Today we consider the importance of silence. Our world is one of noise, everything from television to air conditioning. There is little escape from the discordant sounds. We believe our ears have some sleep filter. This is inaccurate. A sudden noise will awaken us from the deepest of sleep.

During the day, we listen to arguments, sweet-talking, industrial noise, background noise and natures harmony. Music is the curtain that hides the external distractions and settles the mind to places of calm or imagination. Man-made sounds are intent on cloaking the power of silent thought and reason. A musical piece can take the listener from a country scene to a crazy dance night.

Silence One

The word silence has become associated with dark aspects of society. The silent people have become subject to suspicion. Sometimes seen as antisocial or even abnormal. People seem to think careful thinkers have some alternative plan. And over the last years, people seem to have become instilled with the idea we have to divulge personal data and information. This is indeed a sinister aspect of modern society.

Even worse, silence in churches and libraries is considered oppressive rather than a part of the learning or mediative process. Even the completive aspect of mourning is becoming an outdated relic of a bygone age.

Silence Two

The Universe is silent, and science wishes to understand the process of beginning life. And yet, in silence, we can discover the meaning of our life. Many meditations take the inner-being on explorations of vast mind-scapes: where the imagination creates everything from gods to ghosts, and many of the meetings provide mystical answers to manifest questions.

Divers know of the silent world as a place of wonder. The rasp of the regulator, the inhalation and exhalation of life. And some divers use silent rebreather apparatus, and for them, the silence is wondrous. Ask a diver why she enters the seas, and most will reply ‘to see the beauty of the depths.’ An extraordinary group of divers enter the water to be suspended in perfect buoyancy. Closing eyes to the unique suspension of the sea mother’s womb.

When someone enters a place of silence, there is a moment of shock! So deep is the power of silence, some people cannot adjust to its influence. And influence is the right word. Silence influences the mind to the same degree as a heavy metal band. Of course, there are extremes of conscious awareness, but silence can affect the memory in a way that allows peace and calm to be almost an immediate result.

Finding the peace of silence is worth the effort, the experience is far more than a relaxing moment. When bathed in the serene experience, muscles relax, blood pressure decreases, the heart slows down. The bodies healing process is heightened.

Finding silent places can be the most difficult of tasks. It is why people are prepared to invest in remote properties or travel to uninhabited islands. For those who seek silence need to know it is a brave endeavour, the enter a state of heightened awareness, a place where fears are confronted and overwhelmed. Within the quiet peace space, the heartbeat and blood can be heard. A resonation with the mind and body, a fantastic experience of being at one with mind, body and soul.

If one is allowed to sit in a silent cathedral or village church. Relish the opportunity to be within total peace. Allow the burdens of daily life to flow away from the mind and body with each gentle breath. And as the discords of poor memories leave with each exhalation, the search for wisdom, understanding and knowledge begins. It is within silence we can enter the space of collective consciousness. Where answers are sometimes found or accepted as unfathomable.

Learn to become an explorer within a silent space, and the mind will always know a place of freedom.

See You Soon

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