

Click Jon's Picture to Download the Interview

The fast podcast today is extended from the usual three minutes. The original question was ‘John, talk about artwork containing images of The Master Christ’.
Our trusted historian spoke for his usual three minutes and then said ‘I need to expand on this one Ian. The listener needs to hear the full story’.

So we recorded Jon’s thoughts for the second time.

Enjoy ‘Jon Talks Ikons’

My Day Job



I received an email asking me if I really worked as a ‘full time’ writer. Indeed I am, I look after media for LizianEvents Well Being Shows – You can read my daily posts here → LizianEvents News. I have over 350 articles on this popular news platform. I write articles on LinkedIn and FaceBook and the businesses website. I have copied an example of one of the daily articles below. I also record and produce the MP3’s which accompany many of the articles.

Yara Ghrewati – Talks About Woodland Conservation

At the Newark Well Being Show, I met Yara Ghrewati. During our conversations not only did I find her a captivating lady, the information she passed on, seems to be of national importance. Anyone with an interest in The U.K’s ecology should listen to Yara’s insightful words.

The importance of the messages in this article should be carefully thought through. Yara talks about our National Environmental Heritage. The healing properties of being within woodland and forests. And the Ted Talk video is an amazing insight into nature.

I would recommend you download the MP3 for future reference from the link at the end of the article. Yara talks about important environmental issues. The governmental legislation the Woodland Trust is working to change this year will save the two percent of remaining ancient woodlands.

During the interview, Yara mentions the Ted Talk ‘How Trees Talk To Each Other’ – Have a Look-see.

There are many reasons to join The Woodland Trust: Here are four ideas worthy of consideration. The health benefits of spending time in a woodland. The thousands of acres of forestry which you can access and enjoy. Finding inner peace by connecting to nature. Our children’s environmental inheritance.

Discover further information about the issues Yara talks about in this article on The Woodland Trust website. For the cost of a meal for two and a bottle of wine, you can join The Trust for a year. I offer the suggestion knowing you are contributing to decades of woodland and forestry development will last longer than the meal experience.


Yara Ghrewati – An adventurous and engaging storyteller:

Yara is a Survival & Bushcraft instructor; Expedition Leader; Radio Presenter; Campaigner; Photographer & Videographer. An adventurous and engaging storyteller, taking audiences on an exciting journey through the rainforests of South East Asia. She inspires listeners to step out of their comfort zone to discover their potential.

Yara’s memorable presentation takes audiences on a visual and thought-provoking journey through the jungles of South East Asia. Giving an insight into adventure travel; voluntary work abroad; conservation; environmental awareness; tropical rainforests; survival skills; living in the wild and discovering tribal cultures.

She has volunteered in a Wildlife Reserve in Borneo helping to build an Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre, volunteered in developing a school on Cambodia which is now a registered charity organisation and has lived in the wilderness in both the UK and internationally.

Yara interviews on The Natural Healing Show


One Minute Post – Heather Pedley



One minute post for my friend Heather Pedley observer of life and undercover psychologist.

Time starts now.

The sound is familiar and Stuka Dive Bomber dangerous. The wailing sound of the siren has two responses. Run or kill. I have no fear of the Blitzkrieg attack.

Down, down it dives, to the target. The pain is initially burning and now deep and stinging.

Why do wasps have no fear? My friend Heather understands insects and there must be a waspy psycho reason for their pathological hatred of humans.

ENd ONe Minute

Believing He Is Right?

I wonder could I write an observation in five minutes? I think of a situation. Make a few notes. Think about the composition. Set the stop timer and go.

Penny 12 Year Customer

Penny 12 Year Customer

I serve a man at the LizianShop. No, not serve, I answer his question:

‘Is this frankincense incense?’

‘Indeed it is, we buy it from the Prinknash Monastery. It is the finest quality and very popular’.

He smiles and looks knowingly at his friend. No doubting he does not trust my reply.

‘Are you sure it is frankincense?’

I confirm that it is, and although the shake of his head is almost imperceptible, I see it, as does his friend. They walk away, satisfied they have identified a fraud. The righteous must always have a cause, and it is inevitable the LizianShop will become their cause. I can hear their words ‘Don’t buy incense from them; the products are fake, they lie’.

In his smugness, he’ll repeat the fiction. His lie decree’s us to be deceivers. He’ll expose us for selling fake (in his mind) frankincense incense. The tragedy is; twelve years ago his ignorance could have damaged our reputation. Today, his lies and self-deception are no concern. Our reputation is hard won and precious, everyone who knows us recognises we are ambassadors of integrity. Hundreds of regular customers are a testament to our honesty.

I care about our reputation, it is the foundation of our past, the security of the future. Reputation has more importance than any aspect of material success. Reputation enfolds truth, honesty, fulfilment of promises. Why would we stock a fake product and sell it as real? It is easier to stock the original and sell it for the correct profit.

Do I resent the man? Yes, I do. If I were to call him a liar, he would defend himself and resent my accusation. Nor is there sorrow for his ignorance, it is a mirror of many of the Worlds problems.

Five Minutes

See You Soon

Fear The Unknown?

Never Fear Waves

Never Fear Waves

We are surrounded by the unknown. So why be concerned with not knowing?

Someone says ‘It’s the not knowing which concerns me’. Why is this statement made? Awaiting the diagnosis is time for worry or time to be thankful for the health professionals. Fear or no depends upon the inner being, or maybe one’s constitution. Strength or weakness? Life is full of questions. There are many mysteries. How can, or why, should ‘not knowing’ be worrisome?

My thoughts are focussed on not knowing. Once, when I felt concerned or anxious, fear became manifest. Today, there is no fear of darkness, threat, or being near possible danger. Nothing occurs until, it, someone, or something instigates an action. A risk is nought, action is where fear begins, and there are ways to deal with the emotion.

I discovered when one’s eyes are cold and the heart is lead others sense the stillness and calm. It is within this stillness danger can have no effect on one’s thoughts. We can harden the mind with deliberate intention. Never think ‘I am frightened’ always accept ‘I have no fear’.

I remember talking to people who mention ‘It’s those I leave behind I worry about’. All have listened to this ‘sounds like a clever thing to say” smug statement. The feeling is, those left behind will rejoice in the departure of such self-importance. A friend says ‘There is a great deal of pleasure in the fact my family can live without me’. Now, this is the indication of real truth. We all know those who are in perpetual mourning for a loved one. Hey! How selfish is it to bring ones grief into the environment of other people?

I’d be ashamed as a parent if there were children who grieved my death. There is immense pleasure in the knowledge there will be few tears wasted when the incinerator disposes of my remains. How could a parent say they taught their child moral strength if the child cannot understand the blessing of death? Living life is the way to happiness, accepting the final sleep is the sign of understanding reality. When the child is guided to not fear of the last sleep, little else will cause concern.

The unknown is feared by many men. Truth to tell when one is in fear of the unknown, it is a sign of an inability to utilise critical thought. You see we are surrounded by the unknown. An unknown which holds more potential horror than disease or disaster. This unknown is near to you, it is an ever-present threat, awaiting to decimate.

Do you know who I use to fear? Those who say ‘I care too much’ or ‘I cannot help caring’. Could you guess why? Because they are weak, they fail as useful human beings. They have the same effect on those around them as a charity. Charity disempowers the weak, who become dependant on the fisherman’s net. You know the idea: ‘Give a man a fish and feed him for the day. Give him a net, and he’ll feed himself forever’. Will he? Most will sell the net or over fish the lake. I used to fear these people, the charity and carers. They ruin the prospects of millions. And now they have become workers or heads of businesses, and depend on poverty to pay their wages. I feared for the decimation of peoples character and purpose. When I learned to fight and fight and fight again, I no longer asked another man for a penny. When we learn to fight, there is no room for charity.

When a man’s character is weak, he will prefer to beg rather than work. Do not fall into the trap believing I write of work in the sense of labour in rewards for a wage. Or beg, as in beggar. A man who allows other to control their destiny begs for guidance. And then he becomes controlled by the thoughts of another man. I used to fear these people, the multitude controlled by the few. To be independent and free from indoctrination requires work. Never beg for the thoughts of others, work diligently to learn to think. Push the beliefs to the limit, never stop reasoning, reading, writing, thinking. Push the mind to an extreme and enter into the realms of thoughts opposed to one’s beliefs. I consider an aspect of charity.

Does charity perpetuate poverty? There is no hiding from the truth. The wretched starving people are seeds of every charity executive’s salary. I no longer fear them because I see through them, I see them for what they are the lies they live within. A time ago I feared them because they used propaganda and lies to corrupt the minds of the fools. How far would they take the confidence trick? Once the rhetoric concerned me, people believed they could make a difference in other people lives. I feared them because their influence takes pennies from the pockets of the poor. And their contribution to the charity tin excuses their whole existence of living on social charity. Is this a lie? How many truths become impossible to face?

Someone says ‘You live a lie’. No one lives a lie, they live in reality they create. A man cannot live in untruth. He is the truth of his existence. Even if the existence is the fraud or illusion of debt and deception, it is still the truth. I knew a fool who believed that silence is the way to affect a foe. They deceive themselves if they believe they are of a higher moral standard where the foe could give a damn. When a fool stays silent believing he effects another he is deceiving himself, for the foe could not care and if he does not care he controls the moron. And in time the fool falls silent and those who have experienced the idiot’s silent belief, laughs and spits on the pavement and says ‘Good riddance’. The survivor takes immense pleasure from the knowing. The knowing their foes can speak no more.

Life is all and death is nothing. And the inner being of those who know, really know, you have identified and overcome the fear of death, understands that when this fear is overcome; nothing is of any consequence. The inner being of humans senses each other better than dubious conversation. The word count is over 1000, and there are four minutes left.

I break the rule: What is the unknown, the unknown which holds the greatest potential danger. The unknown which surrounds every being. It is the unknown thoughts within the minds of everyone who surrounds us.

22 minutes – 1000+ words – Grammar Nazis have a Blitzkrieg


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