Books Hold Information
Books Hold Information

‘Where Aladdin Cave?’

‘First left, first right, first left’.

‘Where Aladdin Cave?’

‘First left, first right, first left’.

The man could not speak English and although he knew where he wanted to get to, he could not understand the directions of how to get there.  It’s a common problem.  This needing, wanting or desiring to get to a destination and not being able to find it.

Money – Qualification – Emotional – Creativity – Four words which when thought about carefully are realised to be the cornerstones of human security.

Material security, without it problems arise, unhappiness rules and relationships collapse.  ‘Money cannot buy you love’.  Maybe.  Truth to tell poverty breaks relationships.  Its better to be materially secure than not.

Qualification is often the way to material security.  A mother comments ‘My son’s a doctor’. The reality is the son will probably be materially secure. The other side is ‘Sorry you don’t have the necessary qualification’.  And menial work is often the only way to earn a living.  This work is often poorly paid and low wages are very often a source of discord.

Emotional security is like the summit of a mountain and to get to the top one has to climb the sometimes long and difficult pathways known as material and intellectual security.  On the summit the mountaineer can raise a flag for all to see, on the flag the word creativity.  Because the human who becomes materially, intellectually and emotionally secure is free to create whatever is his desire.

Some would call this spiritual attainment. A place where one is with the creative spirit.  It’s interesting that a man can create an idea in his mind and even though many believe all great ideas begin in thought remember they are fulfilled by material effort. The computer I’m using is not only the idea, it’s the thousands of people involved in designing and making it. Without the ‘employee’s’ Steve Jobs would never have taken over the our lives. Innovator yes, however make no mistake, if he had not formed Apple another man or woman would have created a similar product. (I accept this is debatable).

Another example of when thought is turned into money is art. Words on paper, pictures on canvas, words in a song.  These are the artistic thoughts which stimulate the mind and humans buy the story, image or sound.  Yes, there will be thousands of people involved in the production of the medium on which the art is printed. So the creative though brings material security to those who spread the message. But think of this, you see a picture your mind holds the image, read the book the mind remembers the story, hear the song the tune is sung. Art brings emotional happiness as much as any possession. Why else would people travel miles to see a picture, listen to a star sing or watch the latest Bond film?

And effort is needed to find emotional security.  Money and intellectual attainment may bring some security.  But until the man or woman comes to know the feeling’s of compassion, caring, love, and happiness brings to the inner being and the physical body they can never be complete or wholesome within their lives.  And be certain the physical and emotional security is what we crave for.  And this is why the fool chases ‘the ace’ and the conjuror keeps giving the fool a taste of what could be.  The iPhone, the fast car, the big house, these are the ‘aces’ in the magicians bag.  And who are the magicians? They are idolised for the deception. They know the weakness’s of man-cruel and their magic is deception in plain sight.

Fast Car = God To Some
Fast Car = God To Some

Most have an occasional taste of emotional security.  Few enjoy the banquet which comes from inviting the guests of material, intellectual, emotional and creative security to their table.  The truth is the majority find it just to difficult to prepare the meal, preferring to sit at the table in the cheep and unfulfilling fast food outlet.

And what of the man trying to find the hardware shop known as Aladdin’s Cave?  He knew where he wanted to get to.  His problem was twofold.  One he could not speak English and second he was ignorant to the protocol of being polite.  Had he had taken the time to learn just a little more about the terrain he was exploring, his understanding would have given him the knowledge to achieve the objective.

My book, ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’ Expands upon the idea of ‘Selfness’ and living within reality. You can click on the link below to see the listing on Kindle.

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