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2 Paragraphs from – ‘Guru Ten – Disciple Zero’

Corridors of The Mind

Corridors of The Mind

Taken from the chapter titled ~ ‘Happiness’

If a man takes the time to consider his personal environment is he selfish? He becomes selfish if he reviews his environment for what he can take from it. He is not selfish if he is reviewing it for positive changes. Indeed what is a personal environment? Think about this. Imagine you are sitting in your favourite place in your home. Now think about the centre of your body and then outward into the world you interact with. Think about the few people you really love and care for and, accept they are your power.  Spend a few hours over the next few weeks reasoning with this idea. Discover what you learn from it. Encourage careful and sensible thought about the right and the good things in your environment. Think about the ‘ways’ that need microscopic adjustments. Do not instigate the ‘adjustments’, only think about them. If a name which carries a bad vibe entered into the thought, accept it as a name, dissolve it, it is of no importance. The spiritual calls this forgiveness, change the word to acceptance, feel what happens. If you were to allow yourself to liken your mind to a separate entity controlling your life how does the perspective change? This paragraph contains the basic principals of most spiritual protocols. Read it again, reason with it carefully, one sentence at a time.

Do not go too far, only work with those who enter your mind with ease. There are many who believe having a 100 friends in some way proves the integrity of their persona. Allow them to believe this. For a few this may be the case, for the majority it is not. Claiming popularity is not evidence of integrity. If we learn to see and love those who are within our environment magic happens. When someone new comes into our life and, they see our persona as truthful, we both feel love and happiness. This is magic, what is the magic? The magic of accepting oneself a being a human being, prospering in, surviving in, living within and loving a simplistic life of selfness. Before you read further it is important to think carefully about the connotations of the words you have just read.

‘Guru Ten ~ Disciple Zero’ will be published in June

COPYRIGHT ~ Ian Timothy 2016



Books Hold Information

Books Hold Information

‘Where Aladdin Cave?’

‘First left, first right, first left’.

‘Where Aladdin Cave?’

‘First left, first right, first left’.

The man could not speak English and although he knew where he wanted to get to, he could not understand the directions of how to get there.  It’s a common problem.  This needing, wanting or desiring to get to a destination and not being able to find it.

Money – Qualification – Emotional – Creativity – Four words which when thought about carefully are realised to be the cornerstones of human security.

Material security, without it problems arise, unhappiness rules and relationships collapse.  ‘Money cannot buy you love’.  Maybe.  Truth to tell poverty breaks relationships.  Its better to be materially secure than not.

Qualification is often the way to material security.  A mother comments ‘My son’s a doctor’. The reality is the son will probably be materially secure. The other side is ‘Sorry you don’t have the necessary qualification’.  And menial work is often the only way to earn a living.  This work is often poorly paid and low wages are very often a source of discord.

Emotional security is like the summit of a mountain and to get to the top one has to climb the sometimes long and difficult pathways known as material and intellectual security.  On the summit the mountaineer can raise a flag for all to see, on the flag the word creativity.  Because the human who becomes materially, intellectually and emotionally secure is free to create whatever is his desire.

Some would call this spiritual attainment. A place where one is with the creative spirit.  It’s interesting that a man can create an idea in his mind and even though many believe all great ideas begin in thought remember they are fulfilled by material effort. The computer I’m using is not only the idea, it’s the thousands of people involved in designing and making it. Without the ‘employee’s’ Steve Jobs would never have taken over the our lives. Innovator yes, however make no mistake, if he had not formed Apple another man or woman would have created a similar product. (I accept this is debatable).

Another example of when thought is turned into money is art. Words on paper, pictures on canvas, words in a song.  These are the artistic thoughts which stimulate the mind and humans buy the story, image or sound.  Yes, there will be thousands of people involved in the production of the medium on which the art is printed. So the creative though brings material security to those who spread the message. But think of this, you see a picture your mind holds the image, read the book the mind remembers the story, hear the song the tune is sung. Art brings emotional happiness as much as any possession. Why else would people travel miles to see a picture, listen to a star sing or watch the latest Bond film?

And effort is needed to find emotional security.  Money and intellectual attainment may bring some security.  But until the man or woman comes to know the feeling’s of compassion, caring, love, and happiness brings to the inner being and the physical body they can never be complete or wholesome within their lives.  And be certain the physical and emotional security is what we crave for.  And this is why the fool chases ‘the ace’ and the conjuror keeps giving the fool a taste of what could be.  The iPhone, the fast car, the big house, these are the ‘aces’ in the magicians bag.  And who are the magicians? They are idolised for the deception. They know the weakness’s of man-cruel and their magic is deception in plain sight.

Fast Car = God To Some

Fast Car = God To Some

Most have an occasional taste of emotional security.  Few enjoy the banquet which comes from inviting the guests of material, intellectual, emotional and creative security to their table.  The truth is the majority find it just to difficult to prepare the meal, preferring to sit at the table in the cheep and unfulfilling fast food outlet.

And what of the man trying to find the hardware shop known as Aladdin’s Cave?  He knew where he wanted to get to.  His problem was twofold.  One he could not speak English and second he was ignorant to the protocol of being polite.  Had he had taken the time to learn just a little more about the terrain he was exploring, his understanding would have given him the knowledge to achieve the objective.

My book, ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’ Expands upon the idea of ‘Selfness’ and living within reality. You can click on the link below to see the listing on Kindle.

Discipline – A Difficult Act in a Hard World


A few paragraphs from my soon to be published book ‘Twenty Though’s Two’

Light In Darkness

Light In Darkness

Discipline – A Difficult Act in a Hard World

After writing there comes a time when the ideas are re-read.  Within the re-reading I learn about myself and on occasion have changed the way I think about certain subjects. No doubt my opinions are hard, callous, caustic. Being part of an inhuman race has made me this way. Its not that I do not see good in some people.  There seems to be a meanness in the majority. I’ve been duped more than a few times, misjudged many who I thought were nice and turned out to be frauds.  Nothing more than consummate actors playing the illusion of life to perfection.  I’ve seen the fraudulent ways of these devils and I find it difficult to trust without really getting to know someone. Indeed I feel its often not worth the effort to bring new people into my life. I am frustrated with the sycophantic nature of the human condition. Deception runs deep in societies hierarchy. It is this intentional deception, used to empower those at the top of the poison ivy which concerns me and the ability of so many to follow them and their lies leads me to mistrust those I do not know. The evidence is the voter knows the politician lies and deceives and still votes for them! The lack in discipline and weakness of the majority of humans is the paradox. Believing they are free within their slavery. And voting for false promises prove their ineptitude to make sensible choices.

Forgiveness is not a piece in the jigsaw puzzle of my character.  Be clear, my contempt for illusionist deceivers is so deep there is no desire understand them or forgive them. In truth they are greedy, evil and contemptuous, I see through these fraudsters, I wish I could have done so in my earlier years.  Anyone who has hurt me, even if I am the source of the hurt, will never be forgiven for the pain and damage done to my emotions.  Once I would have said I was damaged, hurt and angry.  Now I have no concern for any other than myself.  I ask for nothing and I’ll give nothing. My previous generosity was seen as weakness and I know I was once laughing stock.  My remaining years are built on a fortress of hard earned wisdom and make no mistake I would pour boiling oil on any who attempt to impinge upon my wellbeing. Strange thing is ‘silence’ is the scalding defence.

It’s the way of many a human living the lieThe illusion is the need to be seen as nice, good, thoughtful, good parent, hard worker, savvy with money, building for the future, social conformist.  I accept these ideals will work for many families and individuals as long as they are within the ‘dream’.  Yes, people say ‘I’m living the dream’. If it’s a dream it’s unreal.  What of the failures? And there are many of them. What cost?  The broken relationships, children running wild, turning feral, adultery, bigotry, lies, theft, smugness, greed, pain, cruelty, tears, these examples and what they represent are hidden behind some facades of happiness.  The hammer of experience continues to strike the anvil of life and it will break or mould the human.  Conform the human.  Beat the human into the requirements of the social system. Or will the human’s metal fracture under the process?

If I’d known why and how malicious and dangerous the human being can be when I was younger and not seen only the good in man, my life would have been a heaven, not the hell once lived in.  Friendships and relationships, were sinking ships, people walked all over me, took advantage with a Fagin smile.  If I’d known the truth, the real truth, I would have worked in bars, travelled the world, taken pictures and written books.  Marriage, relationships, family?  No, these are contracts I should not have signed or become part of.  Commitment to people is not one of my greatest strengths. I am cynic and now trust very few people.  Those who were part of my past are of no consequence to me today.  Many of them stole from me and I write not of money, their thefts made me pauper and in my poverty I became thief.  I describe my past this way…

Old World

Old World

Circles, wheels slowly turning, time passing and returning to the same stagnant time, the clock stops, overwound, anger, breakdown, hatred and being hated, thoughts of suicide.  No discipline, nothing. 

This essay is titled  Discipline – A Difficult Act in a Hard World. And what would the last four paragraphs have to do with the title?  Discipline is one of the many keys needed to live a comfortable life. A disciplined mind will follow a set path to a goal and is able to deal with slight deviations as the journey progress’s.

I’m a traveller and soon I will be on a journey which should have begun years ago.  And even though age is a draw back, technology has made the future easy.  MacBook, Canon camera, a voice recorder will enable me to wander Earth, record my thoughts, write my madness, angers, loves and frustrations. This is my time to write whatever I like, in whatever way I wish. A free-flow of words taking me from one paragraph to the next. Thats how I want to live.  One episode to the next, see where it takes me and I have the disciple to do it.

Man is a pilgrim on the road to the cathedral of ‘success’.  This is the route many fall by the wayside.  Birth – Education – Application – Success and Failure – Accumulation – A time for rest – And Death.  Many believe this to be the perfect formula or religion to happiness.  Living within the control of the ‘Establishment’ and still believing themselves to be free.  Looking at the success of their families and saying ‘I did this, their success is down to ME’.  For me it’s boring, mundane, pointless. The writer should study his fellow humans and he will discover his or her truth.  Do not think, I wish I were rich, famous or genius, this ‘chase’ seems a long odds gamble.  I spent some time in Hollywood and Burbank last year and watched thousands of tourists looking at the film studios, stars homes and the walk of fame.  I was bored with the glitz interested in the tourists. A Visit to the large and beautifully tended grave yards high above Los Angeles with the deer wandering through the trees was fascinating.  Small headstone epitaphs of once famous stars, just a name, no flowers. I asked a young man ‘Do you know George Raft was?’ I already knew ‘NO’ would be the answer.  If the famous are forgotten what hope have the minions?   You may argue ‘They’re remembered in their films’.   I’ll answer ‘Thats entertainment! Not life’.

‘Building a Castle or Playing a Game?’

Building Castles ?

Building Castles ?

‘Building a castle or playing a game?’

On Sunday I had an interesting half hour with my friend Richard Abbot.  When in dialogue with him you can be certain of an intelligent, thought provoking and humorous conversation.  We covered some interesting ideas and I was reminded of two ideas worth careful reflection.

I agree with Richard. When younger we’re more resilient to emotional and intellectual conundrums, certainly the teenage years are tumultuous times.  A man can become renegade, addict or famous.  He may marry too early and stifle his future. Or he may become involved with a life long project of security.  Truth to tell most of us can overcome any teenage difficulty. I do not include terrible traumatic situations, rape, abuse or violence within this essay, these are difficulties many struggle with through their entire life.  My belief is in line with my friends opinion, when younger resilience is stronger and we’re more able to move on.

In the twenties it becomes a little more difficult.  The mind is building a circular wall, the draw bridge is open, the moat is not too deep.  We can become defensive and we know when to throw the invaders out of our castle, which incidentally is still visible, in this decade few need to hide anything.  So life is teaching us lessons and a fortress of confidence is being built. The castle is becoming or almost hidden behind the defences.

Into the third decade the moat is deeper and if all is going well family live in the castle, friends visit and if one is sensible the drawbridge is looked after and kept strong.  When the difficulties in life fire the catapult or attempt to batter down the door and if the ‘plan’ is working the fortress stays strong and defeat is never a word considered.

For some, the attack is too much, the drawbridge falls, portcullis breached, walls climbed and the family broken, confidence breaks.  A Cromwell style army of ‘professionals’ blow up the defences in order break down the threat. And now repair becomes more difficult.

The need is for a new beginning in a time when the fallen knight or maiden believes there is no more. Life is on the homeward journey. Four decades passed, years wasted.  Reflections of what was, could have been, and realisations which are difficult to face.  Who has not said or thought,  ‘I wish I knew then what I know now’.  And here many will stay, in the ruins, becoming bitter, blaming others and building a facade around their lives.

In my conversation with Richard I was reminded of an exception, a turnaround.

Sometimes when the darkest hour has dimmed the soul and the light of the spirit is so low its like a glowing candle wick.  We will meet a fountain of life, another human who will talk not with compassion or false hope.  They will talk of the realities.  Show the way to future and help us to walk away from the past, and walk away from the past looking forward.

Many walk backwards into their future.  The keep looking at past situations, people and what if’s.  As they walk backwards into their future they cannot see the opportunities or obstacles ahead in time.  If we meet an individual who can literally ‘turn us around’ the future becomes a reality. We collect the beneficial and walk around problems.  Yes, we all have met or know a navigator who’ll guide us back onto the right path. Truth to tell we often do not like them!

The Navigator understands ‘The Needs of Life’. And though the ascension of life attains the grade called ‘Adept’. He or she combines wisdom and understanding which becomes knowledge.  The Adept does not concern his or herself with the situations or difficulties which they see as they have a clear separation between external situations and their selves.  They continue to learn about the certainties of life, experience, skills, facts, information, which when combined with happiness, pleasure, freedom become the love of life.

There is nothing other than their right way.  And the Adept does not advise or show a ‘way’.  The Adept leads by example.  Believe me when I write, ‘If you follow a fool, a fool you will be’.  The Adept follows no man and knows he has created his world, no one to blame, no one to forgive, no one other than his or herself.  And the Adept has the wisdom to understand that he will effect other other lives in a beneficial and beautiful way.  No talk of magic, cures and riches.  For the Adept will cast his own spell for himself, hard work, sensible material choices, living within his limitations.  He will not be in fear of death and illness. He knows the difference between riches and wealth.

Far, far from being restricted by age, if we become Adept we can refocus our attention upon the right, good and accurate archives of knowledge and wisdom our memories hold in safekeeping.  Think about this mantra, ‘I know now, what I know now and this is more than enough’, if you wish to remove the oft repeated and negative mantra ‘What a fool I’ve been’.

Every human can be Adept! The majority are walking backwards.

Acting The Fool ?

Acting The Fool ?

If you’re a writer its worth considering that the understanding of the ways of your fellow man is as important as the building of a character.  Alan Sillitoe’s character Arthur Seaton is a lathe operator in the Raleigh Bike factory in Nottingham.  Now, if you read the masterpiece of human observation ‘Saturday Night, Sunday Morning’, you’ll discover Arthur is an Adept.  He knows the truth of his life, the reader may not like him, but during his narratives there is no mistaking his material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual beliefs and convictions.  As far as Arthur is concerned his lathe makes his fortune and the way he can achieve the best possible return on units of bearings produced on the lathe against the effort needed to ‘turn them out’  is central to his working life and he excels, making a great wage.  Intellectually he does not like the rich, as he understands their motivation of greed, although the astute reader will see he has fallen to the same trap! Outwardly he seems childish as he amuses himself with strange stories and practical jokes, truth to tell he knows the system and ridicules it. Emotionally he understands pain, cruelty and the ‘ways of love’. He preys upon married women in unhappy relationships, indeed he is badly beaten for his exploits and even here his philosophy is endearing as he accepts the ‘punishment’ and moves on.  The book is a wonder of accurate human observation which has a plausibility to it.  Because the story is being lived today, in every town and city the world over.  Money, adultery, revenge, uncertain outcome.  Nothing is new and its easy to reflect upon the fiction. However if this story becomes a reality and if the actors in the play are not too careful, when the game is over, they will find themselves to be walking backwards into their future.

The question is, ‘Building a castle or playing a game?’

Happy Birthday Richard.

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